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Olight Arkfeld- The best flat flashlight

Olight Arkfeld- The best flat flashlight


Olight is releasing something truly unique and innovative.  Rather than the typical cylindrical-shaped flashlight, the Arkfeld is a rectangular prism shape that actually feels great in the hand and also fits extremely well in a pocket.  The shape is truly unique for Olight and it feels very stable no matter how you set it down as it is not simply going to roll.

Arkfeld dual light flashlight

And it isn't just a one-trick pony!  In addition to a very compact, yet extremely bright flashlight, the Arkfeld includes a class 1 green laser pointer similar to what is included on the Olight Open Pros.

Arkfeld green laser flashlight

The clip, attached near the light's tail end, allows for very secure pocket carry.  It almost disappears into a pocket and it is well suited for a variety of pockets; whether they are cargo shorts, jeans, or even a nice pair of slacks, the Arkfeld feels right at home for almost any occasion. 

Arkfeld edc green laser flashlight

Holding the Arkfeld is extremely comfortable and akin to holding a small remote control like that for the Amazon fire stick.  It is a very slender, compact design but still feels very sturdy thanks to the all-metal housing.  The button and selector switch is located conveniently such that one can easily access them via their thumb.  The selector switch is also built to allow ease of use by either the left or right hand.

Unique size and shape

What makes the Arkfeld unique is the size and shape of the light.  As mentioned, it closely resembles the form and function of a very slim remote control.  However, unlike the typical plastic construction of remote control, the Arkfeld is built with an all-metal housing that makes it extremely durable and gives it a very nice heft.  The top and bottom of the light are ever so slightly curved, which also makes holding the Arkfeld very comfortable.  The tail end is larger than the rest of the light to accommodate the Olight magnetic charging port (MCC).  This is also the end where the pocket clip is secured.  Sliding the Arkfeld into a pocket is effortless and one almost forgets that it is there.  This has quickly become a favorite EDC light because it is so much more comfortable to carry and easy to use.

Arkfeld rechargeable flashlight

At the other end of the light, there is the button and a selector switch that is oriented in such a way that makes it very natural for use with your thumb.  The selector switch allows you to toggle between the light and a class 1 green laser.  The design of the selector switch is set so that you can easily rotate it using either your right or left-hand thanks to two small raised notches on either side of the switch.  These also allow for quick operation even in the dark since you simply need to feel for the notches to locate the switch.   Located just below the selector switch are the battery life indicator lights.

The Arkfeld is 4.33 inches in length, just under 1 inch in width, and about 0.6 inches thick.  It weighs a little over 3 ounces, but that includes the battery.  With a waterproof rating of IPX7, you should have no worries regarding moisture or dust.  With the aluminum construction, the Arkfeld is built tough and rated for falls from around 3 feet.

Arkfeld waterproof flashlight


The Arkfeld is designed with both a flashlight function as well as class 1 green laser.  The flashlight has six total modes that include turbo, high, medium, low, strobe and moonlight.  Double tapping the center button will activate the light in turbo mode, providing the selector switch is set to the flashlight mode.  Turbo mode will deliver an amazing 1,000 lumens of light for up to 4 minutes of continuous runtime before stepping down to 300 lumens for an additional 110 minutes of runtime.  That is almost 2 full hours of continuous runtime on turbo/high.  Accessing the other modes is simple and very intuitive.  Simply tap the center button once for the light to come on.  Once on, tap and hold the center button to cycle through the modes – high, medium, low, and moonlight.  On high, the light will deliver 300 lumens for up to 126 minutes before stepping down to 60 lumens for an additional 34 minutes.  The medium setting will deliver 60 lumens for an impressive 11 hours and 50 minutes before stepping down for heat management.  The low setting will provide a very modest 15 lumens of light for up to 41 hours and finally, the moonlight setting of only 1 lumen can last up to 8 days of continuous use.  Tapping the center button rapidly will activate the strobe mode.

Arkfeld high lumen flashlight

The Arkfeld has 2,560 candelas and is rated for about 330 feet, but it isn’t really designed as a thrower type of flashlight.  Double tapping the button will deliver the full 1,000 lumens of light that will flood the area in front of you with plenty of illumination.  Even the medium and low settings are more than adequate for general tasks like walking your pets at night or in low light, especially when you don’t want to disturb your neighbors or others around you.

It is great that Olight decided to make this light multifunctional with the addition of the laser pointer.  To access this function, you only need to rotate the selector switch over to the laser indicator.  Once selected, a push of a center button will turn the laser pointer on.  This is very useful for individuals who need to point out things or defects from a distance.  It is also great for use during business meetings or classroom instruction as you can point to specific content on slides without having to reach or step in front of the projection screen.  Finally, the laser can provide hours of entertainment for you and your pets as they chase and try to catch the green light.  You can easily toggle between the laser and light simply by rotating the selector switch from one to the other and you don’t have to turn it off to do so.

Arkfeld hiking flashlight

As a safety feature, the Arkfeld also includes a lockout function to prevent accidental activation while in your pocket or bag.  To activate the lockout function, with the light off, press and hold the center button until the light flashes on momentarily.  When the light goes out, the Arkfeld is in lockout mode and you will not be able to turn on the flashlight or the laser.  To unlock, press and hold the center button again until the light cycles back on again...

Emitter Choices      

In keeping with recent releases, Olight is offering the ability to choose the type of emitter you prefer.  The Arkfeld will come with either a cool white (CW) option, CCT: 5700-6700K, or a neutral white (NW) option, CCT: 4000-5000K.  Choosing one over the other is purely personal preference as the NW emitter will tend to be more of a warmer/yellowish tint while the CW emitter will tend to be a cooler/white tint.  It is really great that Olight decided to give us the option to choose which emitter fits our personal preferences.

Comparison to the S2R Baton II

In terms of specifications, the Arkfeld compares very closely to the S2R Baton II.  The table below summarizes the main specifications and differences between the two lights.  The Arkfeld feels better in the pocket due to the slimmer profile of just over half an inch as compared to the diameter of the S2R Baton II at just under an inch.  And while about 0.40 inches longer than the S2R Baton II, the Arkfeld actually weighs 0.40 ounces less than the S2R Baton II.  With a higher candela rating, the S2R Baton II is rated for more throw than the Arkfeld, but both lights are primarily flood types.

S2R Baton II


Max output

1,150 - 400 lumens

1,000 - 300 lumens


2 - 230 min

4 - 110 min

Throw distance

442 feet

330 feet




Green Laser







3.47 oz

3.07 oz


3.94 in

4.33 in


0.91 in

0.6 in



1.0 in

Emitter choices

Yes, lime green only

Yes, all colors

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the Arkfeld is the following:

-Arkfeld flashlight

-USB Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC)

-User Manual


Olight has once again introduced us to something innovative.  The form and function of the Arkfeld are truly unique and one that you need to experience first-hand to appreciate truly.  It feels great in the hand and the operation of it is simple and intuitive, with access to 7 overall functions via your thumb.  Because it is a very slim profile, it slides easily into any pocket and virtually disappears, making it a great light to EDC.  The inclusion of a dedicated laser pointer is really cool and appreciated.  It comes in handy whether in the office, classroom, the field, or simply at home having fun with your pets.  Perhaps in the future, Olight will offer other options for the secondary function such as a UV light, but only time will tell.  However, this has certainly opened the door to possibilities!

It is awesome that Olight is continuing to offer its customers the opportunity to customize their experience by selecting the emitter temperature that they prefer most.  Paired with the color choices that will be available for the Arkfeld, you have something for almost everyone.  Grab an Arkfeld and you will quickly discover it is a fantastic light with some innovative features, and it may soon become your most carried light.

Thanks for reading.

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All Reviews (5)

Bruce Cleland

Red LED please

Posted on: Sep 16, 2022, 14:44:21


Nice design, any consideration to adding a red led? This would be perfect for Astronomy and will prevent damage to night vision.

Posted on: Sep 13, 2022, 15:12:25


I yes a pocket flashlight everyday for work and a lazer pointer . I bought the Arkfeld because it combines both in one and it fits in my tee shirt pocket very well . Love it!!!

Posted on: Sep 10, 2022, 13:24:39


Love my Arkfeldso far. It's my new Edc. Wish you made a version with a UV light. Would work great for security in night clubs.

Posted on: Aug 31, 2022, 21:19:41

Olight User

So is there gona be a pocket clip that allows you to put it on your hat because then and only then will this be the best flashlight ever

Posted on: Aug 10, 2022, 12:21:47