It's our pleasure to announce the final 20 winners from week 5!

It's our pleasure to announce the final 20 winners from week 5!

Sep 14, 2020, 00:00:00

This has been such an amazing event! We have seen many great pictures and touching stories.

We are excited to announce the 20 winners from the final week of our #OlightElite2020 event! The Prizes for them are 10pcs i5t Dragon and 10pcs i5T Phoenix between the winners.

We are very happy to also announce the 2 winners, chosen based on your votes from the fourth week 20 winners! Their prizes are 1 Baldr mini Gunmetal grey for each of them!

Thank you very much for your participation in this event and sharing your stories with the Olight family.

Now that the weekly entry rounds are over, we will vote between the winners for the final prize! Congratulations to all those who got the top votes each week. These 10 contestants (2 top winners/week) will enter the final round. We will post their pictures in our blog and choose 1 winner! The finial winner will gain $1000 Olight Credit! Please make sure you vote below!

pgh.lights---IG Michael Tan---FB lukewayne13---IG Kalefh Flores---FB
Jonathan Sanchez---FB Jennifer Gorman---FB Jaye Lyn Edwards Taylor---FB Jason Walker---FB
Gregory Meadows---FB Damian Mario Consigliere---FB Connor Reid---FB Camryn Osborn---FB
Cal Calkins---FB Bobby Nealis---FB Ben Johnson---FB AZ Printsmith---FB
Andrew Callis---FB smokeyb215---IG Raleigh Munn---FB Rafael Quintanilla Villarreal---FB

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We are announcing the Fourth 20 winners!