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A brand new breakthrough: Odin Turbo

A brand new breakthrough: Odin Turbo

The Odin Turbo is Olight’s first-ever LEP tactical flashlight in our revolutionary Odin WML series. It adopts the latest LEP technology to achieve an unbelievable 1,050-meter beam distance with 330 lumens of output, while only slightly larger than the original Odin. The Odin Turbo also includes some of our most innovative and useful features including a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery, MCC3 charging cable, vibration battery indicator, and two-stage tactical tail switch. With a beam like a lightsaber, solid build, and practical accessories, the Odin Turbo is the best ultra-range WML option on the market.

  • Revolutionary LEP Light Source

The Odin Turbo takes the lead to meet the Class 1 standard as an eye-safe LEP light, delivering a much more concentrated, steady, and even output than LED lights. 1,050-meter throw with nearly no-spill based on 330 lumens, making it easy to penetrate smoke and fog. Extremely sharp and precise beam for hunting, positioning, and tactical use.

  • Multifunctional tailcap

Innovative push-to-lock magnetic remote switch (Utility Patent No.: US10670252B1) for a swift and tight fit with the tailcap. The magnetic end of the remote switch is enhanced by a quick push-to-lock mechanism. In addition, the tail switch also includes a two-level tactical switch: high or low, momentary-on or constant-on; a single tail switch for your instinctive operations.

  • Safe and reliable

Simple To Use Picatinny Mount. Innovative rotate-to-lock system to attach or detach the light instantly. Two dedicated slots to hold the light safely and reliably in your preferred position.

  • Reliable Customized Battery

The Odin Turbo is powered by a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery with a max runtime of 7.5 hours, charging current is up to 2A. Charge easily with the included MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable.

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Olight User

when will you be selling the Odin Turbo?

Posted on: Dec 04, 2022, 04:54:40