Olight New EDC Folding Knife in February? Check this out!

Olight New EDC Folding Knife in February? Check this out!

Feb 09, 2023, 20:00:00

 Knife is always a good helper in our daily life, which serve as a tool to cut or slice something. Folding knife is a kind of welcomed and safe knife. It’s big enough to get the job done, but it’s small enough to tuck away using its included pocket clip without undue bulk. But what should we consider when we choose an edc folding knife? Read on!


1.How does it open?

 The way to open an edc folding knife is quite important for it decides if your knife experience is comfortable or safe or not. It would be better to choose a folding with a safer opening method like flipper for new players. For those who frequently use folding knife, they can focus on the comfort and playability like thumb hole or thumb stud.

2.How does it lock?

 We know that the locking mechanism adds extra safety to using your EDC blade so its necessary to choose the locking method carefully. There are several common locking method for now including liner lock, rail lock and button lock.


 The materials of an edc folding knife refer to materials of the blade and the handle. For now, there are three kinds of blade materials (154CM Staineless Steel/ D2 Stainless Steel/ N690 Stainless Steel) and three kinds of handle materials (G10/ Micarta/ 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy) in Olight.

4.Blade Shape

 Regarding the blade shape, you can choose as you like no matter you are new players or professionals. There are blade shapes like sheepsfoot, drop Point, tanto, harpoon, clip-Point and so on.

During February flash sale, Olight release a new edc folding knife called Freeze 2 OD Green which is the aluminum version of Freeze 2. Let’s check this out!


Details of Freeze 2 Folding Knife

We know that Freeze 2 Copper and Carbon Fiber has been released and quite welcomed by our fans at O-fan Day flash sale in 2022. During February flash sale in 2023, we release the Freeze 2 OD Green with handle made of aluminum. Here’s some details of Freeze 2 folding knife.


Features of Freeze 2 Folding Knife

Superior EDC Folding Knife: Its 3.32in blade is made of 154CM stainless steel while boasting HRC60 hardness and excellent edge retention, ideal for cutting, chopping, peeling, piercing, and much more.

Three Different Handles: The aluminum handle, copper handle or carbon fiber overlay handle is exquisite and comfortable to touch.

Protect your Safety: Quick and easy access with the flipper tab while the robust stainless liner lock ensures an easy and safe lockup.

Easy to Carry: A closed length of 4.29 inches and a convenient pocket clip make it portable.


Application of Freeze 2 Folding Knife 

Everyday Carry


Flash Sale Discount

During February flash sale, Freeze 2 OD Green has an quite attractive discount. You can get 20% off for one Freeze 2 OD Green and up to 35.48% off for Freeze 2 OD Green bundle. Check this out!


Which feature of it attracts you and what your advice for our future Oknife research? Tell us your ideas about this aluminum version of Freeze 2!

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