OLIGHT first Ofan-designed EDC folding pocket knife-Freeze 3

OLIGHT first Ofan-designed EDC folding pocket knife-Freeze 3

Mar 11, 2023, 14:00:00

The Oknife O-Designer Winner!

One of the coolest things about Olight is their continued engagement with their fans and customers through the Facebook group.  And perhaps the one of the best, and potentially rewarding, ways to interact with Olight is through their quarterly O-Designer contests.  This is where you can use your creativity to present an idea or concept that could possibly be made into an Olight product!  While there’s no guarantee that your idea would be made into a final product, the possibility is exciting and enticing.  The second quarter contest in 2022 was focused around new O-Knife designs and the winner from that contest has had his concept made into the next O-Knife, the freeze 3 EDC pocket knife.  Congratulations Ben Stone!

Below is the official submission from Ben back in early 2022.


“Thanks for the chance to possibly get to design the next Oknife! I see this one being on the 4" end of the spectrum. A liner or frame lock would be good. Having seen hundreds of knives, here is my best description of where I have drawn my inspiration. Please let me know if you need any more info! My entry is 2 hand sketches I did plus a rendering using Photoshop.

Inspiration: My inspiration is a cleaver style shape but with a blood grove. I looked at the original Oknife when considering the handle as I have been very happy with that. I like the 2 tone design Kizer used on the handle scales for their Megatherium design. I also like their sculpted looking pivot. Other cleaver designs I have seen have a weird shape at one end or another or when closed, so my goal for this one was to keep it sleek.”

Freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC Pocket Knife Design Specification

Comparing the final product against the design proposal from Ben reveals that very little changed, and that is really impressive!  It’s a substantial knife, weighing 5.36 ounces and coming in at a total length of 8.75 inches.  It has a clever shaped blade that is ideal for cutting and chopping.  By comparison, the ODG Freeze 2 weighs in at 3.84 ounces and is 7.61 inches in total length.  The table below compares all three versions of the Freeze 2 with the new freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC.

Freeze 2 Pocket Knife

Freeze 3 Pocket Knife


Carbon Fiber




Carbon Fiber Overlay



Blade Material





Blade Style

Drop Point

Drop Point

Drop Point


Overall Length

7.61 in

7.61 in

7.61 in

8.75 in

Blade Length

3.32 in

3.32 in

3.32 in

4.00 in

Handle Length

4.29 in

4.29 in

4.29 in

4.75 in

Blade Thickness

0.11 in

0.11 in

0.11 in

0.125 in


3.84 oz

3.63 oz

5.01 oz

5.36 oz


It has a clip that can be attached to either side for left- or right-hand carry.  Deploying the blade is fairly easy using the flipper tab.  Unlike the original design submission, the final released freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC does not include a thumb stud for deploying the blade, but it is not necessary as using the flipper tab is simple and reliable.  However, deploying the blade is not a quick and snappy as it is with the Freeze 2, but this is primarily due to the larger size and weight of the blade on the freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC.  Once deployed, the blade is held securely in place with a liner locking mechanism.  There is also a good amount of jumping along the spine of the blade that provides for excellent grip and security while using the knife.

Visual Aspects of the freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC Pocket Knife

The freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC is truly a gorgeous knife to look at.  The large, clever style blade is made from Oknife’s Damascus steel and this really gives it a premium appearance.  The blue and black colors of the G10 scales compliment the knife very well and the blue on the pivot screws was a nice touch.  The choil is nice and large and provides a safe location for your index finger when needing a little more stability while cutting.  The fuller, or groove, extends almost the full length of the blade on both sides.

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC is the following:

- freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC Knife

- Storage Bag

- Cleaning Cloth

- freeze 3 EDC pocket knife EDC Coin

- User Manual


It is really awesome to see Olight bringing a fan design to reality.  This knife was very well liked when it was proposed during the Odesigner contest in early 2022, as evidenced by it receiving the most votes!  It is a great knife and an excellent addition to the growing Oknife line-up.  This knife with its clever style blade and Damascus steel construction makes it a must-have for your collection.

Thanks for reading.

💕Kindly Note: Thanks for the Freeze 3 review from O-Fan. We are really grateful for O-Fan feedback and long-term support. You are our partners to make Olight better.


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Nicki Grant

I really like how you brought a customer's sketch to fruitition. It is a beautifully made knife.

Posted on: Mar 12, 2023, 01:08:44