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Olight Warrior 3S-High Beam Tactical Power with Proximity Sensor

Olight Warrior 3S-High Beam Tactical Power with Proximity Sensor

If you're needing a bright tactical light that still fits in your pocket, look no further than the Olight Warrior 3S. Its lightweight build, intuitive controls, and lengthy runtime will quickly make this powerful light the one you grab time and time again, while its multiple other features may have you grabbing more than one. Handy and compact enough for everyday carry, yet mighty enough for tactical use, this do-it-all flashlight is the perfect addition to the Warrior Family.

Powerful Performance with an Improved Design

The cool white LED and TIR optic lens deliver an impressive 2300 lumen output, while the max throw of 300 meters ensures the Warrior 3S is more than capable of illuminating your situation, even far out into the darkness. It features six brightness modes, easily accessible by the side switch, and a two-stage tactical tail switch that will allow you to activate turbo or strobe mode with just a single press. Like the Warrior 3, the tailcap is also compatible with an optional lock-on dual-button remote switch for WML application. 

Convenient Charging and Extended Runtime

Powered by a 5000mAh 21700 battery, the Warrior 3S is easily charged by the handy magnetic MCC3 cable. Just snap it on and get back to business. If that business takes you long into the night, the 4-level battery and brightness indicators surrounding the side switch will give you real time updates, keeping you aware of your battery life with just a quick glance. The Warrior 3S also boasts an astounding 55 days of runtime, making it truly the perfect tactical flashlight for any outdoor mission.

Safety, Comfort, and Durability; All in One

The Warrior 3S was built with the newly adopted proximity sensor, which automatically decreases the brightness level to protect against any obstruction while in the high, turbo, or strobe modes. This not only protects your flashlight from damage, but  safeguards whatever it may come in contact with as well. However, if this feature isn't your favorite, it can easily be disabled by double-pressing the side switch within 5 seconds of auto-dimming. Keeping your comfort in mind, the Warrior 3S also features a smoother, less aggressive strike bezel, and a two-way pocket clip, making it much more pocket-carry friendly. All of these functions combined with an IPX8 waterproof rating, a drop test score of 1.5 meters, and a 5 year warranty, proves this powerful light really can do it all.

Usage Scenarios

Everyday Carry and Nightstand Approved

The Warrior 3S may be mighty enough for tactical usage, but its versatility will make it your everyday favorite. Whether carried in your pocket, stashed in your backpack, or stored on your nightstand to grab when you need the perfect amount of light, the Warrior 3S is up to the task. Your only problem with this light will be that you'll want multiples to keep in every location.   

Hunting, Hiking, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Between the extended runtime, the portable size, and the incredible power, the Warrior 3S is a must have for outdoor adventures. The focused beam balances perfectly with the right amount of flood to brighten any area and turn night into day. Its dual usage as a weapon-mounted light will be a game changer for your next hunting trip, while its solidly-built design will stand up to the elements. Accidentally drop it in a creek? This resilient light is waterproof up to 2 meters. Pair that with the long battery life and extended runtime, and you can be confident that the Warrior 3S will be the ultimate outdoor companion.

 Self Defense

Whether you're walking down a trail, or just walking to your car, the Warrior 3S can benefit you in a multitude of scenarios. From the safety of illuminating your pathway, to using the strobe function to disorient a would-be attacker, let the 2300 lumens provide you with a sense of protection. With the convenient pocket size portability and the lightweight build, the Warrior 3S can go wherever you go to make you feel more secure in the dark. 

Law Enforcement

Don't leave home without this multi-functional tactical light attached to your duty belt or vest. Whether you're directing traffic, securing a scene, or searching a building, the Warrior 3S can get the job done. The effective dual switch control will provide quick and easy assess to the two most important light settings: turbo and strobe, allowing you to perform your work more efficiently.  The power and lengthy runtime of this powerful light will not only be helpful, but an essential tool to coming home safely after a long shift. Trust the Warrior 3S to be your bright backup no matter the situation.


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