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Jun 03, 2021, 20:39:35

Charity sale overview:

On April 10, Olight held a record breaking charity sale to raise funds for the global fight against Covid-19.

Mission statement from our CEO:

“This sudden COVID-19 global outbreak has proven that we are all in this together. When fighting this global pandemic, no country can stand alone, and only through unity and cooperation can we overcome this disaster.

We will never forget the incredible support and generosity during our Wuhan I5T donation sale, and it is apparent that our US family needs help too. We hope that these new exclusive products and 100% donation of all sales on April 10 will help save lives and keep you and your family members safe during this difficult time.

We will work together with the international community to help save lives to the greatest extent possible.”

Charity Sale Progress:

With the incredible support from our fans during this monumental charity sale, we raised $635,125 in the United States. Using these funds, we donated 352,950 medical masks to some organizations who asked help from us and donated $465,902 cash to 22 organizations.Please refer to the list of donations below including medical supplies donations and cash donations. If you have any questions about our charity programs, please contact us at


Donation Progress

Updated by Sep 1, 2020


Item NameAmount
Medical Supply Donations Donated$169,223
Cash Donations to 22 organizations$465,902
Total Donated Amount$635,125


Medical Supplies Donation List.


Organization NameDonations PromisedShippedStatus
UNC Health in North Carolina50,000 medical masks50,000Received
Duke Procurement in North Carolina50,000 medical masks50,000Received
CAPITAL HEALTH MEDICAL CENTER – HOPEWELL50,000 medical masks50,000Received
ST. FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER50,000 medical masks50,000Received
ST. MARY’S MEDICAL CENTER50,000 medical masks50,000Received
Maimonides Medical Center in New York30,000 medical masks30,000Received
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital26,000 medical masks26,000Received
New York Police Department (NYPD)20,000 medical masks20,000Received
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority ATU in New York10,000 medical masks10,000Received
New Jersey Transit ATU5,000 medical masks5,000Received
Medilodge of Howell4,200 medical masks4,200Received
HAMILTON CONTINUING CARE CENTER3,000 medical masks3,000Received
Afscme local 3911,000 medical masks1,000Received
UMPC Pinnacle Health Infectious Disease1,000 medical masks1,000Received
Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office1,000 medical masks1,000Received
COMPASS INVESTIGATIONS1,000 medical masks1,000Received
Warriors For Multiple Sclerosis500 medical masks500Received
Slippery Rock Borough150 medical masks150Received
Sperry Police Department100 medical masks100Received



Cash Donation List.


Organization NameDonations PromisedDonated amount including bank service chargeStatus
Shriners hospital for children$100,000$102,000Received
ALSAC St. Jude$100,000$100,000Received
United Way of Greater Mercer County$50,000$50,000Received
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai$50,000$50,000Received
Gary Sinese foundation for vets and first responders$26,300$26,497Received
Wounded Warrior project,inc$20,000$20,000Received
Ronald McDonald House Charities$20,000$20,000Received
St Francis Medical Center Foundation$15,905$15,905Received
Alzheimer association$10,000$10,000Received
National foundation for cancer research$10,000$10,000Received
Helen Woodward Animal Center$6,000$6,120Received
National Multiple Sclerosis Society$5,000$5,600Received
Minnesota freedom fund$5,000$5,345Received
Homes For Our Troops$5,000$5,150Received
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation$5,000$5,125Received
Wolfpack Search & Recovery$5,000$5,000Received
Gun owners of America$5,000$5,000Received
Autism research institute$5,000$5,000Received
JDRF (Type 1 Diabetes)$5,000$5,000Received
The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund,(LDF)$5,000$5,000Received
The Salvation Army$4,000$4,160Received


Equipment progress updates

Thanks letter from DUKE HEALTH

Donation Receipt From UNC HEALTH

Slippery Rock Rorough-Donation Receipt

Thanks letter from St. Mary Medical Center

Thanks letter from St Francis Medical Center $15905


Donation to United Way $50000

">Thank you letter from United Way to Olight for the Donation $50000

Donation Receipt from Mount Sinai

Donation Receipt from Shriners Hospital for Children $102000

Donation Receipt from Gary Sinese foundation for vets and first responders $26497.25

Donation Receipt from Wounded Warrior project,inc $20000

Thanks letter from Wounded Warrior project,inc $20000

Donation Receipt from Ronald McDonald House Charities $20000

Donation Receipt from Alzheimer association $10000

Donation Receipt from the National foundation for cancer research $10000

Thanks letter from the National foundation for cancer research $10000

Donation Receipt from Helen Woodward Animal Center $6120

Donation Print Receipt from Helen Woodward Animal Center $6120

Donation Receipt from National Multiple Sclerosis Society $5300

Donation Receipt from Minnesota freedom fund $5345

Donation Receipt from Homes For Our Troops $5150

Donation Receipts from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation $5125

Donation Receipt from Wolfpack Search & Recovery $5000

Donation Receipt from Gun owners of America $5000

Donation Receipt from Autism research institute $5000

Donation Receipt from JDRF $5000

Thanks letter from NRA $5000

Donation Receipt from The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund $5000

Donation Receipt from The Salvation Army $4160


updated info about the donation progress. 

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