Olight Best Camp Light for Every Type of Camper

Olight Best Camp Light for Every Type of Camper

Our top Olight camping light is not only an excellent source of illumination but also a versatile tool with powerful features. These multi-purpose camping lights are designed to enhance your camping experience and can even create a vibrant party atmosphere at any campsite. With various modes for different illumination levels, including the ability to charge smaller devices, our camping lights are perfect for activities such as preparing meals, playing cards, or simply enjoying the warm glow while chatting around the campfire. Whether you're in a fire ban area or looking for car camping accessories, we have the best camping light to meet your needs.

Olight Top Picks

BEST FOR CAR CAMPING: Odiance Camp Light

Odiance Camp Light

If you need something that can stay super bright for more than a day, your best bet is the Olight Odiance Camping Work Light, which lives up to its features, mainly because of the 99.36 Wh battery pack inside, and the battery life in low power mode (White light 230 Lumens, yellow warm light 200 lumens) up to about 46 hours. It weighs around 58.9oz, which is definitely a bit heavy, so you won't want to be carrying it around.

Thankfully, it's still easy to carry thanks to the large handle. The handle doubles as a stand, allowing you to place it on a flat surface, but still position it at different angles. There is also a handy tripod hole built into the handle, again allowing you to easily adjust the angle by moving the handle.

On the back of the Odiance are two knobs for controlling the lights. One knob controls the switch and brightness. Another knob is used to control the color temperature of the light, you can choose cool or warm light from 2700K to 6000K.


In addition to the control knob, Olight offers a handy small remote that's about the size of your vehicle's remote. The remote control can realize switch control, brightness adjustment, and color temperature adjustment. The remote easily slides into a slot on the back of the Odiance case and is held in place with a little friction and some magnetism. Even if you go camping, install it on a tree to provide lighting for the camp, just use the remote controller within 10m, it is much easier to turn them off!


Odiance is perfect for garages, backyards, campsites, construction sites, and more. The maximum of 3000 lumens is enough to illuminate large areas. Currently, I have an Odiance in the trunk of my car, which is very helpful to me whether it is driving camping or temporarily repairing the vehicle.


MSRP:$ 179.99 

Details: 3,000 Lumens| 58.9 oz| 99.36Wh Lithium Battery|   2,800 minutes| IPX5

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BEST FOR BACKPACKING: Olantern Mini Camping Light


If you just want a little light next to your sleeping bag, the attractive Olantern Mini is a great choice. It has a palm-sized zinc alloy body measuring approximately 2.06 x 3.91 inches in diameter and height. Still, it offers a comfortable 360° white light with adjustable brightness between 150 lumens and 15 lumens, and it also has a red light function so you can adjust the brightness level as needed without disturbing any nearby sleeper's partner. You don’t have to worry about power even on long trips, as it can run for 48 hours in 15-lumen mode, and it also has a carrying loop that easily attaches to a hanging point.


Currently, Olight’s August Flash Sale is ongoing, offering up to 50% off, but for a limited time only. If you are interested in this product, or your friends have similar needs, please be sure not to miss this opportunity.


MSRP:$ 79.94

Details: 150 Lumens| 8.43 oz| 2000mAH Lithium Battery|   48Hours| IPX4

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BEST BUDGET: Swivel Camp Work Light


Swivel Camping Work light

Hearing you're looking for an affordable and functional camping light, I have a great suggestion: the Swivel. This camping light has some impressive features! First of all, its price is really close to the people, and now you can buy it for less than $30 (flash sale for a limited time). However, its performance will definitely surprise you.


The Swivel is capable of delivering up to 400 lumens of brightness, ensuring you'll always have plenty of light when you're camping. Whether it is setting up a wild camp or going outdoors at night, it can meet your needs.


This light is also designed with a convenient clip-on hook, you can easily clip it on a backpack, tent, or tree branch, providing light while saving you space. What's more, Swivel has three built-in powerful magnets, which can be firmly adsorbed on any iron surface, making it more convenient to use.


As an awesome feature, the Swivel's head is also equipped with additional LED lights that emit a focused beam of light, similar to the effect of an EDC flashlight. This means you can adjust the beam angle according to your needs, lighting where you want, and more flexibility.


In addition, Swivel is also equipped with COB modules, which can provide ample and soft close-range flood lighting. This will bring you a more comfortable experience when camping or cooking.


Overall, the Swivel is an affordable and capable camping light. It not only meets the economic budget but also provides excellent lighting effects and portability. Hope these suggestions help you!

MSRP: $34.95

Details: 400 lumens | 6.35oz| 2600mAh battery| 27Hours|IPX4

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Which camping light should I choose?

The best gear is the one you will use. It must be the camping light that you like to carry, the weight and volume are as small as possible! In addition, when choosing a camping light, please make sure that it has sufficient brightness, is long-term use, is light and easy to carry, is durable and waterproof, has multiple light modes, easy to operate, while meeting the budget and good reputation. Good luck finding the perfect camping light and having a great camping trip!

Why trust Olight Camping Light

Olight is a well-known lighting brand with a strong influence in the outdoor lighting market. To ensure the durability and dependability of each Olight camping light, we use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. Each camping light is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of an outdoor setting. Whether you are camping or participating in other outdoor activities, there is a wide range of products available to you.

We invest continuously in research and innovation as a brand dedicated to the development and production of high-performance outdoor lighting solutions. We understand the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and work hard to design and improve our products to meet those needs. Our goal is to incorporate cutting-edge technology and functionality into each product to meet the lighting needs of users while they are out on their outdoor adventures.

In addition to our own efforts, we value user feedback highly. You can get a complete picture of the actual user experience of the Olight camping light by reading other customers' reviews and ratings. These genuine user reviews can assist you in understanding the strengths of our products as well as areas for improvement, allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Thank you for your interest and confidence in Olight. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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