Olight Highly Recommended gun light

Olight Highly Recommended gun light

As we all know, in low-light environments, we must also be able to spot, target, identify threats, and ensure our own safety. And relying on the strong light gun light installed on the weapon can meet this demand to a large extent. Now, please follow me and know some details of the gun lights.

Gun Light Brief Introduction

The laser gun light is mounted on the weapon and acts as a tool for information acquisition and processing: identifying the main threat object, the depth of the room, obstacles, high-risk areas, etc. In addition, one of the main functions of the gun light, as I'm sure many of you know, is to use the strong light emitted by the gun light to blind the eyes of the enemy staff.


Gun lights and handheld tactical flashlights emit a beam of light that can both confuse and disrupt the target's vision, weakening its situational awareness of the surrounding environment, and giving the user a clear lighting effect that facilitates target identification.


Especially when it is necessary to use a weapon, the gun light can assist in aiming at a certain distance. As long as the axes of the gun light and the gun head remain in a parallel position in the horizontal direction, wherever the beam points, the gun is aimed. With the aid of the gun light, the pointing aiming accuracy at close range is also greatly improved.

Olight Gun Light

Baldr Pro R Rechargeable Gun Light

tactical light, Rechargeable Gun Light, weapon light

The Baldr Pro R has a nice shape and good output. If you have a full size handgun and want a rechargeable gun light with a green laser, this might be the weapon light for you. It is a 1,350 lumen white light with a beam throw of 200 meters, making it a better companion for home defense pistols.

The BALDR Pro R uses an onboard 3.6V 1000mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which integrates laser and magnetic rechargeable batteries. The Baldr Pro R magnetic charging function is loved by everyone.

Double-clicking the nifty tail switch when the light is on will switch between high and low light output. When set to the 300 Lm low setting, the maximum run time for white light is 93 minutes. Pressing both tail switches simultaneously will activate the strobe lights. The strobe can be turned off with a single press of any button. Pressing and holding either switch will activate momentary on. A quick press and release of the tail switch will activate constant on and off. The buttons on the BALDR Pro R give a nice tap experience.

General Data:

Beam Distance: 200 meters 

Max Performance: 1,350 lumens

Charging Type: MCC 1A USB Magnetic Charging Cable

Compatible Batteries: 3.6V 1000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Built-in)

Max Light Intensity: 10,000 cd


Mode Operation: Rear Switches

Waterproof: IPX4

Weight: 4.44oz/126g (Including Battery)

Length: 3.74in/95mm

Width: 1.44in/36.6mm

Height: 1.34in/34.1mm

Use: Self-defense, Law Enforcement, Tactical

Lighting Levels:

Green Beam ON (High): 1,350~500~300 lumens

Run time Green Beam ON (High): 1.5+38+10 minutes

Green Beam ON (Low): 300 lumens

Run time Green Beam ON (Low): 85 minutes

Green Beam OFF (High): 1,350~500~300 lumens

Run time Green Beam OFF (High): 1.5+40+13 minutes

Green Beam OFF (Low): 300 lumens

Run time Green Beam OFF (Low): 93 minutes

Strobe: Yes


Baldr Mini Tactical Gun Light

Tactical light, Gun Light, weapon light

The BALDR Mini is an ultra-compact white light and green laser combo, integrating the compatibility of the PL-Mini 2 and the accuracy of the BALDR Pro. Two types of rail adapters are provided to fit both Glock and Picatinny rails. Featuring an adjustable sliding rail, the light can be easily adjusted forward and backward into the position that suits you the best.

Though at a compact form factor, it delivers 600 lumens of bright white light, along with a highly visible green beam for greater accuracy. 

You can select among white light, green beam, or green beam & white light combined. The BALDR Mini is powered by a built-in lithium polymer battery, which can be charged through our signature magnetic charging port for extended runtime.

General Data:

Beam Distance: 130 meters 

Max Performance: 600 lumens

Charging Type: MCC Special USB Magnetic Charging Cable

Compatible Batteries: 3.7V 230mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (built-in)

Max Light Intensity: 4225 cd

Light Source: High Performance Cool White LED

Mode Operation: Rear Switches

Waterproof: IPX4

Weight: 3.07oz/ 87g (including battery)

Length: 2.24 in/57mm

Width: 1.29 in (32.8 mm)

Height: 1.41 in (35.8 mm)

Use: Self-defense, Law Enforcement, Tactical

Lighting Levels:

Green Beam ON : 600~100 lumens

Run time Green Beam ON (High): 1 minutes+29 minutes

Green Beam OFF: 600~100 lumens

Run time Green Beam OFF: 1 minutes+39 minutes

Strobe: No


Advice on gun light and tactical flashlight applications

1. Try to find those well-known gun light brands. Put the brightest tactical flashlights and gun lights you can find and buy on your weapons. In my experience, the lighting effect of a gun light or tactical flashlight can at least fully illuminate a space the size of a standard room. 

When ready to enter the room, turn on the gun light or tactical flashlight at the same time. Then I can control the whole room with the light beam, and can quickly observe, evaluate, and dispose of any object in the room, anything that happens, according to the light of the flashlight. If it is a low lumen flashlight, I guess I can only see about 1/4 of the room. So try to buy a high-lumen flashlight.

2. For the use of "scattering" technology (lighting the flashlight at different angles multiple times) or the so-called manual strobe technology.

The meaning of turning on or of the flashlight is to let you see clearly in the dark environment, whether there is a threat when you are about to go to the next location, such as walking through the corridor, walking down the stairs, etc. After discovering that the suspected target may be hiding in this room, people can't wait to apply the technology of lighting up the flashlight several times on the path into the room to illuminate their own travel route. This will give us something bad - tunnel vision.

The correct way is to turn on the flashlight after entering the room where the suspect target is located. If no target is found within our line of sight, we can turn off the flashlight immediately and then move to the next location, then turn on the flashlight again to search and control. suspicious area. if your flashlight is bright enough, you can use the marginal vision of the naked eye, then you can see more than just the narrow area directly in front of you, the line of sight can cover a wider range. However, I also understand such a truth, the use of the flashlight should also be based on different situations to choose the correct way, if we have made it clear that we want to break into a room (already in the room), then let the flashlight keep on, and directly Illuminating the target will be faster than using the " scattering " lighting technique: illuminate-move-relight-identify and dispose of the target.

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