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Precautions For Choosing Camping Lights

Precautions For Choosing Camping Lights

For many people who love to travel, camping in the wild can be in close contact with nature and is a different outdoor lifestyle.

But spending the long dark night in the wild is not as convenient as in the city. In addition to the necessary food and tents, a high-quality LED light source is essential to illuminate your campsite. It not only has to provide you with performance lumens. Enough light to light up the dark night to ensure that you can carry out normal activities, such as: looking at the map, cooking, and lighting up the tent. It must also be strong and durable enough to withstand accidents that may occur during camping, such as drops, rain, low temperatures, etc.

If you still don’t know how to choose, please read this article carefully and we will tell you the answer!

So what types of lamps can be used as camping lights?


The battery-powered headlight is the most ideal outdoor personal lighting equipment. Compared with other lamps, the most prominent advantage is "free your hands". From this, you can easily cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark, march at night, or write a diary in the tent. Another bright spot is that it really allows you to "see what you see and what you see."

Handheld lamps

Choose the lighter and more luminous EDC handheld flashlight in OLIGHT, which is more suitable for easier outdoor camping and daily carrying. Usually equipped with a "two-way holding clip" can be easily hung on the brim of the hat, as well as in the pocket. Whether it is cooking, walking, or maintenance, it is very applicable. Their light is incomparable to the light of ordinary mobile phones because there are many use scenes and it can be said that they are the most commonly used personal lighting tools.

Among them, the rechargeable EDC flashlight battery has low cost, and the EDC flashlight that replaces the battery can carry multiple batteries and is used many times when outdoors, which is more practical.

Camp light

Camp lights are one of the classic tent light sources. They usually have 360-degree floodlights that can easily illuminate the tent, and a variety of lighting modes are suitable for creating an atmosphere. The size of the fuselage is usually relatively slim and compact, and will not take up too much area of your backpack. If equipped with a portable hook, it is easy to hang it on the top of the tent or on the tree. Camp lights with higher lumens are also the best choice for camp gatherings.

How to choose the right camping light?

A suitable camping lamp needs to be carefully selected from the following aspects.


The light output is measured in lumens; when other conditions are equal, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

If you want to illuminate the tent, about 100LM of light is enough.

About 200~300LM will be very suitable for finding things near the tent, walking, reading, and other related activities.

300~500 lumens more suitable for campsite party.

If you want to explore the road or survey the situation around the camp: 600+LM.

Running Time

The maximum running time of the LED camping lamp is generally marked on the manual. The value depends on the brightness and the size of the battery. It is recommended to choose a product that can operate for a longer time, which will be more secure.

When evaluating power consumption, outdoor lights can be judged based on the benchmarks of 6-12 hours in summer and 7-20 hours in winter; however, LED lights for disaster prevention are recommended to have at least 1 to 2 weeks of endurance. Be sure to select separately from outdoor lights when purchasing.


As a convenient energy source, a battery is a common choice for powering LED lights. Using a battery power supply can not only reduce the risk of fire but also has great convenience. It's easy to find the battery you need in the supermarket, and take care of it in terms of recycling. Knowing what kind of battery your lamp is equipped with is only good for you and no harm.

Alkaline battery

The price is cheap, the service life is long, and it is suitable for large discharge capacity and long-term use. In addition, the internal resistance of the battery is lower, so the current generated is larger than that of ordinary carbon batteries. Because this type of battery does not contain mercury, it can be disposed of with household garbage without special recycling.


lithium battery

It is more durable and has more energy than alkaline batteries.

Strong adaptability to the high and low-temperature environment, It is more environmentally friendly, regardless of production, use, or scrap, it does not contain or produce any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, but the price is relatively expensive.

Nickel chromium battery

Nickel-cadmium batteries can be charged and discharged more than 500 times and are economical and durable. It can not only charge quickly, but also supply a large current to the load, and the voltage changes little when discharging. It is a very ideal DC-powered battery.

Adjustable light source

It is very important to have a camp light with an adjustable light source. This adjustment not only refers to the brightness but also to the mode. Some camping lights are brighter, and some are milder. In different environments and occasions, there are different modes and brightness requirements. Outdoors, it is impossible for us to carry several lights with different brightness, so when choosing camping lights, try to choose adjustable camping lights, such as when walking on the road. Brighter, if it is to adjust the atmosphere, it can be adjusted milder. This not only means that you can adjust the lighting mode and brightness according to the scene but also ensure that unnecessary energy waste is reduced when you don't need a lot of lighting.

Size and weight

Although there are no clear rules, size and weight are usually proportional to the light output of camp lights.

If you drive to a campsite, the weight of the campsite lights may not be a big issue. However, if you are going to hike into the camp, this is an important consideration

Lightweight and portable camp lights are a good choice for backpacking because they won't take up too much space or weight in your backpack.


When looking for a suitable camping lamp, the assessment index of waterproof or shockproof is essential. You never know when your lights will encounter an accident or sudden rainstorm. Then you need to consider the following aspects.

Ø Waterproof

Many lamps are waterproof and splash-proof. These standards are called international protection marks, you can read your manual carefully to understand the performance of the lamps you are about to buy.


Without any special protection function.


Prevent water droplets from entering


The device is tilted within 15 degrees to prevent water droplets from entering.


Prevent water spray from entering.


Prevent splashing water from entering


It can resist the water column of the low-pressure spray gun for at least 3 minutes.


Can resist the water column of a high-pressure spray gun for at least 3 minutes.


It can resist being soaked in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes.


It can resist continuous immersion in water more than 1 meter deep.

Ø Shock resistance

For those who love outdoor adventures, the quality of camping lights needs to be very durable in order to withstand various outdoor tests. They are designed to withstand the wear and tear you accumulate outdoors. For example, anodized aluminum alloy. Among them, "Drop Text" can be used as a suitable anti-vibration standard.

Easy to use

Ø It is necessary to read the operating instructions of the camping lights in advance and try to operate the lights. It is not an ideal choice to be in a hurry and read the instructions to operate the camping lights when night falls.


Ø Whether the camp lights have foldable loops, hooks, or clips. What needs to be hung up at the time is that this allows you to hang the lantern on a tree or pole, or even in a tent, but you can fold the hook to make it easy to carry when you don’t need it. Very suitable for reading and writing camping diaries in the tent.

Ø ØIntuitive function buttons. Many times, at the end of a long day, you will try to turn on the lights in total darkness. If your buttons are too concealed and it is difficult to switch, it is difficult to have an ideal camping experience. Some camping lights have the function of indicating in the dark and can perceive the light according to the vibration so that people can find the light buttons.

Which lamps of OLIGHT can be used as camping lights?

EDC Flashlight

(1) I5R

Ø MAX OUTPUT: 350Lumens

Ø MAX RUNTIME: 37hours

Ø MAX THROW: 64 meters



Ø Rechargeable Battery: Customized 14500 lithium-ion battery that integrates a Type-C interface for charging. Enough power for 37 hours of use on 15 lumens after fully charged.

(2) Baton 3

Ø MAX OUTPUT: 1200Lumens


Ø MAX THROW: 64 meters



Ø The tailor-made charging case includes a built-in 3500mAh 18650 battery, allowing you to fully charge the Baton 3 up to 3.7 times. The longest running time  can reach 94 days.


(1) Perun Mini

Ø Max Output: 1000LM

Ø Max Throw: 100M

Ø Max Runtime: 4.5Day

Ø It can be used as a headlamp via the optional headband. When attached to clothes, backpacks, or hats via the velcro duty patch, this compact yet powerful light can be rotated 60 degrees for the desired angle and extreme convenience, bringing brightness to your life and work anywhere and anytime.


(2) Array 2S

Ø Max Output: 1000LM

Ø Max Throw: 140M

Ø Max Runtime: 30H



Ø Flood+spot light, floodlight, eye-caring red light, and SOS, providing 10 different settings in total. The memory function allows quick access to the previously used setting (not applicable to SOS).

Lamp Light


Ø MAX OUTPUT: 75Lumens

Ø MAX RUNTIME: 40hours



Ø By pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can select from 8 light modes for camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outages, ambiance lighting and so much more.

(2) Olantern Mini

Ø MAX OUTPUT: 150Lumens

Ø MAX RUNTIME: 48hours



Ø 360-degree light source that includes a red light (1 lumen) to preserve night vision or give signals and a dimmable white light (15, 50, 150 lumens) for general purpose use.

There are many options for camping lights, and the above explanation only represents a personal point of view.

The consideration of the choice of lamps and lanterns is not only the above aspects, and a kind of lamp is not only suitable for one kind of work. Choosing a lamp is only one part of camping. If you want to learn more about OLIGHT’s camping equipment, click OLIGHT.

If you have any thoughts about this article, you can leave a message at the bottom of the comment area, thank you for reading!

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