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How many lumens torch do I need?

How many lumens torch do I need?

How many lumens torches do I need                                

When night comes, your vision will be troubled, and you will need light to brighten your vision. OLIGHT flashlight can meet your lighting needs. After you determine the need for a flashlight, it is a difficult problem to select the flashlight output according to the occasion.So in this article, let us discuss how many lumens a flashlight needs to meet people's visual needs on different occasions!

(Please note: the following description is only my personal subjective judgment.)

What is the output lumen of the flashlight?

·Lumen (symbol: lm ) is the derived unit of the international system of luminous flux, used to represent the total amount of visible light emitted by the light source in a unit of time. Unlike radiant flux, which considers the flux of all electromagnetic waves, luminous flux reflects the different sensitivity of the human eye to light of different wavelengths, and its magnitude is affected by the weight of the luminosity function. (Source: Wikipedia)            ·So, Lumen is the light output measured from a flashlight. So obviously more lumens means more light output. Generally speaking, the lumen output can be seen on the outer packaging of the product. If you are detecting at night, you will choose a higher lumen output to help you see the actual situation better. And if you only need to illuminate in a small space, too high lumen output will hurt people's eyes: for example, in a camping tent. You will tend to choose an output with a smaller lumen value.            ·But in fact, there are actually many factors that affect your choice of a flashlight, such as a Candela, Max Throw, running time, battery, price, which are factors that should be considered. I am only listing one factor here-the lumen output.        

The output of lumens corresponds to the requirements of application scenarios


≤150LM:            Sleep            night lights, Tent lights, Night reading lights,            Atmosphere creating lights

150~500LM: Basic household and outdoor activities, EDC        

500~1300LM: Walking and running at night, Camping, Outdoor activities, Maintenance, Fishing

1300-3000LM: Outdoor Sports, Hiking, Hunting, Outdoor Adventure, Caving, Tactical Tasks

3000LM+:Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, Search And Rescue.


Olight Flashlight lumen output correspondence and usage scenarios

  • Sleep night lights, Tent lights, Night reading lights,  Atmosphere creating lights                                        ≤150LM                                    

           Olight Camping light           

       Olantern Mini

        Max Output:150L

        Max Runtime:48 hours

        A 360-degree light source that includes a red light (1 lumen) to preserve night vision or give signals and a dimmable white light (15, 50, 150 lumens) for general purpose use

        H: 3.91in/99.35mm, Base Diameter: 2.06in/52.2mm, 8.43oz/239g (Including Battery)

Outdoor activities light           

         Obulb Mcs

        Max Output:75LM

        Max Runtime:40 hours

        By pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can select from 8 light modes for camping, hiking, night work, emergency.

        The Obulb MCs come with the latest smart technology.

        H:1.89in/48mm, Body Diameter: 2.13in/54mm, Weight:2.12oz/60g (Including Battery)

  • Basic household and outdoor activities150~500LM 

i3T EDC flashlight


        Max Output:180LM

        Max Runtime:16 hours

        MAX Throw:60M

       Super easy carry: Barely know it is there with its lightweight and slender form factor. The dual direction pocket clip makes the I3T even more convenient for carrying in a pocket or attaching to a hat or strap.

   L: 3.5in/89mm, Head Diameter: 0.59in/15mm, Body Diameter: 0.59in/15mm, Weight:1.4oz/39g

i5R rechargeable EDC flashlight         I5R

         Max Output:350M

         Max Runtime:37 hours

         MAX Throw:64M

         Includes a two-way pocket clip with a 1.5mm lanyard hole to easily carry around your wrist, in the pocket, on a backpack strap, or on your hat brim.

     L: 3.76in/95.4mm, Head Diameter: 0.7in/17.8mm, Body Diameter: 0.7in/17.8mm, Weight: Black / OD Green: 2.12oz/60g (Battery Included) CU: 2.93oz/83g (Battery Included)

  • Walking and running at night, Outdoor camping, EDC, Tactical light(500~1300LM)

Array 2s headlamp

          Array 2S

          Max Output: 1000LM

          Max Runtime: 30 hours

          MAX Throw: 140M

          Flood+spot light, floodlight, eye-caring red light, and SOS, providing 10 different settings in total. The memory function allows quick access to the previously used setting (not applicable to SOS)...


         L: 2.4in/61mm, W: 1.22in/31mm, H: 0.96in/24.5mm, Weight: 4.62oz/131g((Including battery pack and headband))

         BATTERY PACK:

         L:2.96in/75.18mm, W:1.32in/33.52m, H: 1.21in/30.78mm, Weight: 4.62oz/131g

         Baton 3  Baton 3 rechargeable EDC flashlight

         Max Output:1200LM

         Max Runtime:20 Days

         MAX Throw:166M

         The battery life of the Baton 3 lasts up to 20 days. With the premium edition, the battery life can reach 94 days with the wireless charging case charging the Baton 3 up to 3.7 time   

         Length: 2.48in/63mm, Head Diameter:0.83in/21, Body Diameter: 0.83in/21mm, Weight: 1.87oz/53g (including pocket clip and battery)


        Baldr mini weapon light Baldr mini

         Max Output:600LM

         Max Runtime:39 Minutes

         MAX Throw:130M

       The Baldr Mini is an ultra-compact white light and green laser sight combo, integrating the compatibility of the PL-Mini 2 and the accuracy of the Baldr Pro. 

          Length: 2.24in/57mm, Width:1.29in/32.8mm, Height: 1.41in/35.8mm, Weight: 3.07oz/87g (including  battery)

  • Outdoor Sports, Hiking, Hunting, Outdoor Adventure, Caving1300-3000LM

         EDC flashlight, rechargeable flashlight Warrior mini 2

          Max Output:1750 LM

          Max Runtime:45 Days

          MAX Throw:220 M

          Quick action with the two-stage tactical tail switch. You can activate turbo or strobe with a single press.

          Length: 4.65in/118mm, Head Diameter: 0.98in/25mm, Body Diameter: 0.91in/23mm, Weight: 4.3oz/122g (Including Battery)

Perun 2 headlamp, rechargeable headlamp     

          Perun 2

          Max Output:2500 LM

          Max Runtime:12.5 Days

          MAX Throw:166 M

          Featuring a magnetic base, durable headband, and firm pocket clip for a variety of hands-free uses.

          Length: 4.75in/120.7mm, Head Diameter: 1.13in/28.6mm, Body Diameter: 1.06in/27mm, Weight:5.68oz/161g (Including Battery)

outdoor flashlight   

      Javelot Pro 2

      Max Output:2,500LM

      Max Runtime:12 Days

      MAX Throw:1050M

      Visualized Indicators: 4-level battery and brightness level indicators around the side switch which can be read at a single glance.

      Length:10.20in/259mm, Head Diameter:2.48in/63mm, Body Diameter:1.02in/26mm,        Weight:14.92oz/423g (Including Battery Pack)

  • Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, Search And Rescue                    3000LM+                                    

outdoor flashlight, search light


          Seeker 3 Pro

          Max Output:4200LM

          Max Runtime:15Days

          MAX Throw:250M

        Built-in thermal and proximity sensors to protect against overheating or obstruction.   

          Length: 5.20in/132mm, Head Diameter: 1.38in/35mm, Body Diameter: 1.10in/28mm, Weight:7.06oz/200g (Including Battery)

high lumen flashlight, search light

           Marauder 2

           Max Output:14000LM

           Max Runtime:59 hours

           MAX Throw:800M

           Silicone surface for a solid grip; hidden lanyard hole for portability; indicators to reveal brightness level, battery level, and charging status.

           Length: 5.51in/140mm, Head Diameter: 3.11in/79mm, Body Diameter: 2.09in/53mm, Weight:26.5oz/750g (Including Batteries)


  • ≤150LM: Sleep night lights, Tent lights, Night reading lights, Atmosphere creating lights: Obulb, Olantern Mini

  • 150~500LM: Basic household and outdoor activities-I3T, I5R

  • 500~1300LM: Walking and running at night, Outdoor camping, EDC, Tactical light-Array 2S, Baton 3, Baldr mini

  • 1300-3000LM: Outdoor Sports, Hiking, Hunting, Outdoor Adventure, Caving-Warrior mini 2, Perun2, Javelot Pro 2

  • 3000LM+:Hunting, Law Enforcement, Military, Search And Rescue-Seeker 3 Pro, Marauder2

  • l The above article is just a guide on how to choose a suitable lumen flashlight, which can let you know how to choose different lumen flashlights according to different occasions. But there are many factors that affect the purchase, such as candela, mode, whether it is waterproof...

  • l The scenarios and products listed in the article do not absolutely correspond. The specific usage scenarios vary from person to person. For example, Javelot Pro 2's MAX Throw is 1050M, which is also very suitable for search and rescue. Marauder 2's MAX Output is 14000 lumens, which is also very popular with outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Array 2S's SOS mode can also be used when outdoor adventures occur. Send out an emergency signal...

  • If you have any questions about the products in the article, you can leave a message under the comments to discuss, it is an honor to serve you!

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