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Tactical Flashlight: Odin GL M  VS Odin

Tactical Flashlight: Odin GL M VS Odin

As we all know, guns play an important role in people's family defense, law enforcement, hunting, etc. and they are indispensable "security guards" in people's lives. And if an emergency happens at night, your vision is dark and it is difficult to find the target. You will be quite passive. At this moment, you will need a light source to light up your vision and reverse the crisis!

When the weapon light is used in combination with a gun, it can not only help you illuminate the target but also undoubtedly help you free your hands. Holding a gun with two hands not only improves the accuracy of the operation but also makes you more focused on facing emergency situations, so using the weapon light to light up your vision will bring you benefits!

OLIGHT has launched a new gun light-Odin GL M specifically for tactical scenarios such as "home defense", "shooting range shooting" and "hunting". If you still don't know how to choose, the following article will list Odin for comparison. You can read the following article, I believe you will find a suitable gun light for you!


Odin GL M Tactical Flashlight

The Odin GL M is a brand new weapon-mounted light and designed for long setups which combine a high-lumen white light and an intense GL beam for maximum accuracy. (GL means green light, M means M-lock rail)


——The white light output of Odin GL M is 1500 lumens, and the max throw is 215 meters, which can help you better view the night environment; the newly added green laser has a clear focus and strong penetrating power, helping you to aim accurately every time.



·Lighting mode switch

——By turning the mode selection ring on the head of the Odin GL M tactical light, you can easily switch between the three modes of white light, green laser, white light and green laser as needed. Whether it is night hunting or home defense, you can quickly find what you need Light mode!



·Standard gun clip

   ——Suitable for M-LOK gun clip: fast and convenient installation, can be locked in an instant, can provide users with a high-quality and reliable aiming experience.

·Control the lights

——Odin GL M's new Revolutionary push-to-lock remote switch for a quick and tight fit. Without changing the holding posture, you can use the wire control to switch between high-brightness/low-brightness, tactical lighting/constant lighting, etc. . Its convenient light control operation, whether it is hunting, aiming, self-defense, etc., can help you easily control the situation.


——At the same time, the metal mute switch at the tail of Odin GL M can be used for dual-speed tactical operation and magnetic charging. While improving the user experience, the flexibility of use is greatly increased.



·Charging and Battery

——Odin GL M battery and Odin battery are standard customized large-capacity 51000mAh 21700 batteries, which can be easily charged through the MCC3 magnetic charging cable, and the charging current can reach 2A. Charging is fast and convenient, and the long battery life helps you complete every task.



——Odin GL M tactical flashlight is an aluminum alloy body, with IPX4 waterproof and 1.5 meters drop resistance, it can withstand the complex situations faced when performing tasks and prolong its service life.


Odin Tactical Light VS Odin GL M Tactical Flashlight


——Odin's white light output is as high as 2000 lumens, and Max throw is 300 meters. Compared with the white light output of Odin GL M (Max Output: 1500LM, Max Throw: 215M), Odin tactical light will be even better. However, Odin GL M has a green laser line that Odin does not have.


·Standard gun clip

——Different from the M-lock gun clip of Odin GL M tactical flashlight, Odin is specially designed for the PICATINNY track. The detachable mechanical lock slide rail can be quickly installed in multiple directions.

·Control the lights

——Odin is the same as Odin GL M, they can not only use the mute switch on the rear of the product itself for tactical control but also use a magnetic Remote Switch for control. The difference is that Odin GL M's magnetic remote switch uses Dual-button remote switch to access low/high output momentarily or constantly, while Odin's magnetic remote switch is single gear.


·Charging and Battery

——Odin, like Odin GL M, uses the standard custom 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery. It uses the MCC3 third-generation USB magnetic charging cable, and the charging current can reach up to 2A. The battery life brought by the super-capacity helps you complete every task brilliantly.



——Odin, like Odin GL M, is an aluminum alloy body with a 1.5-meter drop resistance. But to waterproof level, Odin's IPX8 waterproof rating will be higher than Odin GL M's IPX4, and the waterproof performance is better. But this slight difference does not prevent them from becoming your partner when performing tasks.


Table summary            Odin Tactical Light Compared to Odin GL M Tactical Flashlight      



Odin GL M




Max Output



Max Runtime



Max Throw



Mode 1





GL Beam ON:


2.5~155 ~15minutes/


GL Beam OFF:




Mode 2





GL Beam ON


Light Source

High Performance Neutral White LED

High Performance NW LED

GL Beam Emitter<5mW

Gun clip



Low battery vibration alert.

Powered By

Customized 5000mAh 3.6V 21700

Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Included)

Customized 5000mAh 3.6V 21700

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Body Material

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy





Head Diameter



Body Diameter





7.62oz/216g (Including Battery)


7.90oz/224g (Including Battery and Rail Mount)









Olight’s 5-Year Warranty

Olight’s 5-Year Warranty

In The Box

Odin (Battery Included) x 1

MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1

ROD-7 Magnetic Remote Switch (with Stand) x 1

H2.5 Allen Wrench x 1

Adjustable screw x 2

Self-locking band x 2

User Manual x 1

Odin GL M (Battery Included) ×1

M-LOK Rail Mount ×1

MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable ×1

sROD-7 Magnetic Remote Switch (with Stand) ×1

H3.0 Allen Wrench ×1

H1.5 Allen Wrench ×1

M-LOK Nut ×2

M-LOK Screw ×2

M3x4 Socket Screw ×1

NYLOK Oval Point Set Screw ×3

Self-locking Band ×2

User Manual ×1

Optional Accessories

ROD Coil Cord Magnetic Remote Switch



After reading this article, if you are facing tactical scenarios such as "family defense", "range shooting" and "hunting", which tactical flashlight will become your partner?

Thank you very much for your patient reading. If you have questions or ideas about the article, you can leave a message in the comment area! We will be happy to answer you!

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