Olight 15th Anniversary Event Introduction

Olight 15th Anniversary Event Introduction

We welcome all customers who have always supported Olight to come to our 15th-anniversary celebration this time. We are amazed that Olight has grown and developed for 15 years with a simple belief (We will always have a need for light at night.), from an obscure company to a mature company with its own independent brand, which is absolutely inseparable from your support, so we always adhere to the customer-centric approach and make every effort to improve customer experience. The 15th anniversary of Olight will be a new starting point. We will upgrade from logistics, website shopping experience, product quality and other aspects to create a brand new Olight. We sincerely thank you for your kind support along the way!

Olight Brand Promise

Olight Brand promise

On the 15th anniversary, we will have an important event, and that is Olight's brand promise. We will upload the video of the Olight factory, so that customers can feel the production process of the flashlights more closely, believe in Olight's products, and continue to support Olight in the future. We will always put the quality of our products first, and we will promptly deal with those products that do not comply with the quality test. In order to strengthen our manufacturing and quality control abilities, we are also introducing our automatic manufacturing equipment and the Olight Manufacturing Execution System (OMES). Product Quality is always #1.

At the same time, Olight will also solemnly promise to improve customer service, shopping experience, and logistics experience. In terms of customer service, we will consolidate our after-sales customer service, establish an after-sales closed-loop system, and conduct follow-up visits in a timely manner. Regarding the limited edition products, we will also prepare more quantities in stock and their related accessories. We will also update the membership benefits of the mall, there will be more laser engraving products, and more new limited edition products will also appear in the redemption zone. In terms of the shopping experience, we have created a network system and a website management system independently, upgraded our payment method, and improved the loading speed of our web pages, but there are still many things that can be optimized for our website, we know that we need to continue to work hard to improve it. So please give Olight a little more time and be patient with our changes. As for the logistics experience, we have rebuilt a new 20,000-square-foot warehouse in Virginia, and the ability to process orders will be improved with an intelligent picking system effectively. We will also build warehouses in European centers and Asia-Pacific regions in the future to improve Olight's global logistics efficiency.

We believe that this 15-year mark is a fresh start and a greater challenge. We will definitely take active measures and various actions to fulfill our commitments. If you have any suggestions or ideas that may help Olight do better in the future, please feel free to contact us at cs@olightstore.com, we will sincerely listen to your suggestions, please be patient with our results!

Olight 15th Anniversary

In order to thank Olight customers for their continuous support, of course, we also have a flash sale. For the Olight 15th anniversary event, we have prepared a special exclusive gift for Olight's 15th anniversary, hope you like it! Of course, all products in our store will have discounts, up to 40% off, and even accessories will be discounted, so please don't miss it. Also, we will release two new products and three flashlights with new colors. Here is a brief introduction to the new products for Olight's 15th anniversary.


Warrior 3S Tactical Light

Olight tactical flashlight

The upgraded features of warrior 3s are mainly improved security, and the bezel is less aggressive. It's a powerful dual-switch tactical flashlight with a proximity sensor. Warrior 3S tactical flashlights retain the features of the Warrior 3, like tactical mode, lockout mode, reversible pocket clip, and compatibility with locking remote switches. The max lumen is 2300 and 300 meters of throw.


Odin GL Mini Weapon Light

Olight weapon light, mounted light

The Odin GL Mini mounted weapon light is a white light and GL laser combo for Picatinny rails, it has three modes, and it’s perfect for home defense, hunting, law enforcement, etc. It uses a custom-sized battery(2040mAh 18500 battery ) to allow the light to reach its performance goals, the max lumen is 1000 lumens

Warrior Mini 2 Cu EDC Tactical Light

EDC flashlight, tactical light

The Warrior mini 2 Cu limited edition is made of copper and this CNC machined copper Warrior mini 2 begins its life will be shiny as a star. And another advantage of copper material is that the heat dissipation performance of the product will be better. Warrior mini 2 Compact size with carabiner-style ring and dual switches, has max 1,750 lumens and 220-meters of throw, which can be used EDC and tactical light.

I3T Plus Ancient Bamboo

Olight EDC flashlight

The i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo is manually aged with fire and water to make every piece unique. The bamboo texture is CNC engraved into a solid raw copper body. The beautiful body of the light and the detailed vertical texture bring absolute pleasure to the hands. Truly a light that is to carry and use. Don't miss it!

Open Pro Brass Bark

Olight pen light

The Open Pro is a penlight durable and lightweight for everyday carry, it can be used for writing and reading. And the Open Pro(2-in-1 penlight)is separable into two parts, giving more flexibility for nighttime or backup lighting. PS: Max Performance is 120 lumens and Charged by a USB Charging Cable(A-C).

Olight Story sharing

Olight flashlights story sharing

You could share some things that happened with the Olight flashlight to the story page of our official website, we will have colleagues review it, and if a lot of people like your story, you have the chance to get a limited-edition product we prepared. What are you waiting for, come and join us! Then, here are some stories that have been shared.

1. Olight, even nature can't resist...

I have an Olight for every need. Everyone I've introduced to Olight has been amazed at the options to carry something unique to their personality. Love being a part of it. Thank you Olight, for making working products have a personality.

Olight tactical light

2. My addiction began with a keychain...

I saw a fb ad awhile back for a tiny keychain light. I was intrigued, so I ordered one. This is where my addiction began. I was hooked, this little thing was incredible.. I had to have more... next thing you know I am surrounded by obulbs in a variety of colors, oslings, mc bulbs, oports, olinks, obuddy, and who can forget the Santa Claus edition? Then, as any addiction progresses, I had to go bigger.. mini olantern, seeker 2, seeker 3 pro, & of course a marauder...

Olight Obulbs light


Sometimes “being the light” can be as easy as having a light to chase away the dark. Hard to make do without light when you find yourself in the dark.

Olight i5T Cu EDC flashlight

FB Group activities

Olight official group

In addition to the story sharing on our official website, many events will be prepared on our Olight Official  Facebook  Group

we are grateful to have your wonderful and amazing support. So we are holding a big celebration event!!! There will be 3 rounds in our group!


Round 1:  April 15th to 17th Challenge: Find Your First Olight

What was the first Olight that brought you to love the brand? Find your first Olight and share it with the #O15thAnniversary.


Round 2: April 17th to 19th Challenge: Lucky 15

Since it's the 15th anniversary, let's have some fun in the name of Lucky 15. Share any of your Olights in relation to the elements of 15 with the #O15thAnniversary. 


Round 3: April 19th to the 21st  Share Your Cu/Brass Olight(s)

Copper is one of the oldest and most favored materials that people use. We have launched a few copper flashlights in the past 15 years. 

Please share the copper/brass flashlights you have with the hashtag #O15thAnniversary. Join in on the celebration party with us!!! Good luck, everyone!!!

Olight 15th anniversary conveys our sincere gratitude for all that you have done in the Olight community. Our team from all departments has gathered together to give you a unique blessing. You can't imagine how excited we are prepared for these activities!  Thank you for your reading!

Copper——Imprint of time & Traces of life
Hot Products in the Olight 15th anniversary. Don’t miss!



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The best tactical light for it's price I've ever owned

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