O-Fan Review of Olight LED Torch - Baton 3 Pro Black Lava [GIVEAWAY! ]

O-Fan Review of Olight LED Torch - Baton 3 Pro Black Lava [GIVEAWAY! ]

There is no introduction needed when it comes to the Baton Series; it's become a common household product and name in the flashlight community. Knowing what you are getting is a key factor in the series, from reliability in performance and durability expressed by Olight owners all the way back to single personal experiences that keep you positive and able to rely on the series.

The Baton 3 Pro has ventured into a galaxy, far away. The series proves that it can also be a contender on the dark side.

The latest color pattern that graces our collection arrives in Black Lava, giving the Baton 3 Pro a well-deserved harder edge. Previous editions of the baton have seen variations of color, but Baton 3 Pro Black Lava really gives the baton a visceral look that works. As for the mashup between this new look and the Baton 3 Pro specs, it works perfectly. Experience the same raw power the series has to offer, and you will notice that it has an attitude with its ability.  A more subtle change to go with the confident feeling of the everyday carry handle is the power button, which is no longer protruding from the body, helping to avoid accidental powering of the unit. Olight's engineers always need to be addressed for the upgrades that come flying at us at light speed, this time making the Baton 3 Pro a mix between a service Droid and a Storm Trooper.

For those unfamiliar, it's bringing a maximum of 1500 lumens at a distance of 175 meters, or rather, about 574 feet of light coverage, and can outperform most in its class, holding down a 120-day runtime—4 months of usage on the lowest setting! 

baton 3 pro black lava

Those new to the Baton Series, or just the Baton 3 Pro, will enjoy a great designed 2-way clip that, from an EDC perspective, is greatly appreciated and looks to withstand more. Along with the good build comes a strong grip. The knurling has been re-imagined for the series, and while it's hard to spot on the Black Lava edition, it will surely be noticed upon first handling.

Every lightsaber and flashlight, for that matter, need a cool display stand or accessible hilt for all circumstances.

The Baton 3 Pro still delivers one of Olight's best peripherals included in the box, the magnetic-based L-shape stand. A 90°-angle flat panel bracket with a sticky pad on one side that can go virtually anywhere. Olight even includes another strip of adhesive in case you've got to move locations. Always thinking ahead, the corners and edges have been smoothed over and curved upward, keeping the unit snag-free to avoid any possible accidents.

* Little-known secret: you can attach the included MCC3 charger button onto the opposite side of the L-Bracket, attach the Baton series to the bracket as you would normally, and begin charging. Whether on a bedroom headstand or shelf, the underside of a kitchen cabinet, a professional workshop setting, or a hobby lobby, the bracket and charger combo system opens up a better option than being used separately.

A customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery is built into the Baton 3 pro body, and the box also includes the L-shaped magnetic bracket, along with a nice addition for the instant EDC is a light brown felt or velvet drawstring pouch for an extra layer of protection and safety. With Olight embroidered into the side in the iconic blue, the brand's signature color, little bragging rights during the unveiling of the new Baton 3 Pro are allowed to show off to others!

The Baton 3 Pro is the perfect example of an EDC if there ever was one. It's for everyone. From power to esthetics, features to looks, the unit deserves to be either in the minivan on the way to spend the night out of town for the next day's Division 1 conference series or escaping Kylo Ren, as this is obviously his Lightsaber he dropped by the new look. Olight has produced a solid EDC (Everyday Carry)and a hot new look that separates you from the norm. Consider this light a perfect introduction for a new crowd experiencing Olight for the first time, or simply someone who has not experienced the baton; now they have a more edgy version with quality in its delivery.   

Thank you to our O-fans for submitting product reviews. We greatly appreciate your input and strive to provide the best possible products for our customers. Keep those reviews coming!             

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