Olight Best Sellers: Best Weapon-Mounted Light

Olight Best Sellers: Best Weapon-Mounted Light

It goes without saying that a great weapon-mounted light is quite important for those cops, soldiers, or other personnel. With a great weapon-mounted light, you can have better vision or disorient an attacker instead of holding the light in your non-dominant hand. Then, we will show you the details of these Olight weapon-mounted lights and hope you can choose one favorite.

In what situation do you need to use a tactical flashlight

Used indoors

power outage emergency, looking for things;


camping, hiking, climbing, hunting;

For sports

running, biking, jogging, playing, diving, skiing;

For officers

search and rescue, investigation, survey;


So it is a multifunctional tool that can provide multiple uses for anyone.

Olight Series

Valkyrie Series

Odin Series

Baldr Series

Other Series

Ranking List (Top 3)

By Lumens

By Runtime

By Light Intensity



Odin GL Mini

Picatinny / G-LOCK:

Baldr IR

Picatinny / M-LOK:

Sigurd, Odin GL

G-LOCK / MIL-STD-1913:

PL-3 Valkyrie, PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie, PL-PRO Valkyrie, Valkyrie Turbo, Baldr Mini, Baldr Pro, Baldr Pro R, Baldr RL Mini, Baldr RL, Baldr S, Baldr S BL

M-LOK / Third-party Picatinny and KeyMod mounts:

Odin Mini

Do you have a more in-depth understanding of Olight weapon-mounted light after reading the above? If you have some ideas or advice about Olight weapon-mounted light, come share with us at the comment below!

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Richard Corkum

I don't have the rite set up for mounting this on a gun, So I guess I'd just use it normally.

Posted on: Feb 07, 2023, 20:36:09