Olight Javelot Mini Review-Long Range Power in the Palm of your Hand

Olight Javelot Mini Review-Long Range Power in the Palm of your Hand

It is kind of hard to imagine there are people out there that still haven’t grabbed a Javelot Mini yet. It is really a cool light that never ceases to amaze with its long-range power and small size. With almost 2,000 feet of throw, it is hard to believe it is all coming from a single round LED light source contained within a package that is only 4 and a half inches long and only 5.43 ounces. If you’ve been on the fence, then now is your chance. Olight is releasing a Midnight Blue edition and this color is really something to behold. Even if you have already acquired one in a previous sale, you must give some serious consideration to this Midnight Blue color. It rounds out the color options nicely since we already have black, ODG, and orange editions.

Performance Highlights

With only a tail switch for operation, the UI is simple and straightforward. There are two primary modes, high and low. The high mode delivers a jaw-dropping 1,000 lumens of light and approximately 600 meters of throw. Low mode delivers a modest 200 lumens for almost 300 minutes of runtime. That is 5 full hours of continuous runtime, wow! The round emitter provides the Javelot Mini with a less harsh, more balanced beam profile.

Weighing in at only 5.43 ounces, it is barely the same weight as half a deck of playing cards. Combined with a total length of only 4.53 inches, the Javelot Mini is a great option for everyday carry! With an all-aluminum alloy body, the solidly built Javelot Mini has a waterproof rating of IPX8, providing reliable performance even in the harshest of environments.

Classic Design Remains the Same for the Midnight Blue Release

Like the previous colors of the Javelot Mini, the Midnight Blue edition maintains the same textured grip design. It also includes the same strike bezel and dual-purpose tail switch that provides both easy thumb activation as well as a magnetic charging port. It is really the perfect size and fits in the hand very well. Accessing the tail switch is simple and makes operating the light extremely straightforward and reliable. The body knurling adds just enough texture to ensure your grip is both secure and comfortable. The included holster is a nice addition as it fits the Javelot Mini securely and allows for more carry options with less worry about losing it.

Why do I need a Mini Thrower?

The Javelot Mini is a great light to have on hand for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the Javelot Mini is ideal for search and rescue. With a tight, uniform beam profile that can reach nearly 2,000 feet makes it perfect for locating lost people or pets. Additionally, while camping it is always nice to be able to see confidently what might have made a noise off in the distance. It is also great to have a signal light since the tight beam can be seen high into the sky. If nothing else, it is a fun light to break out sitting around the campfire or on the front porch to show off to friends and family. Watching their jaws drop when they see the power is such a fun time!

What’s Included Inside the Box

  • Javelot Mini (Battery Built-in) x 1

  • MCC-1A Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

  • Holster x 1

  • User Manual x 1

Final Thoughts

Don’t think about it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Just buy the Javelot Mini already! Especially in this amazing new color, Midnight Blue, with only 3000PCS worldwide. If you sleep on this and miss it, you will truly regret it. It has become a favorite light in my collection. The power-to-size ratio is amazing each time I use it. It is an impressive piece of engineering by Olight! >>Act Now!

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