O-Fan Day 2021 - Thank You for Being with Olight!

O-Fan Day 2021 - Thank You for Being with Olight!

O-Fan Day 2021 Recap - We want to take a moment to Thank Everyone for participating in this year’s O-Fan Day!

What is O-Fan Day?

O-Fan Day is an annual celebration to show how much we appreciate those who make it all possible, the O-Fans! Since ‘in person’ events are much harder these days, we decided to move the Festivities online in 2021. In addition to these activities, we held a huge flash sale spanning from September 16th to 27th including several exciting new releases with discounts up to 50%. The reception of the Swivel work light, two new Array headlamp models, upgraded Seeker 3 (Pro)s bright flashlight and the Baton 3 EDC flashlight Premium Edition - Dragon & Phoenix were overwhelming.

On September 17th, 21st and 24th, we held three Live Stream Broadcasts where we introduced the new products, including live product demonstrations where we answered questions from our live YouTube audience and gave away some of these new lights to those in attendance.

The O-Fan Day Award Ceremony was the pinnacle of the 11-day celebration. On September 24th, Olight announced awards for 170 members spanning 8 categories, including Visionary Award, Window Shopper Award, Rapid Accent Award, The Brightest Award, The Altruistic Award, The Deep Pockets Award, The Repeat Customer Award and The Old Faithful Award.

Another Highlight of O-Fan Day was The Prize Wheel! This event gave customers daily spins to win free gifts, including a Seeker 3 Pro Midnight Blue, an OKnife Splint, an OBulb MC, an O-Fan Day Coin, or 100 points added to their O-Fan Club account with over 20,000 people winning each day. Did you win a special prize?

The O-Story Sharing contest was the warmest activity of the Festival. Olight received over 5,000 heartfelt stories during this event. For the most popular stories, we gave special gifts engraved with "O-Fan Day.” The top prize was an Antique Bronze Marauder 2 powerful flashlight, the next 10 stories received an Open 2 Ti pen light, and 30 O-Fans won an i5R Cu small powerful flashlight. In addition to the top stories winning prizes, all accepted stories won an Olight EDC Organizer. A big Thank You to everyone who participated. We look forward to continuing our story together!

Probably the most competitive event was the #OTeamColor Contest. Members were asked to choose teams to rally behind their favorite EDC Color. Prizes were awarded at the end of all four rounds. In the end, #OTeamOrange took the grand prize. 

More giveaways, you can’t be serious! By simply logging into a registered account or by creating a new account at olightstore.com anytime during to the event, a free i1R 2 keychain flashlight was added to the customers' cart. O-Fans with Gold memberships or above also received the opportunity for a free Olight T-shirt. Also, Members Yellow Diamond and up we’re able to receive newly added O-Fan Club Challenge Coins. Finally, everyone had the opportunity to order the new OPen Mini for only $1.

Olight would like to sincerely thank everyone for your support and participation in the 2021 O-Fan Day Activities. Thank you for continuing to move Olight forward. Also, a special Thank You to all of the Olight Staff and Volunteers for all their hard work. Without these tireless efforts, O-Fan Day wouldn’t have been such a success. We hope everyone enjoyed it from start to finish. We will also continue to listen to your stories and feedback to make the 2022 O-Fan Day even better. See you next year!

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