Outdoor life equipment list

Outdoor life equipment list

Life is like an endless marathon, becoming the epitome of life for most modern office workers. At this time, we have to find a way to make ourselves relaxed. For example, going to the wild is not only beneficial to the body and mind but also to fully exploring personal potential. This is also the reason why we who live in the city go outdoors. Go outdoors and relax your mind and body. The more relaxed your body and mind are, the more active your brain will be.


If you want to take time out of your busy schedule and spend your days relaxed and meaningful, then go to the wilderness and release your stress. Going to the wild is a way of life for all seasons, and the only way to tell a story is to go to the wild. No matter where we are, there are many people who love nature and they are healed by nature. We go out into the mountains, go hiking, go camping, light a bonfire, reset our lives, and make everything in life clear.


Different identity, different life. When people get older day by day, it is easy to become more and more housebound and dare not take risks. Retaining life and freedom means never losing that little child inside and that curiosity about the world.

Outdoor life equipment list

Outdoor Equipment

Of course, people's favorite outdoor activity is camping right now. It is worth noting that although human beings also came out of nature, modern humans have been away from the wild environment for too long and increasingly rely on artificial environments to survive. When entering the natural environment for adventure activities, the question of how to survive safely in this environment arises.

What equipment and how much to bring for outdoor camping is closely related to the number of campers, the camping location, and the camping season. We have provided a brief but comprehensive introduction to the camp selection, tent setup, item application, and accident handling, hoping to help you.


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1. Tent


Seasonally, there are three-season tents, four-season tents, and alpine tents, and the number of people is divided into single, double, triple, and multi-person tents. For ordinary leisure camping activities in spring, summer and autumn, you can choose an aluminum pole three-season double-layer tent.


2. Sleeping bag


In terms of appearance, it is divided into envelope type, mummy type, and hybrid sleeping bag. From the filling material, it can be divided into down, fiber cotton, fleece, ordinary chemical fiber cotton, ordinary cotton, and other types. The general mummy-style sleeping bag can meet the needs, according to the travel environment, choose the sleeping bag with the corresponding temperature scale.


3. Moisture pad


To make sleep more quality, the materials are divided into foam moisture-proof pads, inflatable air moisture-proof pads, tin foil moisture-proof pads, and automatic inflatable moisture-proof pads. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be selected according to needs.


4. Floormat


Protects the bottom of the tent from damage or soiling, as well as prevents moisture from rising on the ground.

5. Multifunctional knife

Can be equipped with an EDC multifunctional knife or folding knife, there will be many uses for the knife.

Shoes and clothing

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1. Windbreaker


With wind and water resistance and good breathability, it is necessary to travel in summer and autumn.


2. Quick drying clothes


Sweat can be quickly transferred to the surface of the clothes to evaporate, and the trousers and sleeves can also be easily removed.


3. Sweat-wicking underwear


Light-colored underwear is less heat-absorbing and suitable for hot weather.

4. Jacket or down jacket


Essential items for keeping warm when traveling or going to the plateau in winter.


5. Sports shoes, hiking shoes


Wear-resistant and waterproof, it is best to choose shoes with medium or high heels.


6. Casual shoes


You could choose according to the situation.


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1. 45-80L large backpack


When traveling long distances, girls need about 55L, and boys need more than 65L.


2. 15-30L small backpack


Short-distance travel or long-distance backup, there will be some burden.


3. Waist bag or satchel


Store small things with you, mobile phones, chargers, kettles, etc.


4. Camera bag


According to personal needs, it is more convenient to use the lens.


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1. Headlamps


Outdoor camping lighting equipment is very important, headlamps allow you to free your hands, and nighttime warnings.


2. Lanterns


Mainly used for camping lanterns when lighting in tents. There are three types: rechargeable type, self-generating type, and battery type. Light intensity, irradiation range, power consumption, and moisture resistance should be considered when purchasing.


3. Outdoor Flashlight


A powerful bright flashlight can be used as a lighting tool in an emergency. And you also could choose EDC lights, which are easier to carry, and some rechargeable EDC flashlights also have high brightness.

Water storage tools

Outdoor life, outdoor camping

1. Water cup


It mainly includes heatable camping cups, large-capacity insulated water cups, and ordinary water cups. The latter two can be selected for recreational camping.


2. Water bag


Capable of refilling small amounts of water several times in a timely manner, and can also act as a small shower unit if necessary.


3. Outdoor water purifier


It is more professional and can be purchased by long-term campers who have high requirements regarding the quality of life.


A true explorer never takes his life lightly. The point of outdoor adventure is not to risk your life, but to do everything possible to reduce or avoid the possibility of danger. We hope that everyone who participates in outdoor activities will not only have sufficient supplies and a strong body but also have certain self-rescue and mutual rescue knowledge and technical ability to experience wonderful outdoor activities.


Finally, please pay attention: in the wild, we must protect the natural environment, do not harm wild animals, do not cut down indiscriminately, do not destroy natural vegetation, and do not pollute water sources. The fire must be completely extinguished when leaving. Garbage and waste should be disposed of in designated places as much as possible.


Whether in the city or in the wild, the moment you step out of the house is the beginning of outdoor recreation. You don't have to go far, there is a unique way to enjoy nature in the city. As long as there is a corresponding curiosity and imagination, the outdoor can be integrated into daily life in a natural way. In a city where an inch of land is expensive, we are often immersed in consumption downstairs under the roof, flooded with all kinds of material, technological and psychological things. 


Have you forgotten the beautiful scenery of the mountains? There is a way of gathering, a group of people carrying bags, walking to the mountains, chatting, watching the scenery, and sharing our life. Let the outdoors come to the city and the city to the outdoors. You can get out of the city and outdoors with your like-minded people. It's more important to find a place you've never been to and truly go out and experience the world together. Thank you for reading!

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