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Olight 2022 Cyber Monday Flash Sale

Olight 2022 Cyber Monday Flash Sale

Up to 30% Off!

Carbon Fiber New Release!

iTHX Wine Red / Ever Green Available!

Come and check out Olight's Cyber Monday Flash Sale!

The first Monday after Thanksgiving is what we call Cyber Monday. As we know, it's a day when online retailers offer discounts and deals, so we're offering great discounts and deals as well as two more products: i3T EOS Carbon Fiber and iTHX Wine Red/ Evergreen. The timing of Cyber Monday is also great for O-fans looking to start their holiday shopping for Hanukkah, Christmas, and other holidays.

Now let's check out some of the special deals and bundles available during the Olight Cyber Monday Flash Sale!





Flash Sale 

iTHX Keychain Flashlight

iTHX Wine Red




iTHX Evergreen




iTHX Wine Red + iTHX Evergreen




i3T EOS Carbon Fiber Flashlight

i3T Carbon Fiber




i3T Carbon Fiber + iTHX Wine Red




i3T Carbon Fiber + iTHX Evergreen




i3T Carbon Fiber + iTHX Wine Red + iTHX Evergreen




i3T EOS Carbon Fiber

Made of carbon fiber, i3T Carbon Fiber is definitely a perfect flashlight for your EDC. Carbon fiber combines excellent wear resistance with noncorrosive properties and tolerance to acids and bases. i3T Carbon Fiber's outstanding build quality can stand the test of time. It is also worth noting that its surface will be smoothed and polished with frequent use, which means every i3T Carbon Fiber becomes unique to its owner. 

iTHX Wine Red / Evergreen

iTHX = We (Olight) thank all our O-fans

The reason why we called it iTHX is that Olight wants to say, “Thank you!” to all our O-Fans. Olight will always remember the help and support from all of you, and that's why iTHX was originally a Login Gift. 


We received numerous requests from O-fans to make iTHX available for sale. Giving one is a gift is a great way to say thank you to a friend, especially those friends who are there through thick and thin, who stick by us even through the most difficult of times. 

At the request of O-fans, we made iTHX Wine Red / Evergreen available for sale after 8:00 p.m. EST 11/27/2022.

Hope you enjoy our Cyber Monday Flash Sale!!!

What a Great Surprise! Olight first carbon fiber flashlight - i3T EOS Carbon Fiber
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All Reviews (1)

Doc Stotts

Really, really like the Carbon Fiber! No, I AbsoFREEK’Nlutely love the Carbon Fiber! Really wish they’d do this in the i5R tho! My EDC knife is an CRKT Avant (4620) with a Bronze tip up pocket clip with Carbon Fiber G10 handles! If & when I might win one of the I3T CF…it will look like a beautiful set made fer one another! Pick Me…Pick me…🤣

Posted on: Nov 28, 2022, 14:18:26