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Olight Charger Cable And Adapter Summary

Olight Charger Cable And Adapter Summary

May 21, 2023, 00:00:00

We'll show you how to quickly match the right charger cable and adapter!

There is a wide range of Olight products, and different chargers and adapters are not the same for other products. If you choose an unsuitable charger and adapter, it will not only affect the speed of charging, but even cause damage to your device. Therefore, we will introduce a variety of chargers and adapters for the applicable products to help you understand the characteristics of different chargers and adapters and choose and use them correctly!


1. MCC3 1A/1.5A/2A  &  MCC3-C


The MCC3-C & MCC3 are compatible with Odin, Odin Mini, Odin GL Mini, Odin GL M, Odin IR, Odin Turbo, PL-Pro, Warrior 3, Warrior 3S, Warrior X 3, Warrior X , Warrior X Turbo, Warrior X Pro, Warrior Mini, Warrior Mini 2, Seeker 2, Seeker 2 Pro, Seeker 3, Seeker 3 Pro, Baton 3, S1R Baton II, S2R Baton, S2R Baton II, Baton Pro, Archer, Javelot Turbo, Freyr, Perun, Perun 2, Olantern, Obulb MCS, H1R, H2R, M2R, M2R Pro.


✔ MCC3-C

The MCC3-C Reel combines an MCC3-C magnetic charging cable and a customized cable organizer. Like the MCC3, the included MCC3-C features the signature magnetic charging port that delivers up to 2A charging current. It also features a USB-C connector, allowing you to charge compatible Olight devices via any USB-C power source. In addition, the sleek silicone cable organizer features customized notches on its sides for the cable and a circular slot to tuck up the MCC3-C cable. The MCC3-C Reel offers a convenient charging option while keeping you free from tangled cables.


✔ How to use the organizer:

Step 1: Insert the magnetic end of the cable into the customized notch of the cable organizer on one side.

Step 2: Wind the charging cable around the circular slot.

Step 3: Set the USB-C end of the cable into the opposite notch on the other side.


✔MCC3C Type-C

● New MCC3-C cable: The USB-C end allows you to use readily accessible USB-C power sources, while the magnetic end quickly snaps onto compatible Olight devices. The cable delivers up to 2A charging current.

● Customized cable organizer: The organizer features two side notches and a circular slot tailor-made for the MCC3-C cable. It will protect the cable and keep it organized.

● Easy to carry : With the cable tucked in, it only measures 1.89x0.85in, barely taking up any space in your pocket or backpack


2. MCC 1A & NEW MCC 1A


The MCC 1A & NEW MCC 1A are compatible with Obulb Pro, Obulb MC, Obulb, S1R Baton, S1R Baton II, S2R Baton, S2R Baton II, Baton 3, Baton Pro, Seeker 2, Seeker 2 Pro, Warrior X, Array, Perun mini, PL-Pro, S30R III, H1R, H2R, M2R


The MCC1A Is capable of charging at up to 1A. If this item is out of stock, a suitable replacement for the MCC1A is the MCC3, this is the latest iteration of the MCC series with a maximum charging output of 3A for compatible torches. This will charge all existing MCC1A compatible torches at their 1A rate.

3. MCC Special

The MCC Special is compatible with Baldr Mini, Baldr RL Mini, Baldr S, Baldr S BL, PL-Mini, PL-Mini 2.


4. MCC 5V

Olight MCC 5V Magnetic Charging Cable for Olight Javelot Pro Flashlight


5.  USB-C

Suitable for Array 2S, Array 2, Open Pro, Open 2, Marauder 2, Baton 3 Case, RN 1500, RN 1200,RN 800,RN400, SEEMEE 30 TL, I1R2 PRO


6.  Micro USB

Micro USB Charging Cable built for the i1R and i1R 2 EOS torches. Also compatible with most other Micro USB devices including phones, game console controllers, power banks etc.


7.  UC Charger

Olight UC (Universal Battery Charger) is a universal magnetic USB charger for all single-cylinder rechargeable lithium or NiMH batteries of different sizes.

To avoid short circuit, this charging cable cannot be used for Olight custom batteries, such as 18650 3500 mAh rechargeable battery, 21700mAh 5000mAh rechargeable battery, IMR16340 battery, etc.


8.  MCA

The MCA is compatible with Obulb series, Baton 3, Perun Mini, S2R Baton II, S2R Baton, S1R Baton II, S1R Baton, H1R, among others.

● Wireless: Directly into the wall socket, class 2 magnetic charger

● 2 indoor outputs: magnetic charging station + USB output.

● Specifications: Maximum charging current - 3000 mA; maximum charging voltage - 5.0 V; weight - 51 g; maximum ambient temperature - 35° C.


9.  Oport


Oport is compatible with many Olight flashlights that have a magnetic charging port.


The Oport is a magnetic mini-charger for your keychain, designed to charge flashlights anytime & anywhere with ease. Linked to a USB-C cable, it works well as an MCC3 charging cable and automatically adjusts the charging current to your flashlight. The integrated magnets help the Oport align automatically and stick tightly. The detent ball securely locks it to avoid accidentally dropping. Looking like a tiny water drop, the Oport is also a beautiful ornament and easy to carry on the keychain or wear around your neck. With Oport, you can charge your beloved flashlight in no time without searching for a charger.


● The Oport is a charger adapter for emergency charging of an Olight at any time. (Olight flashlights only)

● The quick magnet alignment and rotating frame make it easy to disassemble and use.

● Specification: weight - 22g; size - 35.5*21.9*9.6mm ± 0.5mm


10. Omino

Omino, Compatible with Most Olight Rechargeable Flashlights.

Omino compatible with Olight flashlights charged via MCC 1A and MCC 3.

*Non-Compatible Olight Products: Olantern Series, PL-Mini 2, Baldr Mini, Baldr RL Mini, Valkyrie IR, Baldr S, Javelot Pro, and other Olight products not using the magnetic charging system.


● 4 Magnetic Charging Ports: For charging up to four Olight devices at the same time.

● Easy Connection: Connects through USB charger with widely available USB Type-C cable.

● Durable: High quality with robust aluminum bottom board, durable PC+ABS body, and anti-slip base mat.

● Widely Spaced Outlets: Ample space between each port to reduce interference.


11. Obuddy 

The Obuddy is compatible with Obulb, Obulb MC, Obulb MCs.


● Charging Accessory: Designed with a charging port that matches the MCC charging cable, Obuddy has a magnetic output port on the top.

● Decorative Ornament: Put Obulb/Obulb MC/Obulb MCs on the Obuddy to get a cute and decorative "astronaut".

● Specification: Weight - 56g; Size - 63*54*60mm.

● Material: Silicone.


Through the introduction of this article, I believe you have a deeper understanding of these chargers and adapters. I hope this article can help you in your daily use of chargers and adapters encountered in the problem and make our life more convenient and efficient.

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