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Olight Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini EDC Flashlights: Which One is Better for You?

Olight Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini EDC Flashlights: Which One is Better for You?

Are you perplexed about picking the perfect one between Arkfeld dual-source EDC flashlight and Javelot Mini long-range EDC flashlight? Then, the comparative case study is for you to have a confident choice.

The new Arkfeld flat EDC flashlight has two light sources: white LED and green laser beam pointer. It generates 2560 candela maximum light intensity and covers a 101-meter maximum beam distance.

On the other hand, the Javelot Mini long-range EDC flashlight comes with a high-performance white LED light source. It produces the maximum light intensity of 88,320 candelas covering a 600-meter maximum beam distance.

There are some significant differences between Arkfeld and Javelot Mini EDC flashlights. Here, I am presenting a technical and functional review of the EDC flashlights for a fair judgement.

So, let’s read more for a better buying decision.  

Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini EDC Flashlights-Who Wins Whom?

Though Olight has confirmed top-notch quality for Arkfeld and Javelot Mini EDC flashlights, their unique;designs, dimensions, power, and performances differ. So, discover the differences at a glance here.

Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini: Technical Talk

Trial Now: Between Arkfeld and Javelot Mini, one may beat another to some extent, but both are useful for professional and personal applications. Now, it’s your turn to evaluate all the technical sides and make a fair judgement over the everyday carry flashlights for your business.

Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini EDC Flashlights: Which is better for Searching & Rescuing?

Searching and rescuing operations require high-volume white LED searchlights to find someone or something in the darkest environment. Olight has addressed the issue and added EDC flashlights to its product list. The new Arkfeld flat EDC flashlight and Javelot Mini long-range EDC flashlight are two.

Arkfeld and Javelot Mini feature 1000 lumens of lighting power to cover longer distances with a higher focus. However, the Javelot Mini EDC flashlight covers more focus areas than the new Arkfeld flashlight, with a 600-meter beam distance. In this regard, the new Arkfeld flashlight covers a 101-meter beam distance.

Therefore, you can choose the Javelot Mini longer-range EDC flashlight instead of the Arkfeld flashlight for professional searching and rescuing operations. However, the new Arkfeld offers better performance than regular flashlights.

Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini: Which is more multifunctional?

Though Arkfeld and Javelot Mini are everyday carry flashlights, they differ in their multifunctional features and functions. With the new Arkfeld flashlight, you can meet your almost indoor and outdoor lighting demands like camping, hiking, hunting, searching, rescuing, and law enforcement. Furthermore, it has a green laser beam pointer to send signals and precisely present business or class presentations.

As the Javelot Mini long-range flashlight has only a LED white light, you can use it for illuminating purposes only, except the laser light pointing. Like Arkfeld, the Javelot Mini is highly useful for indoor and outdoor activities.

So, if you compare Javelot Mini with Arkfeld regarding multifunctionality, you must place Arkfeld over Javelot Mini.

Arkfeld vs Javelot Mini: Which one is more affordable?

Both Arkfeld and Javelot Mini EDC flashlights are cost-effective with their useful features and functions. However, they differ in price ranges, where the Arkfeld is available at $80.99, and Javelot Mini costs $99.99 on

If you want more focus areas with a longer beam distance, you can cost more for the Javelot Mini long-range EDC flashlight. On the contrary, the new Arkfeld can be affordable for covering shorter distances up to 101 meters. Now, fix your demand and choose the right one.

Final Verdict!

The New Arkfeld and the Javelot Mini have brought a breakthrough in the illumination industry with top-notch lighting technology. Both every day carries flashlights have multiple features and functions to make life easier and happier for indoor and outdoor activities.

I hope you have already pointed out the primary differences between the new Arkfeld and Javelot Mini EDC flashlights. Now you know which of them is better for what features and functions.

For example, the new Arkfeld is better than the Javelot Mini for multiple lighting sources. Simultaneously, the Javelot Mini long-range flashlight is better than the Arkfeld for the longer beam distance.

So, no more confusion yet. It's time to pick the perfect one for the right niche. 

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