Freyr Olight Annual Brand-New Product - Multifunctional Flashlight

Freyr Olight Annual Brand-New Product - Multifunctional Flashlight

Jan 12, 2021, 18:28:20

The Freyr is one of the annual products of Olight, which is designed for the 2020 Christmas and the hopeful New-Year. Immediately after being released, It aroused a huge discussion on Facebook and YouTube for its distinct appearance and versatile functions.

Unique Innovation - Multi-Colored Lights

It is Olight's first flashlight delivering a powerful white beam and 3 helpful multi-colored lights (red, green, and blue), which can react correctly to different kinds of situations.

Perfect Combination

Equipped with a silicone traffic wand, the Freyr can serve as a normal flashlight and a signal light as well. Put on the silicone wand and turn on the light, you can make Freyr a perfect tool for investigation, traffic direction, signaling, or improving the ambiance.

Level up Your Beam Throw

Standing on the Shoulder of M2R Pro, the Freyr produces a bright, far-reaching whitebeam with the max output reaching 1,750 lumens. Bright as it is, the Freyr features a max 360-meter beam distance, marking a big breakthrough in the flashlight industry.

Humanized Design

Freyr features both side and tail switches that allow customers to select colors or do some tactical operations. Powered by a Customized 5,000mAh 3.6V 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery, it can run up to 15 days. The indicator, equipped on the side switch, can display the battery life in real-time under the current light mode. Apart from the built-in thermal and proximity sensors, the Freyr also features Olight’s turbine-like cooling fins that can keep the overheating situation in check.

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