Opry Pro MULTI-USE Tool

Opry Pro MULTI-USE Tool

Jul 28, 2022, 08:00:00

Opry Pro MULTI-USE Tool

Whether you are in the middle of fixing something or in an emergency situation, the Opry Pro has you covered. Olights new design of other original Opry has had some significant changes. The Opry Pro has some really great features that are absolutely necessary when it comes to a portable pocket tool.

Product Description

Opry pro

Made from TC4 Titanium Alloy the Opry Pro is a very durable pry tool. Weighing only 1.64 oz and 2.76 inches long by 1.02 inches in width, the small frame is a real treat to carry. Inside the box, you will get one Opry Pro, one paracord lanyard, one lanyard pendant, and one user manual. The Opry Pro is equipped with an emergency whistle, an oxygen tank wrench, pry bar, bottle opener, hexagonal wrench, measuring ruler, a flat head, and Philips screwdriver bit, as well as a Torx bit. It really does come packed with so many features.

The finish on the Opry Pro is stonewashed titanium, with its high strength and good corrosion resistance, it is a great choice for any environment. The titanium clip allows you to attach it tightly and securely to your shirt, and jeans, or even use it as a money clip. The Opry Pro has really come a long way from its predecessor, really adding valuable features that allow you to have this awesome all-in-one tool wherever you go.

Exquisite Appearance

pry tool

The design of the Opry Pro has really made an impact on me. It really feels nice in the hand when using it to pry on something or while using the driver bits. There aren’t any sharp points that hurt your hand while gripping it. The emergency whistle is located in the back which is very easy to use. It’s also really nice and open so that you can clean it easily if need be. The bits have been recessed in the tool with a very sleek piece that swivels in front and locks them into place. You wouldn’t even know they were there if you didn’t see them. the pry option is very well designed, whether I’m prying up nails or using it as a shim when I’m building something. It comes in very handy and knowing that its titanium I know that it will be durable, and I can really put it through much more vigorous activities than other pry tools.

The stonewashed material really feels gripped into your hand when used. Even when its wet or your hands are sweaty, its built really well. The overall design, especially when comparing it to the original Opry, is a bit different. I wouldn’t call it better or worse. It’s a new pry tool with a new design. They both have outstanding features and are both really great tools in their own way.

Opry Pro One Well-rounded Tool

Opry Pro One Well-rounded Tool

Some of the everyday uses I find myself doing are things like, opening bottles, prying up old wood during house inspections, screwing in light socket covers, the list goes on. I hardly notice it in my pocket and when crawling around in small spaces or trying to remodel a home, the Opry Pro is just a must-have. Having a little ruler on the side helps with really fast and easy cuts when doing little work around the hose. Sometimes when I am on a job that requires just easy quick measurements, or even when inspecting a house and needing to see how far off one side of the wall is off from the other.   I also use it a lot while camping with my family. Small things like camp stoves or lanterns that may need some TLC while we are out and about. It really saves the hassle of having to bring along a bunch of tools just for one or two smaller things. The emergency whistle is also a great feature. Having that peace of mind knowing I am able to make contact for emergency reasons is really nice.

The paracord that comes with the Opry Pro is very nice to have. Making a lanyard is really handy when you need a quick way to pull it out of your pocket or off your pack. Also, can’t help that it just looks awesome.

Opry Pro Pocket Tool

Opry Pro Pocket Tool

When I’m out and about and find myself needing a screwdriver, on the trail, in the office, or even at the store. Sometimes random little things come up and its really nice to have. The small footprint it makes in your pocket is what’s most impressive. Sometimes just adding another thing to your pockets can be frustrating. Weighing down your pockets and getting in the way of other things.

Sometimes having other stuff in your pocket can damage your phone or other valuables that you keep. I find it best to keep it in my back pocket. Or even in the side of my Carhart pants.

The Opry Pro is a great size for those who don’t want to have to carry yet another tool. The Torx bits that come with the Opry Pro are recessed in the tool, so you don’t have to worry about them sticking out. This is nice when I need to tighten down screws on my pocketknife or have something unique that requires a Torx bit. It really saves time and effort.

The Philips and flat head bit are pretty straightforward. So many things today are using Philips and flat head. Let alone the random things that you can pry with the flat head.


I really enjoy using the Opry Pro. I have added this awesome tool to my rotation of EDC items and its really stood out as an everyday user. Something I wouldn’t have thought I would need I find myself grabbing and using all the time. I really can’t get enough of these little tools that they come out with. The Opry Pro is one of Olights many new innovative ideas. With the sleek design, strong titanium body, and many multifunction uses. It really is an all-in-one pocket tool, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. 

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