Last round of #OlightElite2020

Last round of #OlightElite2020

Sep 18, 2020, 00:00:00

A huge congratulations to the top 10 contestants from the #OlightElite2020 event(2 top winners from each week). These winners will be entering the FINAL ROUND!!

The winner of this last round will receive an unbelievable $1000 Olightstore credit!! Wow!

We will announce the FINAL winner on Sep 25th,10am (EDT), chosen based on your votes below!

Giovanni Orsini --- FBJustin ---FBJacobo Fernandez ---FBJonathan Tsang ---FB
Alan Yim ---FBpandaandphoukabears---IGJim Harr---FBDave Louie---FB
Gregory Meadows---FBAZ Printsmith---FB//

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