Recap: Warrior Mini Torture Test

Recap: Warrior Mini Torture Test

Warrior Mini is one of our fan-favorite tactical throwers. Being compact and lightweight (2.07 oz) with 4.19-inch long, it features a max output of 1,500 lumens with a 190-meter throw.

As the second generation of Warrior mini is approaching, let’s recap one of the most insane torture tests we’ve ever done on a brand-new Warrior Mini, don’t click away to check out how it goes!

Test One: Ice Test

To start the test, we put Warrior Mini in a cup filled it up with water, putting it in the freezer, till it was completely frozen.

Result: It was still fully functional inside the rock-solid ice. Even when we took it outside and after smashing it, the tail switch still works perfectly fine.

Test Two: Drop Test

We throw it in the air as high as possible, waiting for it drops to the pavements several times, see if it can withstand the hard drop. We did several bowling rolls as well.

Result: The clip flew off after 6 times nearly 30fts hard drops but it still works fine with some damage on the body. So, the Warrior Mini passed the drop test with flying colors.

Test Three: Smash Test

This time, Warrior Mini took quite a lot of nasty beats, the body is bent up, the exterior damage is conspicuous, but again, it is still able to changes modes smoothly, even us is super impressed!

Test Four: Drilling Test

Here comes the drilling test! As much as we wanna keep trying and go through the stainless steel, it still took us some time to manage to do it. The optic lens falls off and the drill really did severe damage to the front.

To see if the drilling test can actually smash it down and more, click here to check out our Torture Test video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! 

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