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Olight March Flash Sale, Amazing New Releases

Olight March Flash Sale, Amazing New Releases

Olight Mar 18 Flash Sale

New Release

Baton 3 and Baton 3 EDC Flashlight Premium Edition

The Baton 3 is our next iteration of compact pocket-friendly flashlights that we have been developing and refining for over 10 years. This light features a jaw-dropping 1,200 lumens and 166-meter beam distance in a package the size of your pinky finger. We have been absolutely obsessed with charging technology, and the Baton 3 wireless charging case is the most innovative solution in the entire industry. Simply slide your Baton 3 into the case and charge up to 3.7 times completely wire free. The previous S1R Baton II EDC light has been regarded by thousands as the best compact pocket flashlight on the market, and the Baton 3 EDC flashlight is even better. Learn more at today.

Marauder 2  Powerful Flashlight Orange

The Marauder 2 is a first powerful flashlight of its kind in our lineup featuring a 14,000-lumen flood setting AND an 800-meter beam distance. Flip between the two modes with a simple switch and even use it as a power bank on the go. Get yours now in this gorgeous, limited edition orange with an included hard case for storage!

Obulb Bulb Light Orange

The Obulb is easily one of our most popular recent releases, but we need more colors! Add a new Obulb bulb light to your lineup now in this gorgeous orange with a blue stripe. The included magnetic coin matches too! With a max 56-hour runtime, set an Obulb in every room for ambient light and power outages!

Perun 2 EDC Headlamp Purple Gradient

The Olight Perun 2 is one of the brightest compact right-angle lights on the market. At 2,500 lumens, you can light up an entire football with this thing, hands free too! Get yours in this absolutely beautiful limited-edition purple gradient finish while you can!

i3T EOS Brass Small Flashlight 

With this classic solid brass material, this limited edition compact AAA EDC flashlight is worth being collected, which is not only for its outlook but also its potable feature. Powered by 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery, i3T EOS Brass can meet the daily lighting needs with a max 180-lumen. It can be a keychain, EDC light, and a gift for friends.


Bundled products have huge discounts and are usually sold out sooner. 

Baton 3 Bundle

Save $45.46

Baton 3 Premium Edition Bundle

Save up to  $48.96

Perun 2 Purple Gradient Limited Edition Bundle

Save up to  $73.46

Marauder 2 Orange Bundle Limited Edition

Save up to  $199.45


Finally, we wish everybody a happy St. Patrics' Day . Get what you want and shop wisely!

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Baton 3 Premium Edition, Olight New Generation Rechargeable Portable EDC Flashlight