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Seeker 2 Pro, One of the Most Popular Products of Olight

Seeker 2 Pro, One of the Most Popular Products of Olight

Seeker 2 Pro, the updating version of seeker 2, is specially designed for everyday convenience using the Timer function multifunctional side switch and two different charging ways.

Multifunctional Side Switch

There are two different indicators on its side switch. The right one with a battery signal is for displaying the battery status, and the left one with a sun signal is for displaying the lumen level you using this flashlight, which will directly show the basic condition of the flashlight. Considering the safety problem, the included lock system will help prevent false triggering with ease by a few operating steps.

Compact body, large capacity

Powered by a single, maximum capacity, (5000mAh) 21700 customized lithium rechargeable battery, it can release max brightness up to 3200 lumens. Standing on the shoulder of Seeker 2, the Seeker 2 Pro is more brighter and professional.

Creative and humanized

The timer function gives Seeker 2 Pro more flexible Maneuverability. Setting it up through the side switch ahead of time, you will be hand-free for 3 minutes or 9 minutes, which makes your daily using handier. Apart from Olight normal magnetic charging, Seeker 2 Pro is equipped with an L-dock Charging, an extremely practical charging tool as you can grab the flashlight down when you need and put it back when you’re done. By the way, the L-dock Charging is compatible with most other Olight magnetic rechargeable flashlights.

Exterior and Color Revolution

With milled finger grooves, Dermatoglyphics silicone covers about two-thirds of the surface of the Seeker 2 Pro middle body. This not only looks modest luxury but also help user hold it more comfortable. Furthermore, the color of Seeker 2 Pro is diverse, such as lack, blue, orange, mint green, and so on, but now black is the only choice in the online store. So get one, if you are fond of the Seeker 2 Pro and never miss it.

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