Night Fishing Headlamps: Light Up the Darkness and Land More Fish

Night Fishing Headlamps: Light Up the Darkness and Land More Fish

Every fisherman needs a reliable fishing light in their tackle box. It can be tough to hold a flashlight with one hand while the other is reeling to catch. That is why fishermen prefer fishing headlights to provide hands-free use.

Putting the headlight allows you to shine the light where you need it most. To help you find the best fishing headlights, we have curated some top options for you. 

Why Do You Need a Fishing Headlamp?

There are many benefits you will enjoy when fishing at wee hours if you have a headlamp. Below are some of the benefits:

· Brightness

Fishing headlamps provide several brightness settings to help you choose the right intensity. This makes it easy to adapt to sunrise or sunset without issues.

· Hands-free use

Using a headlamp is easier as compared to holding a flashlight when fishing. It keeps your hands free, and you get better visibility of the surrounding environment. 

· Waterproof

The best fishing headlamps are waterproof. When fishing, water splashes are inevitable, and if your headlamp is waterproof, then it can get damaged. You don’t have to worry about the headlamp falling in the water if it is waterproof.

· Emergency use

Fishing with a headlamp allows you to get better navigation outdoors. Most fishing headlamps have SOS strobe light that helps you call for help.

· Durability

Fishing headlamps are made to handle outdoor conditions, so they are durable. The headlamps have durable LED bulbs that provide light.

· Rechargeable

It is easy to recharge many fishing headlamps with a USB. You don’t need to take extra batteries with you. The flashlights require you to plug them in, and this makes them convenient to use.

 SOS mode of headlamp

Recommended Fishing Headlamps

There are many options of fishing headlamps you can choose. Below are some quality models every angler needs. Light up the darkness and catch more fish with these fishing headlamps.

1. Perun 2 Headlamp

This is a multi-functional flashlight that provides a maximum brightness of 2500 lumens. It works as a powerful EDC or a right-angle headlamp. It includes a proximity sensor that allows you to minimize the brightness or power it off in one minute to protect it against overheating.

This headlamp provides hands-free use. Its base is magnetic, and this allows you to attach it to various iron surfaces. It also includes a stainless steel pocket clip and an adjustable headband for convenience of use. It is powered by a reliable 4000mAH 21700 battery with a longer runtime.

Apart from fishing, you can use the headlamp for camping, dog walking, and other multiple applications. The headlamp provides steady illumination in the dark for different activities. You can choose to carry it, wear it or attach it for your everyday activities.

It has a right angle illumination so you can focus on what matters. The headlamp’s interface is intuitive, and all the modes are easily accessible. It has a magnetic charging cable that provides quick charging by 33% compared to the other Perun models.

rechargeable headlamp Perun 2

2. Perun Mini Headlamp

This is another compact headlamp with a thumb size. It provides a maximum output of 1000 lumens, making it bright enough. The device is multi-functional because you can use it as an EDC flashlight or as a handheld device. It comes with an optional headband to use as a headlamp.

Additionally, you can attach it magnetically to vehicles to use it as a work light. The multi-purpose flashlight included a dual-directional pocket clip making it reliable. It also includes a quality duty patch to help you attach it to clothes, hats, or backpacks. The Velcro duty patch has a 60-degree rotation to give the convenience of use.

Perun Mini Headlamp

It features a USB magnetic charging cable that offers easy and quick charging. It has a powerful battery that offers a maximum runtime of 4.5 days. It has a maximum throw of 100 meters, and it is IPX8 waterproof. This headlamp can withstand a drop test of 1.5 meters.

While it is small, you will be impressed by the mightiness of this headlamp. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry for fishing, hiking, camping, jogging, and other activities. 

3. Array 2 LED Headlamp

The Array headlamp can transform your fishing trips, especially in low-light situations. The headlamp features three white light levels and SOS mode. It illuminates approximately 100 meters producing an LED light beam of 600 lumens.

Array 2 Mini Led Headlamp

It has a red indicator located on the battery pack that also serves as a taillight. This alerts drivers and pedestrians. It is equipped with a sweat-proof headband that provides comfortable use all day long. You can adjust it by 60 degrees to direct it where you need it. 

This headlamp is ideal for outdoor activities like fishing, jogging, hiking, and much more. You can also use it to send distress signals during emergencies.

Choosing a Fishing Headlamps

Consider these tips when buying night fishing headlamps.


Fishing can be time-consuming, so you need a comfortable flashlight. It is great to check the type of fabric used to make the flashlight. It should rest comfortably on your skin without scratching skin. Check whether the fabric is subject to fraying because this can result in skin irritation. If the straps get loose with time, you might compromise on comfort if you adjust them too much.


Your head and neck strength should determine the weight of the headlamp. Many headlamps are lightweight, but it is still good to compare the lights.


When using a headlamp, your hands are mostly occupied. It is good to look for a headlight with easy controls for convenience of use.

Other considerations: durability, maintenance, style......



You need the right fishing gear for a successful fishing experience. A fishing headlamp is an essential item you should not leave behind. It makes your fishing work easier by providing the required illumination. Additionally, you can navigate safely in the wilderness if you have a headlamp. I hope you will consider the above fishing headlamps that offer convenient hands-free use with all these benefits. 

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