【OKnife】Drever, Your Best EDC Choice

【OKnife】Drever, Your Best EDC Choice

Sep 12, 2021, 00:00:00

The Drever is a premium and tough daily carry folding knife. It features a 3.49-inch N690 stainless steel sheepsfoot blade and a contoured G10 handle. The practical sheepsfoot blade shape, with full-flat grind and reinforced hardness, promises reliable edge retention and smooth slicing for everyday tasks. The beefy handle is ergonomically machined and perfectly textured for a comfortable and firm grip. Inside the handle is a stout liner lock running on a low-friction ball-bearing system, allowing users to open and lock the blade with the flipper tab or thumb studs with ease. Lightweight and versatile, the Drever is a well thought out and practical cutting tool to always have with you.


DREVER is a precision cutting tool. To experience its best performance,

please use and maintain it properly:

1. Use the correct method to keep the blade sharp;

2. Keep the knife lubricated and clean;

3. Check the knife regularly to remove impurities that affect the use.

Why are hunting lights necessary?
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Mark Ley

Posted on: Sep 15, 2021, 13:20:58

Love the feel, the ease of use opening and closing. So sharp and ease to manipulate and articulate. What an awesome choice of knives