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Olight Obulb Torture Test

Olight Obulb Torture Test

The Obulb is a lightweight and compact LED light with both warm white and red light. With the soft rubber-coating button, you can quickly change between warm white light (3.5 / 55 lumens) and 7 lumens red light (steady or flashing). These 4 modes come in handy for various situations, like camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, signaling, ambiance lighting, and party decoration. Now, let’s recap one of the most insane torture tests we’ve ever done on our Obulb, don’t click away to check out how it goes!

Test One: Drop Test

we are going to throwing it in the air having it slammed down onto the pavement to check whether it still works or not. After three times drop test the Obulb still works and could change between different modes, it's really robust.

Test Two: Waterproof Test

We are going to drop the Obulb in the little bucket of water when it turns on. As we can see in the picture it is waterproof but also floating around. Because the heavy battery pack is in the bottom, it can automatically flip around and the light is still on.

Test Three: Bowling Test

Obulb looks like a ball, so it is supposed to roll we are going bowling with it. After letting the bulb roll on the floor twice and throw it on the wall three times, it still turns on.

Test Four: Smash Test

This time, we beat it hard with a hammer several times, and it still does a great job. Finally, we broke it case, but his battery pack still works.

As you can see, you don’t have to baby the light and they will be just fine because it passed the hardest test. It is small and robust, believing it can always light by your side, shines for a good family time.

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