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Olight's First White Light & Green Laser EDC Flashlight- Arkfeld

Olight's First White Light & Green Laser EDC Flashlight- Arkfeld

A flashlight is a must in your EDC (Every-Day-Carry) gear. Having a proper lighting tool will help keep you safe when walking at night or on an early morning run. It is also practical in many other situations; it can be useful to you when you read a map on a trail, cook dinner at camp, or repair your car on the side of the road.

Olight launched the new Arkfeld on August 8th, a stylish and versatile EDC flashlight with a beautiful and compact appearance, perfect for everyday carrying and multi-purpose use. Let's take a closer look at why the Arkfeld is the perfect EDC light for you.

What's Special About the Arkfeld?

Outstanding Performance

  • Max Output: 1000 lumens

  • Max Throw: 101 meters

  • Max Runtime: 8 days

  • Brightness Level: Turbo/High/Med/Low/Moonlight

  • Light Sources: White Light+Green Laser

  • Weight: 3.07oz/87g(battery included)

  • Size: 4.33in*0.98in*0.59in

  • Water Proof: IPX 7

  • Drop Test: 1 meter

The Arkfeld is the first dual light source and easily portable EDC Flashlight at Olight. It can deliver a whopping 1000 lumens output and reach 101 meters throw, and its battery can last for 8 days. 

Arkfeld edc flat flashlight

What makes it stand out from other EDC lights is that it has a dual light source with multiple brightness levels as well as a memory function that allows you to select your preferred settings with ease. The creative switch design (Central Button & Selector) is both practical and aesthetic. 

Additionally, the magnetic charging cable makes recharging simple and convenient. It only takes you two hours to fully charge the batteries inside. Moreover, the Arkfeld is lightweight and small (3.07oz in weight and 0.59in thickness)—which means it's easy to put into or on your pockets and shirts with the help of its pocket clip and flat design. The Arkfeld's sleek design and variety of features make it an ideal choice.

arkfeld rechargeable edc flashlight

Easy to carry with its pocket clip

As a flashlight that's only 4.33 inches long, 0.98 inches wide, and 0.59 inches high, Arkfeld looks simple but is quite suitable for a wide range of people including workers, law enforcement, and even collectors of its stylish design.  

Unlike other EDC flashlights, the Arkfeld has an unusual rectangular shape so that it won’t roll away when you’re reaching for it. In addition, it features an ultra-thin and lightweight body, which can be clamped onto your bag or shirt as inconspicuously as a pen.

Compared with round EDC lights, the Arkfeld can more easily be carried in your pockets thanks to the design of the pocket clip. Those who have bought EDC flashlights before would know how crucial the pocket clip can be to the flashlight. The Arkfeld's clip is designed well, so it will never fall off the pocket it is clipped to.arkfeld easy to carry

Its magnetic tail allows it to be attached to any metal surface. More importantly, with indestructible all-weather housing, it has passed a 1-meter drop test and is waterproof rated at IPX7, which means it can still be used even in harsh conditions.

Meet any lighting needs

It is also worth noting that the Arkfeld has variable lighting mode options that allow it to be useful in any scenario. There are several output settings offered to choose from:

● Turbo (300 - 1000 lumens)

● High (60 - 300 lumens)

● Med (60 lumens)

● Low (15 lumens)

● Moonlight (1 lumen)

In moonlight mode, the Arkfeld can run for over a week with only 1-lumen output. This mode is great for uses like reading in the dark or heading to the restroom at night.

While in turbo mode, this flashlight boasts a 1000 lumen output with a 2560 candela beam of light, enough to light up every corner of a room or even your whole backyard thanks to its high performance. 

When using the Arkfeld outdoors, for security, or in other cases where you need consistently high brightness for extended periods of time, you should consider using the High mode, which produces an output of 60-300 lumens.

You can also use the Arkfeld when you hang out at night or need to illuminate a hallway. The medium mode with 60-lumen output is perfect for basic households and some outdoor activities. For close-up tasks, the low mode might be preferable; you could still use it for searching for things at up to 12 meters of distance.

Moreover, its memory function can enable you to select the settings you like best with one single click. It makes effortless operation possible as you can go directly to your preferred configuration without having to cycle through the modes. 

Offer dual light source and two color temperatures

What makes the Arkfeld different from other EDC flashlights is that it has both a high-performance white LED light and a green laser. The dual light source provides a wider choice of lighting output to match your needs. 

dual-light flashlight

The Arkfeld's LED even comes in two different color temperature options:  cool white (5700K-6700K) and neutral white (4000K-5000K). Many have their own preferences for color temperature, depending on whether you'd like to see more accurate colors or whether you want the brightest output. You get to choose the temperature that best fits your needs!

Provides flexible Operation and convenient charging 

Another outstanding point is the ease at which you can switch between the green laser and white LED or change the light output mode and brightness. To switch between light sources, simply turn the rotating toggle switch to the left, towards the laser symbol; for the LED, rotate it to the right towards the LED symbol. To cycle through the brightness levels, simply press and hold the center button while the LED is on.

To lock your Arkfeld, you can press and hold the central button for 2 seconds when it is off until the light output turns on and then turns off again. You can unlock it again by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds until it turns on again.

When the output is set to the LED, you can access turbo mode with a quick double press of the button. If you double press the button while in turbo mode, the output level will return to its previous state. A triple press will activate strobe mode, which can then be deactivated with a single press.

Additionally, it has two timer settings that enable you to control the time after which the light will turn off. Furthermore, it has a magnetic charging cable, which can easily snap onto the tail of the flashlight. No need to manually plug it in. The helpful four-light power indicator lets you monitor the charging status or the amount of power remaining while the light is in use.

Perfect For EDC!

Useful For Work and Day-to-Day Life

With so many functions, this Arkfeld can bring many benefits for both your work and your life. On one hand, you can use it as a handy tool while you need to inspect or work on things in the dark. On the other hand, you can use it as a laser pointer or even a toy to play with your pets. 

Plus, in an emergency scenario, Arkfeld's bright output and strobe mode could be very useful for both signaling and defense. Additionally, as with any good light, the Arkfeld will accompany you and illuminate the path you’re walking on at night.

Good Toy for Pets 

As a fabulous EDC flashlight with a green laser, the Arkfeld also can be a good toy for pets, especially cats. Cats are very good at seeing moving objects in dim light, which is why lasers are very eye-catching to them. They often like to try to "catch" the moving point of a laser, as if it were their prey. This means, as an added benefit, you can have fun with your pets using the Arkfeld!

Try It Now!

In short, when you hold the amazing new Olight Arkfeld in your hand, you’ll be able to face the dark with confidence. This sturdy and compact flashlight is the perfect traveler’s companion, as it has all the features you need. Whether you're going camping, giving a presentation, or staying at home, it's absolutely essential! Go ahead and try it now!

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