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Outdoor & Camping Reliable Bicycle Light—RN180TL and RN3500

Outdoor & Camping Reliable Bicycle Light—RN180TL and RN3500

RN 180 TL—Protect You Day and Night

RN 180 TL is a new bike tail light. RN 180 TL has a max of 180 lumens for its highly transparent lighting strip design. When you are forced to stop on the road, RN 180 TL can detect and will increase its output to 180 lumens in a frenzy of flashes within the latest light and motion sensors, warning fellow pedestrians and vehicles. It will protect you day and night. 

RN 180 TL—8 Modes for Your Choice

It has 8 modes: 3 constant modes, 4 flash modes, and 1 smart mode. Especially, the automatic low power mode can extend the running time efficiently. Under the same environment, the tail light enters into a sleep mode to save power after one-minute inaction. Any movement will immediately make the light work again after a period in which it has not been working. RN 180 TL fits in saddles and different seat posts for its multiple mounting methods. 

RN 3500—Small, but Tough Bike Light

RN 3500 fulfills rugged illumination performance for trail and endurance riders that require powerful output in fast movement during the night. This small, but tough bike light provides a maximum of 3,500 lumens in a compact body that weighs only 110g. You can hardly feel any weight on the bike or helmet for the lightweight design.

RN 3500—Light up Your Whole Adventure Trip

With its 5200mAh powerful battery pack, the lamp will light up your whole adventure trip, and allow you to enjoy the night riding with full passion. There are adaptable mode settings for all-around outdoor night activities. The lamp matches both handlebar and helmet, satisfied versatile illumination demands according to the environment. Thanks to the adaptable mode settings ranging from 100 lumens to 3,500 lumens full brightness, and the hard-anodized aluminum body that passed the high water pressure and temperature (-20°C~40°C) tests, RN 3500 is prepared to be your good assistant for downhill, MTB Riding and trail crossing.

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