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Olight AA battery

Olight AA battery

Flashlights always play an important role when we need emergency light sources or camping in the wild, and can be said to be an indispensable assistant in life. But how well do you know your flashlight?

For example, when we buy flashlights, we always see the use of AAA, AA, CR123A, 14500, 16340, 18650, 26650, and other batteries. So how much do you know about these batteries?


So we will start with AA batteries today!

What is an AA battery

AA batteries are one of the standard sizes of cylindrical dry batteries. It is called the "R6" size in the IEC system and the "15" size in ANSI.


AA batteries are often used in portable electronic devices. AA batteries consist of single electrochemical batteries, which can be primary batteries (disposable) or rechargeable batteries. The chemical nature of the AA battery determines its precise bipolar voltage and capacity.


AA batteries are the best-selling batteries in the world. They have reliable quality and high output performance, which can provide bright light. In addition, AA batteries can be found everywhere, the price is cheap, the battery storage cost is low, and at the same time, it has versatility in terms of size, shape, and diversity of equipment used, and is very popular among people!

What are the commonly used flashlight battery models?


AA batteries are reliable, cheap and easy to find. What are the other common flashlight battery types?


ØD-type battery (LR20/AM1) diameter ф34.2; height 61.5mm

ØC-type battery (LR14/AM2) diameter ф26.2; height 50.0mm

ØAA type battery (LR6/AM3) diameter ф14.5; height 50.5mm

ØAAA battery (LR03/AM4) diameter ф10.5; height 44.5mm

ØAA/2 battery (LR1/AM5) diameter ф11.0; height 30.0mm

ØAAAA battery (LR61/AM6) diameter ф8.0; height 39.5mm

ØAAAA/2 battery (LR61/AM6) diameter ф8.0; height 28.0mm

What types of AA batteries can be divided into?


There are many different types of AA batteries on the market, and how to choose can be based on your product's suitability.

Rechargeable AA battery    

Rechargeable AA batteries are very common. You can buy it at any convenience store downstairs, compared to disposable batteries, rechargeable AA and AAA batteries almost always last longer, cost less, and reduce waste.

Alkaline AA batteries

AA alkaline batteries are widely sold in various places and are usually suitable for low-power consumption devices, such as wall clocks, small flashlights, cordless phones, TV remote controls, games and toys, and handheld kitchens.

The non-rechargeable AA alkaline battery is very convenient as an alternative power source and can be easily purchased. The battery cost is low, so it is basically the default choice for many people.

But alkaline batteries also have their own shortcomings: such as leakage. The reason is that they will slowly self-discharge in tiny increments.

Lithium-ion AA battery

When discussing AA lithium batteries, it is important to distinguish between lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries.


The working voltage of lithium-ion batteries is much higher than most AA battery types. They often find it in mobile phones, laptops, drones, and high-power consumer electronics products. It is a rechargeable battery. But it is very important to place the battery on a suitable device. Many types of batteries placed in the wrong charger may eventually leak or rupture, or even cause an explosion in serious cases.


Standard AA lithium (non-ion) batteries cannot be charged at first. In contrast, the AA format provided by Pure Lithium Chemistry is a powerful and very durable battery type. AA lithium battery is a reliable choice for short-term use of high-power devices such as digital cameras and is even more suitable for low-power devices that need to be powered on for a long time. For example, they are ideal for smoke alarms, in which case the average power consumption is very low, and extreme long-term stability is the key.


AA lithium batteries have a shelf life of up to 9 years, and in the right type of equipment, they have a much longer service life than most other AA types of batteries. For the health of valuable electronic products, it is important that AA lithium batteries will not leak over time, which is different from many cheaper varieties.

What is the difference between AA batteries and AAA batteries?

Different sizes

The standard size of AA is battery height 49.0±0.5mm, diameter 16.8±0.2mm.

The standard size of AAA is battery height 48.0±0.5mm, diameter 14.1±0.2mm.

Different capacities

The capacity of AA batteries is larger than that of AAA batteries.

Different uses

AA batteries are mostly used in larger electronic products, such as flashlights, etc.

AAA batteries are mostly used in electronic products with small size and power, such as remote controls, etc.

What are the common battery problems? How should I do?

Battery leakage problem

When the battery is in use because the output current is too large, the continuous discharge time is too long, which causes the battery temperature to rise, and it is prone to leakage. If the discharge time of the small current is too long, the liquid will leak. If the voltage is lower than the nominal voltage, it may cause liquid leakage. The liquid leaking from the battery is a highly alkaline hydroxide compound, which is highly corrosive, which can cause the reed of the battery box to rust, poor contact, or non-conductivity. To prevent battery leakage from corroding electrical appliances, the most effective way is not to overuse the battery. For appliances that are not used for a long time, take out the battery.

Battery care and maintenance

You should always store the battery in a cool, dry place. You should not leave rechargeable batteries on the charger after they are fully charged. Overcharging the batteries will degrade the performance of the batteries more quickly and reduce their overall lifespan, so you must replace them as soon as possible.


Try not to use chargers of different brands to charge the batteries. The chargers charge each battery independently. It is also not recommended to use batteries of the same brand from different battery packs to power a single device.

Waste battery disposal method

There are roughly three ways to treat waste batteries internationally: solidification and deep burying, storage in waste mines, and recycling (heat treatment, "wet treatment", vacuum heat treatment). For us, we can do it from the following 3 points:

 1. Common dry batteries, including alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, and nickel-metal hydride batteries, can be thrown directly into a special sorting bin.

 2. Waste batteries containing lead and mercury should be handed over to waste battery recycling agencies for their disposal.

 3. Waste batteries that do not contain lead and mercury can be thrown directly into the municipal garbage bins, and try not to use mercury-containing batteries.

OLIGHT AA battery flashlight

In addition to many high-quality lithium-ion batteries and LED flashlights powered by lithium batteries, OLIGHT also has many excellent durable flashlights powered by AA batteries. They have a long storage time and low battery consumption. They also have ultra-high performance that exceeds the size of the body, while being sturdy and durable, which is deeply loved by consumers. Such as I5T and I5UV.


·Max Output:300LM

·Max Runtime:20Hours

·Max Throw:60 meters

·Light Source:High Performance Cool White LED

·Powered By:1.5V AA Alkaline Battery (included) X 1

·Highly integrated tail switch: The user can operate momentary on and quick mode shifting (15/300 lumens) all through a convenient tail switch.


·Wavelength :300LM                                                                

·Max Runtime:45Minutes

·Light Source:High Efficiency 365nm UV LED

·Powered By:AA Alkaline Battery (Included)                                              

·Versatile applications: High-efficiency 365nm ultraviolet LED, perfect for revealing invisible stains, detecting scorpions and minerals, and much more.

Finally, after reading the above article, if you will find that OLIGHT AA flashlights have high performance beyond size, and at the same time, the convenient AA battery is a resource that can be carried around and used at any time. If you want to buy an AA battery-powered flashlight as an escape Flashlight, power outage emergency, daily EDC, you can click the link to buy!

Thank you for reading the article. If you have any suggestions, you can leave a message at the bottom of the comment area!

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What do you mean by “ Standard AA lithium (non-ion) batteries cannot be charged at first”? Can they eventually be charged? Or never charged? I either misread or some more data is needed. Thanks.

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