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What Are The Different Types Of Pocket Knives?

What Are The Different Types Of Pocket Knives?

Nov 16, 2021, 11:14:00

Robust knives or multifunctional tools can help us prepare food, cut wires, perform repairs, and even save lives in emergency situations. Outdoor knives have different styles, various designs, and materials. How to choose a knife depends on the intended use and specific activities performed. First, we need to go over some common knife principles to help us make the best choice for our needs.

Types of Knives

From fixed blades to compact folding knives, there is a design that should meet your needs. If we take a general approach, it can be divided into the following types:

Folding & Pocket Knives

Its blade is foldable and does not take up too much space, making it suitable for camping, hiking, and EDC. When not in use, the blade is folded into the handle to protect the blade. It can easily be opened with a variety of methods when a cutting task arises.

Fixed-Blade Knives

Compared to folding knives, fixed blades have higher strength, typically higher weight, and increased ergonomic comfort. Fixed blades are also easier to clean, but keep in mind that they are less convenient to carry than a standard pocketknife. An extra protective cover (Leather or Kydex Sheath) is needed to carry a fixed blade safely, otherwise it may cause injuries.

Knife Characteristics

Locking mechanism

Folding knives that lock open combine the stability of a fixed blade with the portability of a folding knife. The blade is folded down to easily carry on a regular basis. Please note Make sure that the blade is fully locked open to prevent any accidental folding during use.

One-handed opening and closing

Some folding knives are designed to be opened quickly with one hand. A smooth folding mechanism with studs or notches on the blade can easily push it open with the thumb.

Assisted Opening

A folding knife with an assisted opening design is also very popular. When the blade is opened, the auxiliary mechanism will engage and fully open the knife. Most assisted opening knives are also equipped with a safety lock. When the knife is closed, the safety lock is released from the mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

The Purpose of a Knife

Can be used for cutting: a sharp edge can cut various materials when needed.

Can be used for self-defense: secondary tool to protect yourself and others from harm.

Can be used for hunting: Cut branches, skin smaller animals, etc.

Luckily at Olight, we offer a compact folding knife that takes care of this list and we can easily recommend it to anyone looking for a daily cutting tool. Welcome to the Splint  Folding Knife.


The Splint features a thin and sharp edge, making this a perfect slicer for any general purpose. The blunt back of the blade has a gentle descent, creating an easy-to-control profile with precision cutting abilities when needed. As a function-oriented knife, it has balanced cutting and chopping experience for hunting or daily use. The Splint is a perfect compact folding knife to meet any daily needs you have.

Knife Type

The Splint belongs to our EDC type of knives, known as EVERYDAY CARRY. It has a compact profile with a thin edge built to be carried daily in your pocket. These types of knives are simple and convenient from opening packages to processing small game.


As a professional cutting tool, Splint has the following characteristics.

● Quickly open the sharp blade with three opening mechanisms (flipper, blade hole, front flipper). Smooth ball bearing system for opening and closing.

● Balanced cutting ability with a sharp edge and point for piercing.

● The blade is made out of N690 stainless steel, thin flat-grind with high-quality cutting power and toughness, and titanium coated that meets FDA food safety standards with easy maintenance.

● There are hole cutouts inside the liners to reduce weight. Contoured handles for a comfortable grip.

● Jimping on the spine to increase grip while cutting.

● Meets FDA food safety standards. The manufacturing process strictly follows BSCI and ISO14000 standards.


Currently, OLIGHT offers a total of three knife models. Please refer to the comparison chart below:





Product Name

Splint Folding Knife

Oknife Folding Pocket Drever

Nightclaw EDC Knife



3.42 oz (96.9 g)


Overall Length


7.99 in (203 mm)


Blade Length


3.49 in (88.6 mm)


Handle Length


4.50 in (114.4 mm)














N690 Stainless Steel

N690 Stainless Steel


Here at Olight, we are committed to offering not only the best  flashlights, but other vital outdoor tools to increase your quality of life.



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