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Yes! You are that one to make changes happen

Yes! You are that one to make changes happen

Apr 15, 2023, 09:00:00

Today marks Olight's 16th year of illuminating your world!


We are overwhelmingly proud to see through the Facebook #Owitness activity what so many customers have shared about the changes they have seen Olight make. We are here to share in the immense joy these changes have brought. You all played an incredible part in making these changes happen.

"You" is only a sincere and kind collective appellation, full of our deep emotions projected on all of you. Behind “you”, there are so many interesting and amazing souls that have sustained Olight along the way. We cannot enumerate all of you, but 36 O-Witnesses were chosen via the activity and are listed below.

It is all of you together that make these changes happen. “O-Witness” is more than a simple title, but also a group of individuals who have supported Olight in their own way. We would like to extend a huge thanks to all of you and we look forward to having you join us on a brighter journey. More and better changes are always being worked on, please feel free to share what you have witnessed with us.

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Kaleb Hale

Man ive been so hard to win and be a proactive member every single daybut seems like Im hated I had a top contributior badge 2 different times and think it got took againi guess I cussed out to many rude ppl but they all asked for it and i even was nice enough to tell them I loved them anyway even afteri told the howrude they were with choice words lol ohhh welli want the scarlet gradient w3s so damn bad thoI'vebeen going thru my grandpa and somebody like my grandpa dying last sun and everything

Posted on: Apr 15, 2023, 10:13:58