The Mother's Day Flash Sale, Light up Her World

The Mother's Day Flash Sale, Light up Her World

Apr 30, 2021, 16:10:29

Light up Her World

No matter where you’re located or your age, you will always be one of the most important people to your mother. This Mother’s Day, get our exclusive flash sale lights as a gift for your mother or loved one, and light up their world.

Lucky Draw Event

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Comment the most unforgettable story that happened between you and your mother below to win a $20 Coupon Code (No order minimum when used). We will pick 20 winners (Coupon can only be used once)!!!

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We are excited to launch the Obulb Friend Code Event! Thousands of Coupon Codes will be sent to customers who have bought an Obulb light in the past. Those customers will receive a 20% OFF Coupon Code (Only valid for Obulb purchases) on May 3rd. Each code can be used three times, but this code can only be used once per account. This means that you’ll want to share your Obulb Friend Code to your relatives, friends, or simply posting it on social media. Look out for an Obulb Friend Code to get 20% off an Obulb order. Buy two or more Obulbs with your code and get free shipping! For more details, Click Here!

New Release

Baton 3 EDC Flashlight Premium Edition Purple Gradient

The Baton 3 features a 20% output increase and double the runtimes of the previous S1R Baton II EDC flashlight while still maintaining the exact same size and weight. We have been improving and building upon this compact Baton design for 10 years and are proud of what we have achieved. Get yours up to 30% off in this exclusive limited edition purple gradient finish with a matching wireless charging case that gives you up to 94 days of runtime! This is the perfect color and simple flashlight for your Mother or Wife, get yours during the sale at a great deal!

Open 2 Pen Light Desert Tan

The Open 2 pen light has quickly become one of our most popular products in recent months based on its fun style and incredibly useful features. The 120-lumen light with USB-C charging, and bolt action ballpoint pen makes this a must have in your kit and pocket. This time, it will be the best partner of your mother or wife when reading and writing.

Tips to Purchase

Tip One: Add an extra $1 to your Baton 3 order and get a pink Obulb! Get a Baton 3 Premium Edition Purple Gradient for $93.46 OR Get a Baton 3 Premium Edition Purple Gradient and Pink Obulb bundle for only $94.43. Click Here!

Tip Two: Orders $159 and up automatically get a FREE Brass i3T EOS flashlight!

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction of our Mother’s Day Flash Sale. Comment below with your favorite story between you and your mother to try and win a $20 Coupon (20 winners)!!!

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