Olight Javelot Mini:Long Range EDC Flashlight

Olight Javelot Mini:Long Range EDC Flashlight

Ever found yourself wishing you could carry your favorite Javelot light in your pocket? You definitely won't want to waste any time adding the newest mini addition to your flashlight inventory! Don't let the “mini” name fool you; this pocket-sized powerhouse can really pack a punch! From the incredible throw, to the built-tough aircraft-grade aluminum body, Olight's first long-range tactical EDC flashlight is the one you want by your side on every adventure! 

Mini, but Mighty

Despite its size, the ultra-compact Javelot Mini boasts a phenomenal 600-meter throw with a 1000-lumen max output. At only 4.53 inches long, and weighing in at 5.43 ounces, not only is it over 55% shorter and 62% lighter than its much longer/larger predecessor, but it can handle its own in the dark. Powered by a single 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery, you can rely on a runtime of up to 4 hours and 57 minutes in between charges. They say some of the best things come in small packages, and the Javelot Mini is here to prove it to you!

Uniform Hotspot

The Javelot Mini is Olight's first EDC flashlight with a round light source, which provides a softer, more balanced beam. This not only gives you more clarity with a crisper hotspot, but the LED allows just the right amount of spill to light directly around you as well. It is truly the perfect balance of throw and flood, while taking up virtually no room to store!

Low Battery Indication 

The Javelot Mini comes equipped with a small internal motor that will vibrate as your power level is getting lower, increasing the frequency of vibrations as the levels decrease. While this keeps you updated on your battery power, it also does so without diverting your attention away from the task at hand. When another charge is needed, simply attach the convenient magnetic charging cord onto the tail cap and the red charging light will turn green when you're good to go again!

Simple Functions with Sturdy Features 

The Javelot Mini requires no fancy knobs or buttons to perform like a boss, just a simple tail switch to access the high/low output modes. The flat-concave tail not only encourages easier thumb operation, but also allows for a better magnetic attachment on metal surfaces. Integrated texturing on the body provides a secure, comfortable grip, while the sturdy aluminum structure backs up the durability with a 1.5-meter drop resistance and IPX8 waterproof rating. This mighty little beast of a light can handle any obstacle or harsh environment with no problems! 

Handy, Multi-purpose Helper - Usage Scenarios

Everyday Extraordinary

The Javelot Mini is so much more than your typical EDC. From the impressive throw to the myriad of possible uses, this light will be the envy of all your friends and your favorite pocket carry all in one. The included heavy duty holster can clip onto any belt or backpack, ensuring this handy little light can go anywhere you go. With the amount of throw in such a compact, easy to carry package, you're sure to reach for this one time and time again!

Outside Adventure

Before you know it, the Javelot Mini will be your most trusted companion every time you step outside. Whether you are hiking, camping, or just outside walking your dog, take comfort in knowing that the high-performance LED will not only light your immediate path, but also far into the distance. The miniature size means you can pack it or store it anywhere, meaning it is always accessible when you need it.

Search and Rescue

One word: Throw. Not all SAR operations are planned out in advance. Most happen with little to no warning. If all you have on you at the moment is your EDC, why not have an EDC with an insane amount of throw as well? The compact size paired with the power of the Javelot mini will be your greatest tool when time is crucial and seconds count. Trust Olight to have your back no matter what you're searching for!


Law Enforcement and Security Personnel 

Just like during Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement Officers and Security Personnel never know what they may encounter in their daily job. With the rugged holster, the Javelot Mini can attach to any waistband, duty belt, and more. Not only can the 1000 lumens help you see far into the distance, but the brightness can also blind and disorient any person that may have harmful intentions, providing one more tool to keep the officer safe. With the simple tail switch, the light can be switched between brightness levels easily, even in the most challenging situations. 

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