We are announcing the Fourth 20 winners!

We are announcing the Fourth 20 winners!

Sep 04, 2020, 00:00:00

Here we are, closing up week 4! But we are not finished yet!! We have 1 week left so make sure you get your entries in by sharing your pictures and stories on Facebook or Instagram using #OlightElite2020 to enter for the final week!

We had some amazing entries this round and we are excited to announce the 20 winners from the fourth week! The Prizes are 10pcs i5t Dragon,10pcs i5T Phoenix between the winners.

Also, a huge congratulations to the 2 winners chosen based on your votes from the third weeks 20 winners! The Prizes are 1 Baldr mini Gunmetal grey for each of them!

We only have 20pcs i5T Dragon/Phoenix, 4pcs Baldr mini Gunmetal grey, and $1000 olightstore credit to giveaway to our winners! So share your story and don’t miss out!

The next winners will be chosen September 14th at 10 am EDT. Prizes will be 10pcs i5t Dragon, 10pcs i5T Phoenix for week 5. We will also announce the winners of the next 2pcs Baldr Mini Gunmetal Grey, chosen based on your votes below!

Wesley Wood---FBSteve Kokor---FBSamuel Saputo---FBRho Main---FB
David Harrington---FBMatt Walker---FBlopan12---IGlenzz_toyshots---IG
Leif Luokkala---FBJim Harr---FBJeff Safsten---FBDave Louie---FB
Glen Chandler---FBFiona Wu---FBChris Wadleigh---FBcali_gun_love---IG
Austin Boyd---FBAndy Lara---FBAllan Wiltshire---FBAlex Louie---FB

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It's our pleasure to announce the final 20 winners from week 5!
We are announcing the Third 20 winners!