Perfect EDC flashlight i3T

Perfect EDC flashlight i3T

Sep 23, 2020, 11:14:11

Since the arrival of i3T, it has always dominated the flashlight industry. The i3T features a perfect size to carry and is handy to have at any time. Its distinct double helix knurling is designed for a solid grip, and the dual-way clip allows the light to attach to a pocket or hat for a perfect hands-free option.

The i3T is controlled by a single tail switch that is tactical and can shift the light between constant-on and momentary-on modes. The high mode delivers a max output of 180 lumens, a perfect brightness to navigate through an unlit space without blinding you; the 5-lumen low mode is pretty suitable for reading things, which will not compromise your eyesight nor disturb others.

Another catch for i3T is that it is powered by a single AAA battery, so you don’t have to worry about buying or replacing batteries. If you are looking for something simple quick and easy to use, buy this light and you won’t be disappointed.

The final winner has been revealed!!
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