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Olight October New Arrival!Come and Win a Free Gift!

Olight October New Arrival!Come and Win a Free Gift!

We are launching something new in October, that we know you'll love. To help you navigate and check out all the new Olight released in October 2022, here’s a comprehensive shopping guide to all the new Olight flashlights available from October! If you still don't know what to give your friends or family for Halloween, check out this guide! Want a chance to win a lucky gift? Post a comment below the blog sharing what you're planning to do for Halloween and what you're about to buy for Halloween and you’re in!

Javelot Mini Long-Range EDC Flashlight

Javelot mini is a long-range EDC flashlight. This powerful light achieves 600 meters of throw and delivers up to 1,000 lumens with its round beam, suitable for SAR, law enforcement, and camping. Powered by a single 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery, it runs up to 4 hours and 57 minutes. The rear follows Olight's two-in-one tail cap design whose functions include magnetic charging and thumb operation. Its aircraft-grade aluminum body and well-tested structure achieve a 1.5-meter drop resistance and IPX8 waterproof rating.

Javelot Tac-P/Tac-M600 Meters Compact WML for Long-Range Builds

Imagine if a round beam gun light with a 600m projection distance was mounted on a gun. Wouldn't that be super cool? Well, Olight has just done that! Olight has also released a Javelot Tac version! Javelot Tac-P/Tac-M is a long-throw compact WML built for long-range builds. Included is a redesigned Picatinny or M-LOK rail mount that can be adapted to Picatinny or M-LOK rails separately. The magnetic remote switch enables quick momentary/constant on and there are two levels to choose from: high and low.

Haloop UFO-like Rechargeable Metal Umbrella Light

The Haloop is a UFO-like rechargeable metal umbrella light for users to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. It offers two light colors, orange and white light. The 360-degree soft light beam covers a large area, carving out a bright, cozy, and relaxing zone through the darkness. With the 8800mAh rechargeable battery pack, it will last throughout the night. The wide-range clamp fits almost all patio umbrella poles, whereas the hooks and binding strap make it a natural fit on any patio and at any camping site. The light adopts high-quality filament LEDs and durable metal material in its frame, shell, and many other parts. The 18W TypeC output port is meant to keep your digital devices always alive. Even better, it is rain-proof. The high-quality Haloop is sure to blow your mind away with premium quality and performance.

Rubato154CM Rail Lock Folding Knife

The Rubato is Olight's first folding knife with a rail lock. Made of 154CM stainless steel, its blade has exceptional corrosion resistance and reliable edge retention. It features a black blade and handles with signature Olight blue accents. This uniquely designed knife has a deep-carry pocket clip that allows it to go unnoticed in your pocket. The skeletonized handle is ergonomically machined and perfectly textured for a comfortable and firm grip. Portable and strong with a tactical tanto blade, the Rubato is perfect for daily use.

Oknife Mini Drever Compact N690 Folding Knife With A Titanium Coating

The Oknife Mini Drever is a smaller and updated version of our first knife release, the original Drever. Made of titanium-coated N690, its blade has exceptional corrosion resistance and reliable edge retention. Our debut configuration features a black blade and handles with signature Olight blue accents. The blade smoothly deploys with a flipper tab or dual thumb studs, thanks to its low-friction ball-bearing pivot. With a closed length of 3.57 in (90.6 mm), this lightweight knife has a deep-carry pocket clip that allows it to go unnoticed in your pocket. The beefy handle is ergonomically machined and perfectly textured for a comfortable and firm grip. Inside the handle is a sturdy liner lock that offers a rock-solid lockup. Compact and strong with a flat-grind sheep foot blade, the Oknife Mini Drever is the perfect summer EDC pocket knife.

Osling Pro

Osling Pro | OLIGHT Medium Silicone Lanyard is a soft silicone lanyard product designed for Obulb Pro. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, can be hung, and has various shapes. It can be used with Obulb Pro to increase the use of scenes and the fun of Obulb Pro. trick or treat! Come and get Halloween ghosts and pumpkins Style!


In order to meet the needs of O-fans, Olight launched the i5R high CRI version.i5R HCRI is a high CRI (>90) version of i5R. The color rendering index is an important indicator to measure the quality of the light source. The larger the color rendering index of the light source, the more it can display the true color of the illuminated object, that is, the better the color reproduction. If the color rendering index is low, the color of the illuminated object will be distorted, that is, color distortion will occur.

New Color Version

  1. i3E Zombie Green

Limited time offer: 2022/10/19 20:00:00 EDT-2022/10/21 23:59:59 EDT

In order to benefit old customers, i3E Zombie Green is free;

For new customers, we also prepared a free gift for you - i3E Black.

Note: You do not need to add the product to your shopping cart, i3e Zombie Green will be sent to you with your order. Don't miss to claim your free gift!

The i3E EOS is an extremely compact flashlight with a single output of 90 lumens, all running off of a single AAA battery. The i3E flashlight features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that focuses the light to reach out up to 44 meters. The versatile i3E fits easily into a pocket or bag and can be connected to a keychain without adding significant bulk to your keys, plus its slim and smooth design won’t wear on your clothing or purse. The i3E is the perfect choice for a small, bright, and affordable light to take with you anywhere.i3E zombie green is coming, we sincerely invite you to bring i3E to celebrate this coming Halloween with us!

2. Olantern classic 2 pro Pumpkin Color

Olantern Classic 2 Pro pumpkin color is coming. Perfect as a Halloween gift for family or friends!

The Olantern Classic 2 Pro is an Olight-tech rechargeable LED lantern with a retro style. This lantern delivers an even 360-degree light distribution for power outages and backyard get-togethers. Simply rotate the stepless-dimming knob to reach an orange or warm white light to preserve night vision. The two LED modules are safely contained in a transparent PC plastic cover that is protected by stainless steel guards. It has a built-in 11200mAh battery pack and features USB-C and USB magnetic charging. With USB-A and USB-C outputs, it can also be used as an emergency power bank. In addition, the stable base covered stainless steel handle, and the hanging ring enables flexible placement options while in use. Elegant and practical, the retro-style Olantern Classic 2 Pro is the perfect addition to your campsite, backyard, or emergency situations.

3. Baton 3 Zomibie Green

Still, struggling with what to gift your friends or family for Halloween? Come and Check out the super nice zombie green flashlight. The Baton 3 is the upgraded version of Olight's popular S1R Baton II. Equipped with a high-performance LED and TIR lens for a soft and balanced beam, this extremely compact light delivers an incredible maximum beam of 1,200 lumens and 166 meters. It is powered by a customized IMR16340 battery rechargeable via the MCC 1A/MCC3 magnetic charging cable. The new anti-slip body texture looks exquisite and enhances the grip. The Baton 3 is an ultimate pocket light in performance and convenience.

4. iXV OD Green

To meet the O-fans' demand, Olight launched iXV OD green! The neutral white (5000K) beam with a TIR optic lens offers a flood beam profile and 180 lumens. This combination of optics and LED is great for walking to your car at night or as an emergency light.

5. Drever handle Zomibie Green

While the humble knife handle is often overshadowed by its more flashy companion blade, the handle you choose is also important.  It may be with you for the rest of your life, and it is the part of the knife you will spend the most time with. The handles of the Drever Knives are now in zombie green and are very personal!

6. Exclusive to Olight Official Facebook GroupWarrior Mini 2 Battle Green(Global limited 2022pcs)

Warrior Mini 2-Battle Green Purchase Rules: Click the link or search for "Olight Flashlights (Official)" to join our official Facebook group and get the purchase code in the group!

Battle Green is a very pretty color. The flashlight is limited to 2022pcs worldwide, quickly lock the flashlight that belongs to your style and color! The Warrior Mini 2 is the brand-new upgraded version of the previous Warrior Mini, and one of the most powerful compact tactical lights on the market. It produces an astounding max output of 1,750 lumens and a 220-meter beam distance despite its pocketable size. Its newly adopted proximity sensor drops the brightness level proactively in case of obstruction. As the successor of Warrior Mini, this flashlight still features a side switch for daily use and a tail switch for tactical operation. The three-level battery indicator tells the battery level and when to charge, and the customized 3500mAh 18650 battery charges with the MCC3 magnetic charging cable. In addition, the included carabiner-style ring (not for climbing) is added for enhanced portability. Compared to its predecessor, the Warrior Mini 2 is more secure, way brighter, and packed with new refinements that make it one of the most well-designed tactical pockets lights out there.

[October Lucky Gifts]

Come share what you are planning to do for Halloween and what products you have purchased for Halloween! And We will pick 10 lucky winners through a lottery to give away the following Free gifts:

  1. Baton 3 Zomibie Green*1

    Congratulations to Larry Abrahamson!

2. Osling Pro*4

Congratulations to Brandon Burnett, Stephen B, Timothy Irons, Lfkrempa!

3. $5 Coupon*5

Congratulations to keelan Garcia, Kevin Flynn, Lui Coot, CW Connor, Matthew D. Magreevy!

Application period:

From October 19th to October 21st, 2022


Winners will be notified via their registered email address by October 24, 2022. The final result will also be published in this blog. Please note that we will not contact those who were not selected. Per person/per address!

What Makes Javelot Tac a Great WML?
A Long-Range EDC Flashlight



All Reviews (64)

Tom M

My Warrior mini has been great this hunting season. With the shorter daylight hours it’s a must have getting to and from the tree stand. I gave my son a Baton 3 and he says it’s the best dang thing ever next to his multi tool. I’m looking forward to getting a Arkfeld this next sale and some gifts for the family.

Posted on: Nov 15, 2022, 02:00:25


I am staying homeandhanding out Reeses

Posted on: Oct 27, 2022, 23:35:59

Brandon Burnett

We plan to go to a trunk or treat, trick or treat in our downtown area, and trick or treat in our neighborhood, whew! Kids decided to do king kong vs godzilla theme with the little kids as soldiers and big kids as the monsters. We bought some zombie green stuff, a haloop, and obulb pros with the ghost and pumpkin slings were excited about that will tag along. Just hoping the weather stays nice this year

Posted on: Oct 21, 2022, 19:45:58


I'm taking my daughter trick or treating (she's Miraculous Ladybug) before I work 3rd shift :) oh n I got her a set of the new oslings coming!!

Posted on: Oct 21, 2022, 08:16:44

Adam Elmore

We plan on going to a few trunk or treats this year. I'm not sure what I'm going to dress up as but I'll decide soon. Good luck everybody!

Posted on: Oct 21, 2022, 05:29:04


Taking my son T orTing then watching my cat chase around the green laser from my Baldr when we get home.

Posted on: Oct 21, 2022, 04:37:04

Randy Peterson

Plans for this Halloween is to take my 12 year old daughter to her very first haunted house! She said she’d rather do that then trick or treating this year. Out of 6 kids she’s the last one that was enjoying those types of events, guess she’s growing up too now. Definitely a happy and sad moment, but I’m sure it’ll be great watching her scream in fright in the haunted house. My order had the obulb pro bundle, a couple more pro slings, i5R hcri, ODG and pink IXVs and a DT i3T. Can’t wait for it!

Posted on: Oct 20, 2022, 22:42:33


This Halloween I hope to spend some time trick or treating with my grandkids and try out the Gobers. They have started school this year and live an hour away so it may not happen, in which case I’ll be in the driveway handing out candy, and will have 2 obulb pros in the ghost and pumpkin slings as well as my lantern with the pumpkin topper on duty.

Posted on: Oct 20, 2022, 21:26:37

I plan on taking the kids around the neighborhood to go trick or treating while my better half stays home handing out full size candy bars to the kids.

Posted on: Oct 20, 2022, 20:27:34

Scoutmaster Avery

Will have a ton of lights lighting up my area at the trunk or treat. My kids are at the point of having their own kids so it’s just a fun way to give back and have fun. Oslings hanging from a pop up tent are just a few of the lights in my Jaws themed trunk or treat

Posted on: Oct 20, 2022, 20:13:39

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