Olight Summer Sale 2022: Enjoy Offers And Giveaway

Olight Summer Sale 2022: Enjoy Offers And Giveaway

It's camping time, get excited and get ready for the fun times ahead. And most importantly,  defeat your fear of darkness! summer is also finally here, and it’s a glorious time to hang out. Kick off this summer with these lovely lights now!


Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners below. We will contact the winners via email, please watch your email messages.

1. Brandon Barker   

2. Olivia Robbins   oliviavasquez124@gmail.com

3. Olight User   Serohc@gmail.com

What was your favorite new product at the Olight 2022 Summer Sale? And please let us know what prizes you have won in the Olight Lucky Wheel. Share your good fortune with as many people as you can! 

Whether our new products have attracted you and brought you a different experience. We sincerely welcome your comments below and we will pick 3 lucky winners to give away the Baton 3 stainless steel version. This event will end on the last day of July, so come and join us. Limited 1 per person/per shipping address.

Lovely Lights in Olight 2022 Summer Sale 

The imini red is a tiny, magnetic, and instant light, you can quickly release it when you need it in a hurry.

tiny flashlight, keychain flashlight

The Obulb Pro multi-color light allows you to fully enjoy yourself by controlling the light with your cellphone. The blue tooth control system allows you to control the light via the Olight APP. With its suitable size, robust functions, and sturdy build, the Obulb Pro is ready to illuminate your daily life.

multi color mood light, bulb light

The Olantern Classic 2 Pro is a rechargeable led lantern with retro style. One full charge, use for one week. And the Olantern Classic 2 Lite batteries version allows you to easily reach an orange and warm white light to preserve night vision. The two led modules reach an orange or warm white light by rotating the stepless-dimming knob. You could charge it with a popular USB-C or Olight MCC charging cable. Vintage design with considerable details, this light is a necessity for enhancing the quality of life.

Camping light, camping lantern

Camping light, camping lantern

The Warrior 3S’ 5 elements represent the foundation of all things, which can give you spiritual strength. The new element set brings a touch style to your gear without compromising performance. The five elements inspire us to explore our beautiful world. These sets are exquisitely finished and make a perfect collectible with Titanium alloy and Copper materials. They possess not only unique appearances but also have an immense range of practical functions.

Tactical flashlight, tactical light, weapon mounted light

More items

The Baton 3 stainless steel EDC Flashlight with charger is a perfect finger-sized light ready to help you tackle any task. And i3T dual output slim EDC flashlight polished stainless steel is an incredibly convenient illumination experience to take with you everywhere.

small EDC flashlight, EDC pocket flashlight

small flashlight, slim EDC flashlight, EDC flashlight

The Baldr S is a compact tactical light with a green laser to match your compact set-ups. It fits unobtrusively with compact barrels. No need to attach or detach it repeatedly.

tactical light, weapon light, gun light

Warrior Mini 2 is versatile and prepared for any situation, giving you the best lighting experience. Tactical pocket perfection is never out of your selection. Let this powerful warrior arm your pocket!

tactical light, compact flashlight, EDC flashlight


Olight Summer Sale Flashlight Megapack

Olight EDC Flashlight Megapack

Lucky Draw and Tier Gifts

Spin the lucky wheel and win your prizes! We specially prepared many gifts for the lucky wheel, including Open Pro ZR Damascus, Baton 3 Stainless Steel, an emergency whistle, a $10 coupon, etc. Then, we also have some free tier gifts, take a look. You could get a free i1R2 Pro lake Blue keychain flashlight when your order is over $179, and a Splint Grey knife when your order is over $299. S1R II Red and i5R EDC flashlight when your order is over $599.

What is Color Temperature?
Is Baldr S tactical light under 100 $ worth it?



All Reviews (5)


I would love to have a plight every time they have had the free one I never had the money for shipping but my family brags about them so much they put one in las ta Christmas dirty Santa gift but I didn’t win it either but at least I got to check it out and it was very bright and small and nice

Posted on: Jan 28, 2023, 10:22:53

David Simpson

The summer sale really had something for everyone! My favorite new product is probably the Obulb Pro! Controlling an Obulb with an app is such a great idea! The wheel was good too! It started out slowly for me with a few "Thank you" wins, but then I won a $10 coupon and a USB cable plus some points! Thanks Olight for such a fun sale!

Posted on: Jul 21, 2022, 15:12:39

Olight User

My favorite light I've gotten has got to be the i1R2 or the i5R Eos

Posted on: Jul 20, 2022, 01:31:48

Olivia Robbins

Loved the wheel this sale! I was lucky enough to win the whistle which now is on my keys! The pen would have been an awesome win but there's always next time!

Posted on: Jul 19, 2022, 18:58:32

Brandon Barker

My favorite product from the sale is the olantern classic 2 pro!

Posted on: Jul 18, 2022, 09:34:37