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Olight's 2022 Black Friday-Up to 50% Off &18 new Products[Giveaways]

Olight's 2022 Black Friday-Up to 50% Off &18 new Products[Giveaways]

📢It's finally here! What everyone's been waiting for all year--Black Friday Sale! Multiple surprises are calling you: 18 New Product Release, Free login gift, a tiered gift, a lucky wheel, etc.

   To help you navigate and check out all the new Olight released in November 2022(Click to view the YouTube release video), here's a comprehensive shopping guide to all the new Olight flashlights! Want a chance to win a lucky gift? Post a comment below the blog sharing your favorite products and you're in!✌

Black Friday Free Gift

During the past year, the global economy has been facing unprecedented challenges due to inflation, the raging epidemic, natural disasters, and other difficulties...

Olight was no exception. It was your sustained support that helped Olight survive through these tough times. Words are not enough to express our gratefulness. We have prepared Gifts for you, just to let you know how much you mean to Olight. 🙇 We hope you all enjoy the special gift!🎉🎉

Gift Claiming Rules: Dear all customers, please log in before you begin shopping, and your Free Login Gift, based on the criteria discussed below, will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Stay with Olight and celebrate Black Friday!

🎁Friendship 2023-i3T Copper

Who will get this gift: Only for Diamond and above members: Members at the Diamond Membership Level or above as of 11:59:59 PM 11/16, 2022 EST, will get a Free Friendship 2023 (get yours at 08:00 PM 11/20 EST).

Copper, represents eternal, symbolizing the profound friendship between O-Fans and Olight that will last forever. It usually has a green patina as time passes, just like our friendship; always growing deeper with beautiful memories through all the ups and downs.

🎁iTHX Wine Red/Evergreen/Mystery Colors(Only 2022pcs Worldwide)

Who will get this gift: Only for Members below Diamond who previously placed an order for greater than $5 as of 11:59:59 PM 11/16, 2022 EST, get a Free iTHX (Random Color: Evergreen, Wine Red, or a Mystery Color). (get yours at 08:00 PM 11/22 EST).

iTHX -We (Olight) thank all our O-fans.

Olight wants to say thank you to all our O-fans. Olight will always remember the help and support from everyone, especially those friends who share weal and woe, and who stick by us even through the most difficult of times. We truly treasure these precious relationships and want to express our thankfulness to you.


>If you are new to our website, or your previous order was $5 or less, you will get a Free i3E Antique Bronze🎁.

New arrivals:

Marauder Mini: A Mini Beast with Everything: Flood, Spot, and RGB.

✅Dual-beam with flood and spot: Features a 600-meter round spotlight beam from the central LED and a 7,000-lumens floodlight beam from 9 surrounding LEDs.

✅Uniformly distributed RGB color LEDs: Three RGB color LEDs are uniformly distributed around the converging lens, making it suitable for use on any occasion.

✅Smaller in size, yet powerful: A smaller size than the previous Marauder series flashlights but with all power and function.

✅The Marauder mini comes in three colors: black, orange, and Midnight blue.

Valkyrie PL-3: CompactWML With Adjustable Sliding Block

✅ The 1,300 lumens with 225 meters max throw is bright enough for outdoor use. The dimmer 200 lumens setting is ideal for indoor scanning.

✅ Rail mount with an industry-leading adjustable Key-block design can be adapted quickly for different mounts.

✅ Replaceable CR123A batteries enable you to easily swap in an emergency, perfect for personal/home defense.

✅ Comes standard with both Glock and Picatinny-sized rail inserts for superb compatibility.

✅ PL-3 comes in three colors: Black, Desert Tan, and Gunmetal Grey. Please note that the Gunmetal Grey is limited to 6000pcs globally, first come first served, while stocks last!

Array 2 pro-High Performance Headlamp

ARRAY 2 PRO is a high-performance headlamp, tailored for outdoor climbing, camping, fishing, night running, daily maintenance, emergency, and more.

1500 lumens max output, smart motion sensor, 3 light sources, ergonomic 60° tilt, 27.5 hours of continuous runtime, IPX4 waterproof, and TYPE-C rechargeable, make ARRAY 2 PRO a small yet powerful partner for your every adventure.

Rubato 2:154CM Sheepsfoot EDC Folding Knife with Rail Lock

✅ Stable and Smooth Rail Lock: The rail lock can be operated with either hand very quickly and smoothly, providing you with a much safer and more durable use experience.

✅ 154CM Blade: High wear and corrosion resistance, high toughness, and good edge retention. 

✅ Sheepsfoot Blade Style: It is great for any cutting and slicing tasks while minimizing the risk of injuries.

✅ Portable Design: With a closed length of 4.22 inches and a convenient pocket clip, it is easy to carry

New Color Version:

Winter 3(Arkfeld Ti)(Limited Edition,Only 5000PCS)/Eternal 3(Arkfeld Cu)(Limited Edition,Only 6000PCS)

The 3rd generation of the Season and Eternal series is built around Olight's 2022 most popular, most innovative EDC light - The Arkfeld! This time we will only release two of them-Winter 3 and Eternal 3 based on O-fan's responses and recommendations. The total production of this flashlight is limited to 5000/6000 pieces, making this flashlight a collector's dream.

Winter 3 Ti is made of Titanium Alloy and its surface has been sandblasted. This process helps prevent discoloration and makes the flashlight a more exquisite appearance. Eternal 3 Cu is made of classic copper material and adopts a design process, that makes the EDC flashlight more textured.

Titanium is one of the most difficult metals to manipulate due to its strength and resistance. While creating the Winter 3, our factory actually damaged a few cutting and molding the body, attesting to the strength of this material. We spent many hours getting the machining process working and ensuring the quality of these limited editions was perfect.

However, copper is much softer and has good malleability and therefore causing it to easily deform during the machining process. But our engineers were able to overcome this with their strong desire to bring exceptional quality products to the customers

From its small, flat EDC body, the light emits an impressive 1000 lumens. Be sure to grab it while you can– as this won't last long!

Obulb Pro Xmas Red+Osling Pro Christmas Tree Christmas Decorative Lights

i3T Snowflake Red Small Flashlight

Warrior 3S Camouflage Tactical Flashlight

Perun 2 Blue Headlamp

Baton 3 Pro Purple/Orange Rechargeable Flashlight

i5R Ice Flower Periwinkle Blue EDC Flashlights (Limited Edition, Only 4000PCS)

Otacle Utility Knife Orange

Otool 2 Mini Titanium Versatile Keychain

Otool 2 Titanium Versatile Keychain with A Small Knife

[Black Friday Lucky Gifts]🎁🎁🎁

Come share your favorite products below in the blog comments! And we will pick 30 lucky winners through a lottery to give away the following Free gifts:👇👇

1. Marauder Mini Orange*1

2. Valkyrie PL-3*2

3. Obulb Pro Xmas Red+Osling Pro Christmas Tree*7

4. $15 Coupon*20

📅Activity time:

November 17th 20:00 EST - November 26th 23:59:59 EST


Coupon usage rules: No consumption limit

Use time: November 27th - December 31st

Winners will be notified via their registered email addresses by November 27th, 2022. The final results will also be announced in this blog. Please note that we will not contact those who are not selected. EVERYONE/EVERY ADDRESS!

Don't Miss Other Surprise Gifts🎉🎉🎉

In addition to free gifts, Luck Gifts, there is also a lucky wheel on Black Friday.

Don't forget to spin your luck wheel to get your exclusive gift every day during this cheerful holiday event! For more details, please check the BlackFriday event.

Add your favorite to your cart, and get the free tier gift when you reach the tier! Some of the free tiers have many colors. And please be noticed that what you get is a random Color~

The Best New Finds for Olight Valkyrie,Only $54.99 Now!Up to 45% off !
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Laura Spears

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Posted on: Dec 31, 2022, 00:55:11

Todd stitt

Thank you so much for picking me for the Obulb pro and sling. I can’t wait to receive !

Posted on: Dec 05, 2022, 15:21:00

Doc Stotts

PL3 in Gunmetal Grey…just beautiful! Pick me…Pick me…🙄🙄🙄

Posted on: Nov 28, 2022, 15:21:05


Best sale of the year! The warrior 3S in CAMO is by far one of my favs as well as the cu arkfeld! Thanks again Olight!

Posted on: Nov 28, 2022, 15:19:26


Nota reviewbuthadtomentionimhookedasacustomer

Posted on: Nov 27, 2022, 22:45:25



Posted on: Nov 27, 2022, 22:43:23

Olight User

Best new Olight is the Marauder Mini. They‘ve taken something good and made it better. Smaller is always better. Well, almost always. 😂😂😂

Posted on: Nov 27, 2022, 05:04:53

J & R

Our favorite new Olight has to be the Batons. One for each of us. I get the 🍊 she gets the purple 💜. Done and done. 🎁

Posted on: Nov 27, 2022, 05:00:24


Best new Olight has to be the Marauder Mini; in any color!

Posted on: Nov 27, 2022, 04:53:09

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