4 Olight Headband for Your Headlamp

4 Olight Headband for Your Headlamp

Mar 08, 2023, 00:00:00

A headlamp headband is a strip that goes around your head and grips a headlamp in place. It permits you to wear the headlamp hands-free, so you can use both of your hands for other jobs while still having a source of light. A headband can be adjustable to fit various head sizes and can be made from different materials such as polyester, nylon, or elastic. Some headbands have extra features such as reflective strips for increased visibility in low light situations or a sweat-wicking material for increased relaxation during physical activity. On the other hand, a headband is not a generally used term and may favor a strap or a wristband worn around the hand for many purposes.

Overview of the 4 Olight headband for Your Headlamp

Headband III for Perun Mini

The Olight handband III is a replacement or spare headband for the Perun Mini.

It features a Velcro section, or simply attach the Perun mini to the bracket of the duty patch and the duty patch can simply be velcroed to the front of the headband.

The headband is made of nylon and the loop can be managed to fit your head comfortably.

Made of high-elastic knitted nylon

Adjustable headband with loop faster

Computable with Olight Perun mini

Color: Black

Headband for Perun Series

This headband is designed for use with the new Perun headlamp / right angle torch.  It is also compatible with H2R, M2R Pro and other 25mm diameter torches.

Material: Nylon woven fabric with a hard molded magnetic pad

Weight: 56g

Headband for the Perun Flashlight

The Olight Perun headband is the best accessory for the Olight Perun series flashlight. If you are looking for a hands-free experience with this already remarkable flashlight, we are here for you. It is a head strap that simply changes your Perun handheld flashlight into an adjustable headlamp. Simply remove the pocket clip, locate the Perun handheld flashlight in the middle of the mount, and pull the end of the silicone wrap to securely fasten. This balanced and relaxed headband is best for taking your newer flashlight for runs, nighttime walking with dog, trailblazing, camping and more.

Balanced headband

Relaxed and breathable nylon

Hands-free accessory for the Olight perun flashlight

Durable silicone wrap for simple detachment/attachment

Olight Headband for H1/H1R

Whether you want to try out a new color just need to change a destroyed headband, the Olight H1/H1R replacement headband is a best accessory for any headlamp user. Made from comfortable nylon elastic, this spare headband tightens securely around your head and manages to nearly any head size. Designed mainly for the H1R and H1 headlamp, the headband rubber front plate grips the light and permits 180 of vertical rotation for extra lighting angles. The headband is accessible in a trio of dynamic colors (Orange, Blue or Green), making it as visually attractive as it is effective.

Designed for use with Olight H1R and H1 headlamp

Comfortable nylon headband simply adjust to most head sizes

Accessible in Orange, Blue, or Green

Importance of the headband for your headlamp

A headband is an essential part for a headlamp as it grips the lamp securely on your head, leaving your hands free to perform other activities. It makes sure that the headlamp stays in place during movement, providing a relaxed and stable fit.

The best headband should be adjustable to fit various head sizes and should be made of relaxed materials that would not cause discomfort or issue. Further, some headbands may have features such as moisture-wicking properties, reflective stuff for increased visibility, and ventilation to stop overheating.

Secure fit

A headband makes sure that the headlamp stays securely in place on your head, even during action or when working in rough terrain. This is mainly vital for activities like camping, hiking or running where a stable light source is essential.


The headband is in straight contact with your skin, so it is vital that it is made of relaxed materials that would not cause discomfort or issue. The best headband should be adjustable to fit various head sizes and have padding to distribute the weight of the headlamp evenly across the head.


Many headbands are designed to be adjustable or interchangeable, permitting you to customize the fit and comfort of your headlamp to match your needs. Some headbands also come with extra features such as reflective or ventilation materials, which can better the functionality of your headlamp.

Hands-free operation

A headlamp with a secure headband permits for hand-free operation, freeing up your hands to do other jobs or activities. This is particularly helpful in conditions where you need to use both hands, such as setting up camp, hands, or reading a map.


Headlamp headbands are generally made of elastic material that can stretch to fit various head sizes. When picking a headband for your headlamp, it is vital to consider the weight and size of your headlamp, as well as your intended use. If you plan to use your headlamp for open-air activities like camping or hiking, you may want a headband with more ventilation and padding to better comfort during extended use. On the other hand, if you plan to use a headlamp for jobs that need more accurate movement, you may want a lighter, more streamlined headband that would not bother you.

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