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A Must-have Thing During Hunting Season

A Must-have Thing During Hunting Season

The hunting season has arrived, so you must do well in advance, and you must first sharpen your tools and make sufficient preparations to get more. And if you want to get a full harvest at night, first of all, it is to see the animals clearly. Nowadays, few people use hounds to patrol the mountains, which is a time-consuming and laborious night hunting method. Simple optical equipment can allow hunters to have eyes that see through the dark. The most common tools are thermal imaging, night vision, and hunting flashlights.

Thermal imaging and night vision are used to observe animals "quietly", while hunting flashlights expose prey to strong light! If thermal imaging and night vision devices are "sneak attacks", then hunting with flashlights is a frontal confrontation with animals, and the hunter's superb hunting skills are required as a benchmark! Today we will introduce hunting flashlights.

Olight hungting light warrior x turbo

The most important thing to pay attention to when using a flashlight for night hunting is to grasp the most appropriate timing, because the moment the flashlight flashes, it represents the official start of the battle between hunters and animals! For those who truly understand the true meaning of hunting, hunting is by no means a game between fights, but the confrontation of life, patient consideration and the tempering of human nature. Therefore, hunting equipment has definitely reached the point of "finding fault".

With the development of the market, there are more and more hunting flashlights on the market, and more and more diverse functions. It is easy to be dazzling, but starting from these basic aspects, plus the function selection you need, It can't be wrong.

The volume cannot be very large

When hunting, the main purpose of our hunting suits is to cover up the smell of humans. There are not many pockets on the hunting suits, and the pockets and zippers are not always open. Therefore, all the equipment to be used is basically on the belt, or In the backpack. Then, if you bring a large flashlight, such as the long strip police flashlight commonly seen in movies, the portability will be greatly reduced. I recommend choosing a flashlight that can be held together in one hand and does not exceed the length of the palm according to your palm.

RGB multi-color flashlight Freyr

Try to choose a rechargeable battery

The battery life at the maximum brightness should not be less than 3 hours, and the battery life at 100 lumens should not be less than 12 hours. When we hit the prey, we may use the flashlight to track the prey. Then, if the position of the gun in the prey is not ideal, the entire search process will last 3-5 hours, which will test the battery life of the flashlight. Some people think that using a flashlight with a replacement battery lasts longer. Yes, if you can, use a flashlight with a replaceable rechargeable battery.

Choose a flashlight with special light

If you want to buy a flashlight with green, red and blue light, it is best. If the flashlight has a red light function, you can use it, because the red light will not affect the night vision ability of the human eye. After you turn off the red light flashlight, you will not experience short-term blindness. It is used for night hunting. For wayfinding lighting, please consider the red flashlight first.

Some animals are not sensitive to green light. The human retina contains two types of photosensitive tissues: pyramidal cells and rod cells. Pyramidal cells distinguish colors, and rod cells distinguish contours. The reason why people can produce the sensation of color is precise because of the cone cells that exist in the retina. Many animals only have rod cells or only a few pyramidal cells, resulting in insensitivity to color or even no color vision. Many prey are such animals, which are particularly insensitive to green light. When hunting at night, they can use a green flashlight to sweep them unscrupulously, which greatly improves the efficiency of hunting.

hunting flashlight with green color

If your flashlight has blue light, the bloodstains of animals will show a clearer outline under the irradiation of blue light, especially the bloodstains that seep into the soil. It is not easy to find with the naked eye and can be clearly revealed with the aid of blue light. Using this feature of blue light, tracking the bloodstains of injured prey will do more with less.

The above are some basic requirements for hunting flashlights. In order to make your hunting experience more perfect, come and choose your favorite flashlight! By the way, we highly recommended you the Freyr which has four-color lights and will satisfy your hunting needs in any scenario.

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Tyrel Hoffman

Great info thanks. I would love to see olight make a quick detach mount that bolts around the body off the warrior series lights that has the same locking lug the Odin series lights use. That way if you can quickly swap out a Odin mini or Odin turbo and put your warrior x pro or warrior3. I would also like to see olight make a ir illuminator for night vision hunting.Wanting something with performance between a warrior x pro javelot pro but ir for night vision. That's my#odesigner recommendation

Posted on: Nov 10, 2021, 23:34:41