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Olight PL-3R Valkyrie Rail Mounted Light Product Review From O - Fan

Olight PL-3R Valkyrie Rail Mounted Light Product Review From O - Fan

Welcome to the VALKYRIE PL-3R. R?

Does it stand for Rewarding?

It does do just that, for the consistent individual who knows the Golden Rule:


Being prepared is a natural need. Staying ready for any situation defines the outcome of anything we do.

Nothing should be overlooked when it comes to our tactical choices, and this value is bestowed upon the latest in the VALKYRIE,

Reliable? Check...

Responsive? Yes...

How about Realistic? No question...

Yet, making ALL of these things quicker, safer, and More reasonable day in and out.


The clean, simple, and effective product respected and carried across the board by thousands, and valued in the VALKYRIE line of tactical defense products has become even safer with the integrated rechargeable system.

Let me touch base on how I first decided to begin this review by sharing a concept that very well may be taken for granted due to Olight's quality and general service build, which has become in my view, MONSTER level compared to many Top Tier products offering similar options.

PL-3R tac light

After understanding the beef up that the VALKYRIE PL-3R has been blessed with, like ANOTHER increase in Lumens, max output of a STEADY 1500 matching the Pro, and throw at 205 meters respectfully, the inclusion of the PL-3 Flagship model newly designed rail adjustment system is very welcome in the PL-3R. This also, from personal experience, during the real-life accidental drop, onto Our Solid cement garage floor from over 40 inches up, landed directly on the edge of the lens cap underside leaving no mark and functioning flawlessly; to note, the tightness didn't budge in any way! This house was built in the 60's, and in California,  the garage foundation is probably 5+ feet thick...


One option I noticed that I found different in my experience is the HIGH 2 option. It does not denote a higher lumen, however, upon finishing the proper system of steps, I think this might be a hidden gem, as well, now, every time I turn on it no matter what I leave in (high or low) it refers to high out the gate, which is a personal preference that's adjustable,  as well as a product concern that seems to have been addressed efficiently. 

weapon light

PL-3R Valkyrie Product advantages:

Over the last 10 days, The VALKYRIE PL-3R has been accessed for 1 consistent hour of High Beam and 15 minutes switching between brightness levels and lock-out mode. Started with a complete out-the-box full charge before beginning. The PL-3R is still pumping out instant memory-locked high beam usage, no flickering, and no sign of lesser output found in other products in the same class, while offering a unique all-around rich forward flood throw, encompassing the immediate area!

 rechargeable light

-Lightning-fast product acquisition-

-Lightweight balanced feel on Glock 19-

-Extremely long charge hold, under continuous usage-

-less size footprint matching today's builds-

-One-and-done access- charge once, throw on nightly (or daily depending on routine), and have pure access to the beefed up 1500 lumen output on high without fail-

-Set your preferences and instantly access 1st press-

-New lockdown shifter plate DOES NOT BUDGE..dropped multiple times- is six foot 4 inches tall so this is a good drop-

-handled Glock 19 rounds like a baby napping, stayed SNUG

-Even simply handled the pressure reverse recoil from a .45 cal semi-auto PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) Air rifle with a large FPE and 1007 FPS!

-extra hardware for both Glock and 1913 Picatinny type standard rail sizes (possible Hellcat adapter avail)

-delivery of an instant light beam has virtually no user reaction,  meaning, even in pitch black, no hesitation due to refractive light on your eyes!

The VALKYRIE PL-3R is a concentrated simple powerful tactical advantage waiting to lock on- lets Go!

 1500 lumens weapon light

We are in an age where it's being more and more difficult to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and only a few decent options would help exist. having add-ons and upgrades to these products is key.

I personally now own  3 less lethal products:

Handgun version launcher

Tactical version launcher

PCP Dual chamber Air Pistol with 6000psi 300 bar solid and disc stacks

All California certified and able to use Chemical irritants

I bring this up to point out that the first two have absolutely unnoticeable recoil, possibly 0%, and are extremely light, as to allow access by the elderly and the young, and it's a fact we head into uncharted territory with the need for quality sights, lights and upgrades that don't bulk up or weigh down these self-defense weapons..

The even-balanced and extremely lightweight build of the VALKYRIE PL-3R is hands down the best option for these materials, and after the very first unholster you will understand why! Usually front and top heavy is what we are faced with, but until now- it literally doesn't add any weight that's able to be detected.

 rechargeable wml

Design perks also include:

-1500 max lumens at a 205-meter distance focuses on the broad space-filling light needed for split-second decision-making and the best option for peripheral view reaction to acquire your target

- Ambidextrous activation- turn on/off with convenient ribbed buttons that push IN, not down, making the split seconds count

-Balanced and extremely light- & fits beautifully on Glock 19, looks like and carries like it was made for it

-Mounting Lock- the new mounting system used silences the debate on if Olight brand is affected by actual firing rounds- this thing isn't going to let go of any product it is mounted to, just make sure to follow the instructions to secure the VALKYRIE PL-3R  to your gun of choice!

- Set and forget- choose the settings you want to be activated immediately upon firing- last choice before power off saves the style, ..until YOU decide to change it, not compromised with the new rechargeable system!

 (- look inside the manual to learn the proper steps to activate the HIGH1 HIGH2 option-)

 The VALKYRIE PL-3R is the go-to under any circumstance where timing and clarity are key. 

rechargeable rail mounted light

Final Thoughts 

with the awesome new rail guidance and lock system involved, the super intuitive and saleable light actions and settings, and the update to rechargeable internal battery setting the stage, I see this as the all-around best product housing all the current needs for the personal handgun. This is a TIMING thing. Short moments. Tight quarters or from a dead sleep type situation.  For Me personally,  going from fast asleep to lock sight on possible harm to myself or my family is going to do right by this tactical option compared to other systems due to response and minimalist design of movement to requirement. 


The Price is not even worth discussing. Olight products, especially the VALKYRIE series, even when not on sale, are priced to exist in their own placement, purposely so you can take in this amazing company and this professional-level quality line and not even flinch, not like the perp on the receiving end of the strobe effect, or any mode for that matter. 

Learn More, Click Here!

💕💕Friendly Knotes: Sincere appreciation to fans for the product reviews from the bottom of my heart. We invited fans to share their experience of using Olight products by writing product reviews and usage cases.

As valued fans and customers, Their honest feedback and insights on our products can help us improve our offerings and better serve our customers. We believe that their perspective as a user can also help other potential customers make informed decisions about our products. 

We would like to emphasize that their opinions and experiences are genuine and unbiased.

Thanks for reading.

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Brittany Marie

I have 4 of Olights WMLs and I love them all! I can’t wait to add PL-3R Valkyrie into my collection too!

Posted on: Apr 19, 2023, 10:55:52