Olight Special LEP Light

Olight Special LEP Light

We all know how important LED lights are to us, and their appearance makes lighting easier. But now few people know that there is another special light source - LEP light. Over the past, LED (Light Emitting Diode) has become the technology of choice in the lighting industry. Another technology called Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) has begun to gain traction as a viable alternative for applications requiring high illumination. Not only is the lighting industry taking notice, but even the mainstream media has also started reporting on the benefits of LEP lighting.

Plasma in the lighting industry refers to sources that have a continuous spectrum. LEP systems have three components: an emitter, a driver, and a power supply. Each emitter has a quartz capsule with a blend of gases and halides that emit light at a certain spectrum. Highly reflective material in the housing causes the light to emit forward. The driver is, at its simplest, a solid-state RF amplifier that creates electrical energy to a fully-sealed quartz lamp without electrodes or filaments. Because the electrical field is highly concentrated, it ionizes the gases and vaporizes the halides to create a plasma inside that lamp to produce an intense light source. No electrodes, glass-to-metal seals, or other materials offer simple construction allowing the LEP to be efficient yet rugged. 

Therefore, Olight has been on the road of continuous innovation, and we have also successively developed two LEP lighting weapon lights, namely Valkyrie turbo and Odin Turbo. These two products have their own unique characteristics, usage scenarios, and gun types. Next, I will introduce them in detail respectively.

Olight Valkyrie Turbo LEP Lighting Gun Light

LEP light, gun light, weapon light

First is our new product—Valkyrie Turbo LEP Lighting Gun Light, don't underestimate it, it’s the World's first LEP WML for short setups - FDA Approved. It has IPX6 Water Resistant and 1m Drop Test.

Much Brighter

LEP light, gun light, weapon light

Of course, the most surprising thing is that its light intensity reaches 70225cd. With its narrow and almost no spill LEP beam, its light intensity is much higher while the light throws in the same distance, which makes it much brighter and suitable for the defensive purpose of momentarily blinding.


In a word, LED may be used for low and medium illuminance while LEP can take over high illuminance needs because of the smaller lamp size. But LEP’s small size makes it much more cost-effective as lumen output increases.

LEP light Spotlight

LEP light, gun light, weapon light

The Valkyrie Turbo is the first Valkyrie light adopting LEP light source. The new LEP technology achieves a 530-meter pure white beam with the very little spill, suitable for long-range illumination and target practice. And it’s powered by two widely available CR123A batteries, a long battery life can run up to 184 minutes. Taking advantage of LEP's tight spotlight, the Valkyrie Turbo will help you not only identify the object clearly but also lock the target without distraction in the dark.

Quick install System

It includes both Picatinny 1913 and Glock rail adapters and is compatible with short setups. With the quick attach and release mounting system, you can mount the light swiftly and securely. The ambidextrous switch allows quick activating of the strobe and access to constant or momentary-on without changing hand positions. As the first LEP light in the series, the Valkyrie Turbo is designed to equip your setup with one of the farthest-reaching white beams on the market.


The Lenth: 3.55in/90.1mm

Width: 1.44in/36.6mm

Height: 1.33in/33.7mm

Weight: 4.7oz/133g (Batteries Included)


ON/OFF: Quick single press (quick release after pressing) any button, and the output will light up continuously. Click the button again and the output turns off.

Momentary-on: Press and hold any button, the output turns on when pressed, and turns off when released.

Strobe: Hold down two buttons at the same time, start the strobe when the second button is pressed, and keep the strobe when the button is released. In the strobe state, click any button to turn off the strobe.

In The Box

Valkyrie Turbo x 1 (Two 3V 1600mAh

CR123A Batteries Included)

Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) Rail Mount

Adapter x 1

H1.5 Allen Wrench x 1

Adjustable Screw x 2

User Manual x 1

Olight Odin Turbo LEP Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlight, LEP flashlight

Then, I will introduce Olight's first LEP tactical flashlight: Odin Turbo. The Odin Turbo is Olight’s first-ever LEP tactical flashlight in our revolutionary Odin WML series. It has IPX8 waterproof and a 1.5m drop test. It adopts the latest LEP technology to achieve an unbelievable 1,050-meter beam distance with 330 lumens of output, while only slightly larger than the original Odin. As a small size, Odin turbo’s light intensity reaches an amazing 275625cd. This is the magic of LEP light. In addition to energy savings, LEP technology has other important attributes. The LEP light source does not have to worry about overheating because no filament is used at all. And LEP light source in the same distance, its light intensity will be higher and brighter than LED.

Batter life

Tactical flashlight, LEP flashlight

The Odin Turbo also includes some of our most innovative and useful features including a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery with a max runtime of 7.5h, the MCC3 charging cable, vibration battery indicator, and a two-stage tactical tail switch. With a beam like a lightsaber, solid build, and practical accessories, the Odin Turbo is the best ultra-range WML option on the market.

Revolutionary LEP Light Source

LEP light source, LEP flashlight, Tactical flashlight

The Odin Turbo takes the lead to meet the Class 1 standard as an eye-safe LEP light, delivering a much more concentrated, steady, and even output than LED lights. And Odin Turbo with 1,050-meter throw and 330 lumens, making it easy to penetrate smoke and fog. Extremely sharp and precise beam for hunting, positioning, and tactical use.

Multifunctional Tail cap

Tail cap of the Odin Turbo LEP Tactical Flashlight

High or low, momentary-on or constant-on, a single tail switch for your instinctive operations. It's easy to tactical use. The included magnetic remote switch features a lock-on ring for a swift and tight fit with the stainless steel tail cap.

Convenient installation and removal

remote switch of Odin Turbo

Odin Turbo also utilizes our exclusive rotate-to-lock slide rail mount for maximum convenience and safety. And the magnetic end of the remote switch is enhanced by a quick push-to-lock mechanism. Stay safe and in command at all times.


Length: 6.10in/155mm

Head Diameter: 1.22in/31mm

Body Diameter: 1.05in/26.6mm

Weight: 8.78oz/249g (Including Battery)


Light press to output Low, heavy press to output High; single press (press and release quickly) to turn on or off the flashlight; long press and hold, the flashlight turns on, and the flashlight turns off simultaneously when the button is released.

In The Box

Odin Turbo (Battery Included) x 1

PICATINNY Rail Mount x 1

MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable x 1

ROD-7 Magnetic Remote Switch (With Stand) x 1

H2.5 Allen Wrench x 1

Adjustable Screw x 2

Self-locking Band x 2

User Manual x 1

These are the two LEP lights as weapons currently released by Olight. Generally, as we recommend, Odin turbo for long guns and Valkyrie Turbo for short guns. If you are interested in them, feel free to come to our Olightstore to learn more, we also have other great tactical lights. Thanks for your reading.

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