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OPen Pro or OPen Mini? Choose you EDC Pen as you wish!

OPen Pro or OPen Mini? Choose you EDC Pen as you wish!

Jan 10, 2023, 20:00:00

OPen Pro EDC Penlight        

The OPen Pro is an EDC pen with both an LED light and a green pointer beam. It can be separated or used either as a pen or a flashlight. The pen body is longer and slimmer than the OPen 2 for a more comfortable grip, while the LED light (5 to 120 lumens) is moved onto the pocket clip so that the light won't be blocked when clipped to a pocket. At the tail of the LED part is also a green pointer, which is accurate for pointing and marking. The L-type bolt controls the pen tip, LED light, and green pointer. The built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, popular USB-C interface and simple charging indicator ensure worry-free charging. The OPen Pro is durable and lightweight for everyday carry, adventuring, on journeys, on patrol, etc. Keep the OPen Pro with you to light your instant inspiration.


OPen Mini Portable Ballpoint Pen

画板 6.jpg

The OPen Mini is a short bolt action EDC ballpoint pen. At only 3.66 inches long, this pen is short to put in your shirt pocket. Its tough aluminum body has dynamic hollow rifling grooves that increase grip and just look amazing. The style is further enhanced by the blue/black body ring and ornate copper tail cap. The customized refill writes smoothly and won't become empty until it finishes 800 meters of lines. The L-type bolt action is intuitive to pop out and retract the pen tip. With the pocket clip, you can conveniently clip it to your notebook, pocket, or backpack strap.





🔎With or Without Light Source


OPen Pro
It has a LED Light built in its pocket clip which keeps the light from being blocked when you put the Open Pro in your pocket. It can projects a smooth, broad beam at 4 light levels as you need and a max. output of 120 lumens. And it can generate a green single-point beam at the tail of the OPen Pro, precise for indicating, alignment, and more.


OPen Mini


🔎Rechargeable or not

OPen Pro

With a built-in 110mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, the light can run up to 8 hours at 5 lumens and be fully charged by using a USB charging cable in less than one hour.

OPen Mini

🔎Switch Position

OPen Pro
A L-Type Bolt Action Button at the middle of OPen Pro.


OPen Mini

A L-Type Bolt Action Button at the tail of OPen Mini.

画板 4.jpg

🔎Dimension & Weight

OPen Pro

Length: 6.02in/153mm (Tip Retracted)

Weight: 1.23oz/35g (Including Battery and Refill)


OPen Mini

Length: 3.66in/93.0mm (Tip Retracted)

Weight: 0.44oz/12.5g (Including Refill)



Some may prefer OPen Pro for its LED Light and green beam emitter, some may choose OPen Mini cause it can serve as a toy for their kids and is suitable for those with small hands. Anyway, I hope there is always a right OPen for you!

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Cali Land

I love the mini O'Pen it is so handy and small!

Posted on: Jan 11, 2023, 12:08:11