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ARRAY 2S and ARRAY 2, which one would you choose during exercise?

ARRAY 2S and ARRAY 2, which one would you choose during exercise?

"Winter is here, and the weather is getting colder! A hearty winter outdoor sport is indispensable. Choose a headlamp Array 2 or Array 2S, bring your relatives and friends, and have an appointment with winter natural beauty !"

1. Common sports in winter

What is your favorite winter outdoor sport? Skiing? Mountaineering? night jogging? There are many ways to exercise in winter. I will not introduce all of them here. Let me talk about the most common sports in winter.

Skiing is a sport in which skis are used to slide on snow. It can be divided into two categories according to its origin and fixtures: Nordic skiing and alpine skiing. Nordic skiing oriinated in Scandinavia, where skis are fitted with boot fixtures at the toe of the ski boot rather than the heel. Alpine skiing originated from skiing in the Alpine region, and ski bots have leather boot fixtures on the toe and heel. (Check out what kind of ski you are!)

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Activities related to mountaineering include traditional outdoor rock climbing, skiing, and crossing via ferrate. Indoor climbing, sport climbing, and bouldering are also considered by some to be variants of mountaineering.

Unlike most sports, mountaineering lacks widely used formal rules, regulations, and management; climbers adhere to various techniques and concepts when climbing. Many local alpine clubs support climbers by hosting resources and social events. The International Mountaineering and Mountaineering Association (UIAA) is an association of alpine clubs and a world mountaineering and mountaineering organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

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Night Jogging: As the name suggests, is a run at night. The night run is best started one hour after dinner, usually around 21 o'clock, and the best exercise time is 30 to 60 minutes. Night running is the easiest way to exercise. As long as you have the right pair of shoes, you can run when the road condition is good.

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2. What can you gain from exercise?

2.1. Health

Exercise increases the calcium in the blood, which can stimulate the secretion and absorption of dopamine in the brain. The strong ultraviolet rays in the ski field stimulate the human body to secrete a large amount of serotonin, which leads to make people excited, suppress depression, and feel comfortable. When people are skiing, the body also produces a substance called hydrocortisone, and its appearance can burn a lot of fat.

2.2. A sense of accomplishment

When a novice encounters skiing for the first time/conquering a peak view/breaking through your previous night running record for the first time, you will get the pleasure of conquering. Because of dopamine, people experience the pleasure that they can feel when they are stimulated by challenges, adventures and new things. If the body's secretion of endorphins or enkephalins increases, people will feel very happy, reduce anxiety, and experience a comfortable and calm feeling.

2.3. Relieve stress

After each exercise, endorphins will be released as a placebo, producing the same euphoria as morphine and opiates, and it is also an important "accomplice" of addiction. Do you who are usually pressured by work and breathes hard want to move and feel the rhythm of life? Therefore, in the eyes of many sports enthusiasts, exercise is not only for exercise but also a lifestyle choice.

"The reason why I like skiing is that I don't want to become a "greenhouse flower" in winter like others."                                                                    ——Lily

"Night running and mountain climbing are not only a sport for me, but also a kind of social interaction. Sports with my friends, enjoying the speed, passion, and beautiful scenery, is the outdoor form of enjoying winter."——Steve

3. Indispensable sports equipment

Of course, don't rush to pack your things and go out for sports. First, ask yourself: Do you have prepared for sports equipment? (The following classification is for reference only. The specific situation depends on your own needs)

Ski categories: fixation, ski boots, helmets, snow goggles, snowsuits & snow pants, protective gear... 

Rock climbing:

1) Camping: tents, cooking utensils, bedding, and various fuels.

2) Technical equipment: climbing rope, side measuring instrument, altimeter, dry hygrometer, steel cone, climbing iron lock, lifter, hanging ladder, pulley, snow shovel, etc.

3) Personal equipment: backpacks, backpack covers, hiking clothing, hiking shoes, mountain boots, hiking wool socks, helmets, flashlights, headlamps, gloves, protective glasses, hats, GPS, Swiss knives, leggings, or snow jackets, raincoats or jackets, warm clothing Wait. Its  characteristics are: light and easy to carry, sturdy and durable, easy to carry, multi-purpose.

Night running class:

(1) Wear wind-resistant, waterproof and breathable jackets. Wind-proof is very important. We feel that the main reason for the cold in winter is high winds.

(2) Wear more. When temperature, wind speed and other conditions change, you can put on or take off several layers to adapt to the changes.

(3) Wear non-slip running shoes...

(4) Prepare a suitable hat.

Of course, there is the most important thing that is a powerful rechargeable headlamp. When skiing, you should hold the ski poles in both hands and speeding on the snow. When you climb up the peak, when you are running at night with a high concentration of energy and paying attention to the road conditions, do you still need to pull out a hand-held flashlight? The experience of sports is greatly reduced!

At this moment, a lightweight, hands-free headlamp is essential at this moment! Here I have to talk about the two hands-free headlamps that OLIGHT launched grandly ARRY 2 and ARRY 2S.

4. Array 2

After watching the video, Let's talk about ARRAY 2 first.                

Array 2 is a compact and portable headlamp. The lumen output it provides is 3 white light levels and SOS mode from 100 to 600 lumens. The single-side switch can turn on/off the light, change the brightness or switch the mode. It is very suitable for you to wear during short night runs and night rock climbing, and it can easily cope with various dark scenes.

The side button of Array 2 can change the brightness and switch modes. The lamp head can be rotated to 60 degrees, and the light angle can be flexibly changed. When wearing lamps, you can easily change the light direction without greatly adjusting the position of your body and neck.


Array 2 weighs only 109 grams and is embedded in the skin-friendly headband. It is light and comfortable to wear. The experience is so comfortable that you can't feel free during exercise, and it will not bring resistance to your exercise. Therefore, Array 2 will not put extra pressure on the neck or head so that you can enjoy moving lightly.

The battery pack and the lamp holder are separated. The 1600mAh battery pack can be charged through the popular Type-C port.The red light on the battery pack not only a battery charging indicator, but also a dynamic safety warning light, which can give out a striking alarm and give warnings to pedestrians and vehicles behind. The signal to escort your safe sports at night.

It also has IPX4 water resistance and 1-meter drop resistance, which can cope with sudden drops and water ingress during exercise. Array 2 is small and durable, it will be a useful lighting tool in the dark.

5. Array 2S

After talking about ARRAY 2, I have to mention ARRAY 2S with the same excellent performance.

If Array 2 is a rechargeable light weight headlamp, then the highlight of Array 2S is a multi-speed smart sensor headlamp. Intelligence is reflected in light adjustment. In addition to key operation, it also supports smart gesture sensing, which can easily switch modes and brightness without touching.

With a variety of lighting modes and gear levels, Arrya 2S has four modes: floodlight, spotlight, eye protection red light, and SOS, a total of ten output gear levels. Equipped with memory function, Arrya 2S can meet the requirements of multiple scenarios.

Array 2S uses a USB-C rechargeable 2600mAh battery pack that provides up to 1,000 lumens and a maximum running time of 30 hours. Elastic sweat-proof headband, comfortable to wear all day, separate batteries to balance the weight. Red indicator light on the battery pack can also be used as a safety tail light to remind pedestrians and drivers.

The waterproof level of Array 2S is IPX4, which can prevent splashing around (but not soaking in water). It can also tilt 60 degrees to aim where you need it to avoid frequent bowing and reduce the burden on the neck.


6、The size difference between Array 2 and Array 2S

The performance has probably been introduced, so the following picture will show you the difference in size between Array 2 and Array 2S (see the packaging guide for details).

Having said that, which one is more suitable for you, Array 2 or Array 2S?

Have you already begun to yearn for outdoor sports with your headlamps on?


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Relatively light

Posted on: Dec 22, 2021, 02:02:39


The headlight is plenty bright enough and in that aspect it’s fantastic and would recommend.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2021, 01:11:11


Battery lasts a while, usb c is a plus. Just wish you could turn off the wave function because anytime I'm working in a ceiling or close to anything it'll either switch modes or brightness.

Posted on: Dec 22, 2021, 01:03:37