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Oknife's First Spring Assisted Knife, the Spurdog!

Oknife's First Spring Assisted Knife, the Spurdog!

Apr 17, 2023, 00:00:00

The Oknife line up has been growing tremendously over the past year, with a wide variety of knives for almost any scenario and use requirements.  From kitchen knives to EDC folders in all types of shapes and sizes, and there’s even the fixed blade Fortitude, Oknife is bound to have something for everyone.  Adding to their impressive line-up is their first ever spring assisted EDC pocketknife, the Spurdog.

EDC knife


Design and Specifications

The Spurdog is a compact, spring assisted folder with D2 blade steel drop-point that is plated with black titanium nitride for a matte finish.  While not necessarily considered a high-end steel, D2 blade steel offers a nice balance of affordability with the decent edge retention and respectable toughness.  The scales are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, which has a good strength to weight ratio and provides excellent corrosion resistance.  The unique square knurling pattern on the scales provides a comfortable yet secure feel in the hand.  

pocket knife

The blade length is just shy of 3 inches and the total open length of the knife is approximately 6.94 inches.  Closed, the knife is about 4 inches in length.  For comparison, the Rubato 3 is a similarly sized folder and the Spurdog is roughly 0.2 inches longer when opened.  

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For safety, the Spurdog does include a locking mechanism.  This prevents accidental deployment of the spring assist, especially while carried in a pocket.  Activating and deactivating the lock is fairly simple with a slide button located within the handle on the right side of the knife.

Deployment is quick and easy using the flipper tab.  The spring assist will kick in, snapping the blade fully open with relative ease.  Once deployed, the blade is held in place via a liner locking mechanism.  The liner lock provides a safe and secure way to lock the blade in place.

edc pocket knife

The Spurdog includes a lanyard hole for additional carry options.  There is also a pocket clip included on the right-hand side of the knife.  There are no pre-drilled holes on the other side of the knife for the clip, so it is not currently swappable for left-hand pocket carry.  It is; however, a deep carry-style clip and it fits rather well into a pocket and has a very firm hold.  There should be no concerns about this knife accidentally falling out of a pocket once it is clipped in correctly.

Pros and Cons of a Spring Assisted Knife

There are several advantages to owning and using a spring assisted knife.  First, they open or deploy very quickly.  With a small amount of pressure applied to the flipper tab, the blade will snap fully open almost instantly.  This is especially useful in self-defense situations when having quick access to defend yourself is critically important.  Next, it allows for very easy one-handed operation. Because the spring actuates with the flipper tab, you simply pull it out of your pocket and give the tab a flip with your index finger.  Of course, this assumes that the safety lock was not already engaged.  Not to be confused with switchblades, a spring “assisted” knife is legal pretty much anywhere.  Additionally, the spring assisted opening is helpful for those with dexterity or mobility issues like arthritis where using a thumb stud is difficult.  Finally, the spring also provides a bit of back pressure upon closing.  This should provide a degree of comfort that the knife will not easily fail closed on you causing an injury.

There are a couple of drawbacks to note when considering a spring-assisted knife like the Spurdog.  There is a possibility of accidental deployment, especially when carried loosely in a pocket.  To protect against this, the Spurdog, like most other spring-assisted knives, includes an optional locking mechanism when in the closed position.  Using the lock is a safety feature but is can also be considered a negative since it eliminates the quick deployment function while you work to deactivate the lock before you can open the knife.  Your individual use and needs will dictate whether the lock is necessary or not, so it is nice to have it as an option.  Finally, as with anything mechanical, the more moving parts there are, the more potential it has for failure.  Dirt and debris can interfere with the spring assist, so it is usually not advisable to use one in a very dirty application.

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the Spurdog is the following:

- Spurdog Knife

- Storage Bag

- Cleaning Cloth

- Spurdog Patch

- User Manual

everyday carry knife


The Oknife brand has been growing at an impressive rate, and the price-to-quality ratio has generally been fantastic.  You get a lot of knives for the money.  This trend continues with their first-ever spring-assisted knife, the Spurdog.  The action is incredibly snappy and reliable.  The knife feels great in the hand and exudes strength and reliability while in use.  This is a great addition to the Oknife lineup and one you should definitely consider adding to your personal EDC rotation.

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Amie Mason

I want one of these knives.

Posted on: Apr 20, 2023, 01:37:09

Lincoln Tiffin

That knife looks amazing!

Posted on: Apr 17, 2023, 11:14:04

Sherri Rusch

The Spurdog likes a cool knife!

Posted on: Apr 17, 2023, 00:02:29