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Olight Odin Turbo VS. Warrior X Turbo! Who wins?

Olight Odin Turbo VS. Warrior X Turbo! Who wins?


Something that might be considered when purchasing a flashlight is the weight because depending on how you’re going to have these with you that might be a really big deal so the warrior x turbo obviously with this larger head is going to weigh a little more at 10.37 ounces. The Odin turbo is 8.78 ounces so you’re looking at about two ounces less with the Odin turbo.


Now let’s go ahead and compare the settings and the run times of these settings. It’s pretty easy to compare the two because they both only have two settings. The runtime for the warrior x turbo at the 1000 meter output is six and a half minutes before it starts slowly dropping down due to heat. But with the LEP technology, we can get a lot better than that so Odin turbo lasts for 30 minutes before it starts dropping down at that 1050 meter beam distance so you’re getting a significantly longer time with the Odin turbo at that high level compared to a standard flashlight like the warrior x turbo.

When we talk about the low modes on these two lights those are different. On the Odin turbo, the low mode is going to give you 600 meters of a beam distance and run for seven and a half hours. The warrior x turbo is going to come in at 360 meters on that low mode and run for 12 and a half hours.

So those run times are pretty comparable because you’ve got a much longer amount of time with the warrior x turbo but it’s almost half of the output of the low mode on the Odin turbo so that would make sense seven and a half compared to 12 and a half but you’re getting about half of the beam distance maybe a little more than that with the warrior x turbo.

So I would say if you compare output and runtime they’re pretty comparable but if you prefer to have a higher low mode then you’re going to want to go with the Odin turbo.

Performance at night

They are both gonna pretty much look like it’s just a never-ending beam because it’s pretty hard to see over a thousand meters over the human eye late at night. For candela, the warrior x turbo has a 250000 candela which is amazing. While the Odin turbo is over 275000 candela. So they are both incredible throwers but you are getting a higher bean intensity at a longer distance with the Odin turbo.

Something to keep in mind is that the Odin turbo technically a laser so you are not going to get that spill or that flood surrounding that center hot spot like you would with a traditional flashlight like the warrior x turbo. It’s kind of like marauder 2 where it might appear kind of yellowish and that is to keep things safe for your eyes when it is close up but when it’s a distance the way that you’re supposed to use an LEP it’s is white. It might look a little bit different on camera but this is more of just a regular kind of a neutral white looking beam versus it being yellowish when it’s super close up.

The warrior x turbo has that bigger head and it’s a more traditional style thrower the way the technology is where it has a deep smooth wide reflector with a small LED so you getting that more of a standard type thrower looking beam whereas with the LEP it’s a laser so it’s going to be a lot tighter it’s not going to have that spill like the warrior x turbo.

Form Factor

But let’s think about the form factor here you have a massive head-on warrior x turbo it is a much large light just in general but you are getting that spill as you can see there at the bottom edge of the screen. But if you want to get an actual legitimate throw over a thousand meters coming out of something that doesn’t have a massive head on it a massive reflector then the LEP is the way to go with this Odin turbo. Now with a traditional thrower, the only way that you can get that distance is if your head diameter is large you have a smooth reflector and it’s deep so you want as much light bouncing off that smooth reflector as possible. With a laser-like Odin turbo, you don’t need to have that large diameter and a special type of reflector because this is not a traditional LED so it allows us to have a light that has even more throw than a traditional thrower without having that huge massive head.

Now to put that into perspective the Odin turbo has a head diameter of 1.22 inches whereas the warrior x turbo is coming in at 2.28 inches which is just shy of double so having a throw on a long-distance type rifle is something that useful but the problem is that the warrior x turbo looks a little ridiculous on a tactical rifle so it’s awesome that you have more of a traditional flashlight form factor without the huge head and you’re still getting even higher throw than this massive head flashlight which makes Odin turbo awesome for your long-distance type rifles.

We covered the performance and showed you guys the performance between the two lights. We covered the form factor, the weight, the run times, and a few different ways that you guys can use these lights hopefully that helps you guys make a well-informed decision before your next purchase.

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